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    Ay, game over! :D

    Right off the bat, I wanna list a mistake we made: uh we were supposed to show the items/abilities of the JoaT and Inventor upon death, but... we didn't. Because. Well. We forgot LMAO. No other reason beyond that xDD. Sincerest apologies <3

    I know Kay wasn't really feeling the Silencer we had in there, and I am sorry for that, though I will say we -did- have a 1 shot silence in The Great Escape, though it didn't really work out D: so it is something that we've used recently, and that game was also listed as a lower bastard game. Generally, the set-up was pretty basic, but we put in the .5 mostly for that silencer shot. You made it through, though, which is great!

    To the Mafia; oh man, you guys had some rough af luck D: You also had some excellent plays, and it was really booooo when Linkle was killed due to a technicality, especially when you guys played a really good day game. You guys got boned p hard a few times in this, though I wa also a bit D: @ the amount of busing that occurred. I know Michael wants to have a public discussion about this later, but we'll get to that later, eh? For now, gg guys <3

    To the Town: solid game o: Seriously, I was very impressed with a lot of you! Well done!

    Foo -- oh man, dude xD There was NO Nexus OR Lightning Rod in this game, and that wasn't even me being a dick. I just didn't put it in this time. I mean, to be fair, me and Michael kinda shat this game out really quickly as a means to recover from the unfortunate botch of the previous game, and that was a fair read because lordy lord do I love my Nexus and Lightning Rods, but yeah no I just didn't put it in this time. I saw you point this out, reading the GM you jerk LMAO, but was a bit ... x: because yeeaahh haha. Still though, you played a great game, so fux u bruh :cheers:

    English -- you ballsy mother fucker. You took a huge as fuck risk on Day 1 and it carried you right to the last day lmao. I was like LMAO WTF when I saw you claim Nexus, and I knew there would be no one to counter you! Great stuff xD.

    boxes -- just wanna point out that uh your record with end game is really impressive??? lol And also thank you so much for your fantastic comics <3 You've got a golden sense of humour.

    All in all, great game everyone! Me and Michael are p happy with the outcome.

    Like I was saying to Foo, this game was something me and Michael just put together over the span of a few hours lol as a means to recover from the last game. I randomly suggested a Halloween party, and we were like YEAH THAT'S COOL, and I slapped together some graphics, put the set-up together, and we both worked in some flavour. And what's funny is the whole "party at Fooxes' house" thing was just a random joke that we put on the teaser/invite, but it was Foo and boxes' responses in the Hub that made us build on it more for flavour haha. Further, a lot of your funnies, we fed on for flavour, and I mean wth we were all over the place with Thriller and love stories and Queen and Scooby Doo and all that stuff xD. But just saying we get a lot of inspiration from you lot, so <3

    I think I've added everyone to the Mafia Hub and this should be the last of all the things we as GMs need to do. So!

    That's it. We'll see you guys next time for an AvaLiah game!

  • As the police approached English, he remembered the item that Foo had given him during the party--the Blindfold--which would grant him a commute from the game. He turned to Liah and said

    And as the cops reached for him, he slipped the Blindfold over his eyes and


    He was gone.

    Just fucking gone.

    Not a trace of him left.

    The police scratched their heads in confusion, but they saw nothing.

    For English had become The Night.

    And into the night, he vanished~.