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  • Wearing only the best and most exotic ghost sheets that covered them from head to toe, Avalanchemike and Malia burst into the domicile of Foo ignoring the bursting door frame as the deadlock punched through it. Immediately they set to work decorating for their Very Important Internet Halloween Party. They passed by a speechless Foo several times leaving him to contemplate his lot in life, wondering if a relocation to a distant island would perhaps provide some sort of reprieve. Maybe Ireland. It would not.

    After damaging a carved moosehead and Foo’s collection of lumberjack shirts, they decided that they should probably stop goofing around and begin decorating for real. They did after all blow the budget on special effects. Their guests would have to fight to the death over who actually got to eat that night.

    Bats were hung from the ceilings, cobwebs were … already in all the right places, so AvaLiah just put up more of them (gosh Foo, tidy more), full size cutouts of a variety of creatures of the night were set up in strategic locations to get effective jumpscares out of people. Quite a few utensils were thrown into the trash and replaced with extremely similar versions featuring a bones in some manner. Spoons with femurs for handles, mugs made from skulls, a punch bowl shaped suspiciously like the carved cadaver of a zombie. Finally the whole scene was perfect.

    Where was Boxes, you ask? Oh, she was in a lab somewhere because she hadn’t been invited to her own house party. Though unaware of what was occurring in her household, she had the foresight to purchase a pumpkin head as a costume since she felt it in her beautiful chemist heart that her husband would be dressed as the blue Power Ranger, and so they should match.


    Boxes made her way home eventually and soon saw the AvaLiah makeover to her and Foo’s home. Foo turned to her, seeking her sciency arms for comfort, but she shook her sciency head and had sciency eyes filled with judgment. Those eyes silently said

    “These are your internet friends, Foo.”
    "I didn't choose them!" Foo's eyes argued silently. Bitterly. "They just turned up one day and baptized me as one of their own!"
    There was no pity in the eyes of Boxes. Only science. And judgment.

    And then the doorbell began to chime in spoopy halloween tones. Yes, AvaLiah even replaced that. They blew the budget, what did you expect?

    Their guests arriving, Foo was left a little stunned at his home beginning to overflow with people--an entire FIFTEEN people--AvaLiah sighed contently to themselves. Smiles were abound on everyone, the proprietors excluded, and they could tell they had done a damn good job....


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    You must remain active in this game. If you miss a day without giving us any sort of notification of where you will be, you will be mod-killed.

    No ciphers or anything that cannot be explicitly understood during a regular conversation during the day cycle. If you try to be clever and think of a way around this, you will be mod-killed lol.

    No copypasting PM information from the GM.

    No editing posts in here. You may correct typos, but content must remain the same. Please remember that we can check the history of your post edits, and we will act swiftly should you try to hide anything you accidentally posted that is sensitive.

    No communicating with other players during the night or day cycle privately, unless you are allowed to speak with others as granted by the GMs. This will result in an immediate mod-kill if we catch you cheating.

    No messing with tags in any joking manner. This will result in a mod-kill.

    To vote for someone use the tags [vote] username [/vote]. To unvote, use the tags [unvote] username [/unvote]. You must unvote someone if you wish to change your vote! Bolding this helps the GMs to notice it, so try to be kind to them.


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    Player List:
    1) Anna Claire scooby'd day 3: Jack of all Trades (1x protect 1x roleblock 1x silence)
    2) Anomaly: survived to end game: Tracker
    3) Axius thriller'd day 1: Goon
    4) Boxes: survived to end game: Vanilla Townie
    5) Cody: ded day 4: Role cop
    6) Double A: in luv and ded: Doctor
    7) English: punched day 6: Goon
    8) Foo: exploded night 2: Inventor (1x commute 1x watch 1x night kill)
    9) HarmonicalHero danced out of life day 5: Vanilla Townie
    10) Hollowman died Night 5: Cop
    11) Kay Faraday: survived to end game: Vanilla Townie
    12) Linkle DOG'D day 2: Godfather
    13) Orion communist punched day 1 lmao: Vanilla Townie
    14) Solsetur backstabbed night 1: Vanilla Townie
    15) Tony: survived to end game: 1x shot Day Vig

    Day Diary:
    Day 1! - We kick off the party!
    Day 2 start: SOL NOOOOO
    Day 2 end: DOG STEPS ON LINKLE
    Day 3 End: Anna had too many scooby snacks
    Day 4 start: 1 ded
    Day 4 end: cody rejoins the stars
    Day 5 start: Double A finds love in a hopeless place
    Day 5 end: Harmonical Rhapsody.
    Day 6 start: Hollowed out.
    Day 6 end: GAME OVER.

  • But then someone entered the scene who they had not expected. Someone who was uninvited.

    @The Tooth & The Squeeze

    At first he was confused, but then he saw the spread. Cookies in the shape of pumpkins, creme puffs fashioned into spooky ghosts, and a cake made to look as though a great spider! A cake which was rich in chocolate; even at glance, The Tooth knew he would be unable to resist its charms. No mortal man could. Drawn to it as he was, he ignored the others who let out frightened gasps as he began to rip into it and voraciously eat it.

    Stunned moments passed as all watched on.

    “That’s the only cake!” Cried Malia.

    Avalanchemike grabbed him, pulled him away from it and bopped the Tooths nose. He seemed rightly chastised. But the others in the room began to murmur. The only cake? It looked too damn good. It was a rank injustice that someone would just steal such a beautiful and delicious cake. It was as though they had been lied to. Anger arose in some of the crowd. And then the lights went out.

    Luckily The Tooth was wearing a glow in the dark shirt, so everyone knew where he was. Unluckily when the lights were back on The Tooth was dead.

    “Well,” Avalanchemike said, “I guess that means we have to play mafia.”

    “Sounds like a plan,” Malia replied.

    And then music started to play as the guests began to mingle with each other, though they also respectfully stepped over Tooth’s body as it would be pretty fucking terrible to step on someone who had just been murdered.


    The game has begun! :3

    “Gandalf put his hand on Pippin's head. "There never was much hope," he answered. "Just a fool's hope, as I have been told.”
    ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

  • ...


    What do Paper Mafia, Shay-dy Mafia, Waluigi Mafia, and Great Escape all have in common?

    Roles on the town side with a passive ability to deflect incoming night actions

    Liah loves her some Nexus action (it was the first role she played in the modern ZU Mafia era) and in all our history Michael Bae Mafia is the only game she's had a hand in designing which didn't feature a Nexus. In light of this, I'm amending one of my usual policies.

    In general, players should not claim their negative utility passive roles. The rough idea is that scum have much, much more to gain false-claiming something like Nexus, Miller, Or Paranoid Gun owner (which explain away or scare away investigations) then the town (who cannot strategize in any significant way with these roles). The only real strategic edge available to a Nexus lies in attracting as much mafia night attention as possible while simultaneously minimizing the chaos caused for town, which is a difficult dance to say the least.

    Things change a little when we can be all but guaranteed a Nexus in the set-up (or, at the very least, when the Mafia sees a Nexus false claim as having an inherently extreme risk of counter-claim, as they should here). In this case, the false claim value drops off and the option of mitigating the effect of a Nexus who feels they are unlikely to have a positive effect on the night becomes significant.

    If you are the Nexus and you feel that you would rather play in the open, in an Innocent Child type position, I'm letting it be known that my policy of lynching your claim will be lifted for 12 hours after this post. If you do not claim within this window, I'll hold to my general expectation that you do not claim for the duration of the game on pain of a policy lynch.

    (Also, hey. I'm Foo. Good to play with some of you folks for the first time. Town's on a significant streak here, so I'm not gonna do much to rock the boat. If you're interested in my general preferences for operating as a town there's a rundown here.

    Addressing @Tony, I do have a highly leveragable role and intend to play it well, so I'll ask you not to consider me a lynch target before day three and at that point to consider me strongly. Assuming I'm alive I expect to be well established by then.)
    Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

    boxes is the best human and I am going to get her a kitten or 2 kittens
  • Part of me is kind of hoping that the Flying Pumpkin That Shoots Laser Beams Out Of It's Ass has shown up to the party.

    No real reason to mention this besides it fitting the theme pretty well.

    Also I just wanted to say Flying Pumpkin That Shoots Laser Beams Out Of It's Ass.

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  • Axius walked through the group, trying to avoid attention. He hated people, he hated parties. When he heard that another Malia game was starting, he'd jumped in blindly, not even pausing to consider. Now here he was, surrounded by people he only mildly liked, being asked all sorts of dumb questions.

    "Hey Ax, you having fun?"

    "What's with the grumpy face? PARTY SOME!"

    "Ax, where's that new chapter of Lovesick, it's been months!"

    "You should try this drink, Axius. Maybe it'll cure your head-"

    "EVERYONE SHUT UP, FFS!!!" Axius screamed.

    Everyone went silence, staring at the normally so reserved person, before whispering amongst themselves.

    "Wow, he finally snapped."

    "Wait, he said FFS, but didn't put an @ in the place of the second f."

    "Did... did Axius just swear without actually writing a swear word?"

    Axius pressed his palm against his forehead and sighed, regaining some of his former composure. "Just... Just leave me alone, alright."

    Then he walked away from the group, opened a nearby cupboard, and entered it, slamming the door shut behind him.

    A few seconds later, the cupboard door opened and a cat was thrown out, before quickly being slammed shut again.

    I'll be playing properly soon, I just need to do something that is less fun than a brain haemorrhage first :glare:

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