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    Red Dead Redemption: 2
    • Began playing yesterday and having a pretty good time with it. It's definitely a very polished game, albeit somewhat cumbersome. Sometimes I feel like I'm battling the controls almost as much as the gunslingers I go up against, and sometimes I do wish I could at least fast travel back to camp.

      I also somehow ended up with a bounty of $300 in the "main" area, i.e. the part of the map where the camp is. Apparently the only way to get rid of it is to pay it off yourself, which feels a bit oddly restrictive in a game that's filled with multiple ways to deal with your problems. It's a good incentive to not fuck up in the future, I guess.
    • yeah I've had a massive bounty since valentine and around strawberry too after the early mission where you break Micah out of jail, but I've just come to live with bounty hunters always dropping by to say hi :3

      I have enough money to pay it off but maaaaaaan I need to buy a nice tent for Dutch and make my guns all shiny and silver!!! can't be wasting my money on making it so rando people don't try to kill me! I do pay it off around Saint Denis though since there's so much popo you can't ride through there with a bounty, it's just a pain in the booty.
    • I can't believe they actually regressed in controls from GTAV. Everything just feels so goddamn mechanical and needlessly cumbersome. In a post BotW and Horizon:ZD world, I'm a lot less forgiving of poor animation and controls in open world games. Heck, I think even Witcher 3 actually felt better than this.

      Aside from that, the game is starting to open up now after the long tutorial opening so I'm excited to start exploring the world. I like the increased level of interaction with the environments and fleshing out of the world with the Naughty Dog-style object examinations.

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    • Played a bunch this weekend. Stream of consciousness alert

      A lot of the hype for this game is all based around the size of the world and how immersive it is. Initially that kind of confounded me, but by yesterday evening I was all about it.

      The amount of things to do once the opening chapter finished was...overwhelming. And even as (it feels like) I'm approaching the end of the second chapter it feels like I've barely scratched the surface. In the first few hours of playing that was almost stressful - it felt like I was missing a lot and constantly feeling like I needed to be playing better.

      But once settled into the very deliberately slow pace of the game, it felt a lot better. Nothing in the game should be looked at like a checklist, and spending a day hunting should feel just as valuable as completing a story mission. Donating money or materials to the camp should feel as rewarding as selling them for profit. It's still shocking at how much is going on in this game, but there's no sense of urgency in figuring any of them out.

      The slowness at which this game feels like it was meant to be played is reflected in the gameplay - most literally in the movement of Arthur, but also in terms of the lack of viable fast travel options. I actually found myself wishing for a quicker way to get around even in the small area I've explored so far, but that was toward the end of the day yesterday when I was trying to squeeze more playtime out of the last few hours I'd get to play. And also likely because having the camp as a location you need to return to all the time makes it feel like there's a lot more busy-work in traveling. But I suspect I'll end up going without fast travel for the majority of the game, same as the previous one.

      All in all, not entirely the perfect experience I was hoping for out the gate, but one I'm enjoying more and more as a I play.
    • I've got this plan when i play. The plan is to do a mission or two, then go hunting and come back with meat for the camp. Donate some money to the pot so i can get the upgrades sorted and keep the place happy. And rest up both myself and my horse at the same time.

      Loving the pace the game puts out to everyone, it's nice and doesn't feel like i'm rushing. There's life and things going on across the plain. Sometimes i see someone needing a ride back because their horse died, or i see a shootout happening.
    • Gotten to chapter 6. My current thoughts, with spoilers:

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      The game is still a lot of fun to play. I enjoy the gunplay, for the most part, and keeping myself stocked with supplies isn't really too much of a hassle. I'm very much into how you can interact with everyone you meet and find interesting situations going on just about everywhere. There's always some poor fella who needs help, or someone who wants you dead.

      Unfortunately, the more I play the more the little things begin to nag me. I'm practically begging for a way to fast-travel back to camp at this point, because it's getting fucking ridiculous. With how vast the map is, they really should have done more to make travelling across said map less cumbersome. I wouldn't even mind if it was ONLY possible to fast travel to camp, but the fact that it's not an option is just boneheaded nonsense.

      Needing your horse to be within whistling range in order to summon it to you isn't a plus either, and that's a complaint that Breath of the Wild gets too. The difference is that Breath of the Wild doesn't really rely on horseriding to travel from one end of Hyrule to the other (at least not solely), but Red Dead Redemption 2 makes the horse an absolute necessity, not just for travelling but also for stashing your weapons. Which, by the way, keep being unequipped for no goddamn reason during missions, but I digress.

      What grinds my gears about both of these complaints is that they're completely unnecessary for the game. Your horse will magically appear when convenient during missions, and you'll be given the option to fast travel back to camp after certain missions as well, so there's clearly no reason for these restrictions to be a thing in the game at all. Why give me the convenient option only some times, when the developers deem it necessary? Can't I decide for myself? If I'm gonna be given the option, let it be a damn option.

      As for the story, it's really quite a feat how well these characters are portrayed. Each and every one of them are believable and compelling in their own right, even the worst of the bunch. That's what's made it so damn depressing for me to play at this point. I'm starting to enjoy the story less and less as I proceed, which I guess mirrors the way the main character feels after being given a diagnosis of tuberculosis that's seemingly a death sentence. I do think it's clever to put the character in the shoes of the player, as we knew (this being a prequel) that Arthur was most likely gonna bite the bullet somehow at some point, but I sure hope it's not going to keep descending like this, because I'm likely to just stop playing eventually.
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      Aren't stagecoaches and trains kind of like fast travel? I haven't used either yet, and I only briefly looked at the description for stagecoaches, but that's what it sounded like.

      Anyway, I like the game. I don't like how slow Arthur seems to move but that seems kind of deliberate. I have yet to really explore a lot. I'm iffy on the story so far but I'm only on chapter 2 so I guess it just hasn't got super interesting yet. I love the setting though, the whole reason I even got and wanted the game was for the Wild West setting and feel, and of course it delivers on that.
    • Still playing through. Slowly. Just at the top of Chapter 3.

      I've seen a lot of complaints about how the game likes to reset your load-out, particularly when starting a mission. This hasn't bothered me too much for the time I've been playing, since I usually quickly check my load out any time I step away from my horse so I can be properly armed for whatever I'm planning on doing.

      But yesterday I happened to be playing a mission where rather than riding my own horse I needed to drive a wagon. Went about the mission pretty normally, but of course because it's Red Dead a shoot-out eventually happens. And not a small one where I can just draw my revolver or sawed-off and rely on that. So I draw go to draw the long gun Arthur was wearing at the time aaaand it's the goddamn Varmint Rifle. The one used to hunt small game like rabbits and badgers. IE next to useless.

      Annoying, yes. But it did force me to rely less on shooting from cover and more on running around and tackling people before putting one between their eyes. So that was fun.
    • I'm right at the end of Chapter 2 (yes, i'm slow. However i've been exploring the map, doing the ? missions and other stranger missions that have popped up). The main story is just starting to get interesting.

      Had many shootouts in Valentine, one in particular stood out

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      I wandered into the saloon right into a drunk, who challenged me to a dual. Went outside and he fell over drunk and slept in the mud before any bullets were fired.

      Quite enjoying things so far.

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      Like how the Sheriffs office in Valentine only has room for 2 prisoners, and both are still there (they are ones i took in from bounty posters). Have customised a few weapons, bought a few upgrades for the camp outside of the big money upgrades for the provisions, weapons and camp ground.

      People have complained about some aspects of the game, however i'm liking most of the game so far. Just wish that the pelts didn't have to be perfect for upgrades (good would be enough)