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    • The rumors for a Thursday Direct are becoming louder.

      I really wonder if Nintendo changes the Direct at all. We assume that Civilization VI, MegaMan demo and maybe Crystal Chronicles would have been reveals. Are those things still going to be in the Direct like the delay never happened? That could be awkward.
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    • Guinea wrote:

      FF15 is coming to Switch! Omg! This is freakin' awe-


      ...the... the... THE POCKET EDITION?!

      I've seen this reaction around the web, and it surprises me. People are outraged that the real FFXV is not coming to Switch. Apparently there was some indication that it might come, but all I recall reading was that they couldn't get it to run right.


      Friends, the beginning of a new era of gaming on Nintendo consoles is upon us. You know that most Zelda fans play other video games. I know it. Everyone knows it.... except people at AAA game development companies. There has been this idea that Nintendo games only sell due to familiarity with their characters. But through an interesting turn of fate, this idea will soon be discredited. Future developments will clearly demonstrate that well-made games with fantasy settings will almost invariably sell well on Nintendo consoles.

      For starters, Bethesda was reportedly pleased with the success of Skyrim's sales on Switch. Popular (if unproven) speculation posits that the Switch version of Skyrim was one of the games to sell one million copies. When you consider how old, how buggy, and just how many people have already played Skyrim, this is extremely impressive.

      A new IP in the form of Octopath Traveler reached the one million milestone. Of course, there are those who would write this off as nostalgia for Final Fantasy VI or something at work. But rest assured, future events will leave no doubt. Dark Souls Remastered will also do well. That game wasn't nearly as popular as Skyrim, so the portion of Switch owners who haven't played it has to be significantly higher. It's money in the bank for From Software. Expect Takeshi Miyazoe to publicly announce that he wants to go back in time and punch himself for laughing at the idea of porting Dark Souls II to the Wii U.

      Somewhere down the line, we can supposedly expect Dragon Quest XI. If it comes out within a couple of months, this is a very good scenario. It hasn't been out on PS4/PC for very long, so the Switch version may yet get sales from people who own both platforms. If not, then it can probably still reach Skyrim's level of success. ... Believe, believe, the Dragon Quest comes!

      Why does this matter? Well, this trend will greatly increase the chance of more exclusive RPGs like Octopath Traveler being released for Switch. Our glorious savior BotW established an install base that likes fantasy games, and we will soon see the benefits of that.

      edit: Throw Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles into this rambling. I'm personally not too big on those, but the same trend probably applies. :)

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    • If Crystal Chronicles does well, maybe that will spell hope for Four Swords Adventure, the only good multiplayer Zelda game and a much better game than Four Sword on the GBA, getting a rerelease on the Switch as well, since both games employed very similar control schemes.

      Would be neat to see people finally be able to play the game as it was meant to be.
    • TruEdge67 wrote:

      I don't think a cable can damage a charger. I've certainly never heard of that happening. Now if there's something wrong with your charger like a short or something that could potentially damage your controller.
      They very much can. Low-quality USB-C cables without proper resistors can damage anything you plug them into. As can low-quality USB-C power banks/wall adapters, or USB-C using electronics devices that don't implement the USB-C spec correctly (and nothing implements the USB-C spec correctly*).

      Power delivery over USB-C is a game of Russian Roulette. If you stick with well-regarded brand-name components you're probably OK, but there are no promises.

      *The Switch, notably, implements the power negotiation wrong, leading to it drawing more power than it asks for. This may be why some USB-C accessories may damage the Switch, but it's not clear.

      May those who accept their fate be granted happiness;

      Those who defy it, glory!

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    • I don't expect much, but I'd be pleasantly surprised by these things:
      • Metroid Prime 4
      • A new Zelda (remake?)
      • A new Zelda Smasher
      • SNES games and more announced for Nintendo Online
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    • If there is a new Animal Crossing, I hope the villagers have actual personalities. They were great in the first game, and have gotten less distinct with each iteration, especially in New Leaf.
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      "Gods of my prayers! Gods of my sacrifice! because Ye have forgotten the sacred places of my childhood, and they have therefore ceased to be, yet may I not forget. Because Ye have done this thing, Ye shall see cold altars and shall lack both my fear and praise. I shall not wince at Your lightnings, nor be awed when Ye go by."

      Time and the Gods

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    • To be frank, I think the Switch stuff will be limited to the online and the third party games that were supposed to be announced that we now know about (Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, Civilization VI, etc). I expect something about Pokémon Let's Go as well. There'll also be some 3DS stuff, apparently - probably more remakes/remasters.

      Apart from that, I don't expect much in the way of surprises. Maybe a Smash newcomer, but that's about it.