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    • When googling warm rompers, I only got kid sizes... :-/
      Maybe an opening for someone to start a new trend?
      You are welcome!

      Anyhow, it would still be comfortable in January... Just not outside...

      Also, just thought of a side effect of this weeks question.
      What happens once you need to clean your outfit?
      Cause if you undress, that's a different outfit, if you know what I mean.
      Or do we have 30 rompers hanging in our closet that we can choose from?
      Can we wear two rompers one day?
      Half a romper another?
      If I accidentally spill lots and lots of beet juice on one and I don't soak it to get all the juice out...
      Can I now have a different colored romper?
      What if I give some dude 5 yellow items and "accidentally" fall into a vat full of the yellow juice thingy that he put the 5 yellow items in and now my romper is now yellow.
      What then!?
    • Kaylin wrote:

      Continuing on with the holiday theme...

      What is the most thoughtful gift you have ever received?
      When this question came up, I had a tough time thinking of something, but I felt as though there actually was SOMEthing...and after going through my stuff the other day I finally found a book someone from college gave me.

      During my fruitless college life, I was at my second college, and it was the first time I had ever lived away from home for any time longer than maybe a couple days, so naturally I was a complete wreck trying to adjust to this new lifestyle away from what I knew. Of course, a new place meant new friends, so I figured I'd give it a go. What's the worst that could happen?

      I went to what was essentially an aviation school, but they had other class options available as well which included Digital Media, which was my degree choice at the time. Because this was a prestigious school for aviation, it attracted a lot of foreign exchange students, especially the Japanese. For those unaware, it is EXTREMELY difficult to get your piloting license in Japan. Like if you think it sounds difficult here, from what they told me, it's about 1000x worse. So most of them opt to just get it overseas.

      One day I decided I wanted to try and get to know some of the Japanese students, and this is how I met my friend Yuki. Yuki was smaller and more timid than the other Japanese students, and that was definitely something I related to, especially at the time. So I tried to make him feel a bit more involved by asking some questions and getting to know him. He told me his biggest inspiration for flying was actually Star Wars. When he was a kid, he'd seen the movies and it really helped him learn to love flying. Conveniently in that moment, it was on TV behind us, and he just pointed at the TV as he told me. I also told him that I was very interested in Japanese culture just in general and he gave me a surprised look. "You are? We always thought Americans wouldn't really be interested in our culture at all..." He seemed legitimately shocked at this, but I was even more shocked that he thought that, especially with what I knew about online at the time.

      He also told me that his parents were extremely strict, and if I remember right that his parents weren't too happy with him leaving home for this. At the time, I was still younger and I didn't understand that kind of mindset. Being a fresh adult myself, I thought, "But you're an adult now! You can make decisions for yourself what you want to do!" This of course is the major difference in cultures between me and him, but one day we went on a walk together and I asked him about it. He didn't really have an answer for me, but he told me he made the choice to go back home. It wasn't until later I learned the importance of making choices that only we understand that we must make. Sure, other people might tell you it's a bad idea, but if it's what you know you must do, then you have to steel yourself and make that choice for yourself. Because only you know that it's what you must do. And I think in that moment, Yuki came to that same conclusion.

      As the semester was coming to an end, Yuki came up to me and told me he had a gift for me. I was stunned, and most definitely wasn't expecting this at all. If anything I felt like I'd been a nuisance to them with how little I actually understood about their lifestyle and culture. He handed me a book. "When I was flying to the US, I used this book to help me learn English. I want you to have it." The front cover was relatively simple with mostly Japanese but some English that read "Japan at a glance." It was a bilingual book in Japanese and English that describes most aspects of Japanese culture. It even has notes from Yuki when he was studying English in them with some words highlighted and little personal notes he took.

      I think about this book every now and then and realize that this moment in my life was the moment I realized the importance of understanding people, and broadening my horizons. The importance of reaching out to talk to people, and get to know them. And the importance of just living in this world and seeing it for what it is rather than listening to what other people tell me it is. It's easy to just believe a convenient lie because it's what we hear all the time, but to go forth and learn the actual truth takes an open mind and willingness to learn. I didn't know it then, but Yuki taught me that with his friendship and this gift, and I knew then I had gained something valuable. And this book is a valuable reminder of all that Little Yuki taught me.

      (Sorry for the long post and all the sap ;_; I don't mean to always post novels when I post things D: )
    • I guess it's not really a gift unto itself... But being remembered as a person, by people that care about you. Nothing is worse than, no one remembering what you did or stood for!

      I've had times when people totally forgot who I was, or what I achieved/did for others around me.
      And that is why, I don't want anyone else to go through that same situation.....

      The best gift is being remembered by those that matter.

      sort of cliche but eh....

      Cat girls are the bees knees
      I hope you agree!

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    • No idea how deep we are going here...
      Air, water, sleep, subsistence and somewhere to poop.

      A bit lighter, I need games and I need friends.
      Oh and good food. Fuck I need good food.
      Thats only three things tho...

      If I need to be even more specific, I will choose my two good friends (I guess this counts as two?), my Nintendo (that includes power cables and a power source btw..), beer and some food maybe pizza, maybe sushi, maybe spare ribs and potatoe gratin?
      Basically a good evening in with the boys. That's 5 things that I can't live without. :)
    • Under the assumption the question does not include essentials to staying alive (food, water, shelter, etc.), I'd go with these things in no particular order:

      1. My friends- interaction with other people is essential so I'm not sure if this counts exactly by my own assumption, but I love my friends and wouldn't want to live without them so... bleh. :3
      2. PUPPIES- I love my dogs more than almost anything else in this world and I can't imagine a reality in which I never got to see their adorable little faces, even when they eat LITERALLY ALL MY JELLYBEANS!
      3. Family- I GUESS I love them too. :P But really though if it weren't for them I wouldn't be a.) Alive and b.) Where I am right now.
      4. Video games- Now for something a little more petty. Do you know how empty my life would be without video games? Even I can't do science 24/7 without some respite.
      5. Hand cream- My hands get too dry for me to not have some sort of lotion on my person at all times. Ugh! I can't handle dry wrists, okay!?
    • I'm going to assume that basic needs are taken care of. Food, water, housing, etc. Sooo... I guess...

      1: @ScarlyCrow - If not for her, my life would have taken a much different path. It would not have been a happy one.
      2: Internet access. A great deal of my entertainment and hobbies require an internet connection. It's where I socialize. It's where I get most of my games and media. Etc.
      3: Access to Thai food. No, I'm not joking. A life without curry is hardly a life at all.
      4: Entertainment media. I'm rolling games, movies, music, etc, all into this one category because I'm that kind of person. I need the stuff, you know?
      5: Indoor plumbing. I mean... look. It's useful, you know? Imagine living without it. Are you imagining it? Are you? Are you really? 'Cause I refuse to.
    • Assuming the fundamentals are a given:

      1. Internet - a large portion of my life revolves around it. It's probably the most important non-fundamental need I have.
      2. Medication, particularly the ones I need to function day-to-day. They're the building blocks for me to be able to actually life my life.
      3. Books/written materials/references. I love reading and I can't imagine not having access to the wealth of information that comes with books.
      4. A bit more petty, but videogames, as my primary form of entertainment. Life would be a little more boring for me if I didn't have them.
      5. My family and friends, albeit the small number that I have, I really appreciate having them in my world.
    • I'm gonna take it a step further and just state things that aren't just indications I'm a 20 something human being. Friends, family, internet, phone and the ozone layer are a given.

      So here's to clothing with inside pockets. The idea of jeans with pants you can't put keys in enrages me. Fuck fake pockets in general.

      My singing voice. Keeps me calm when I'm starting to feel anxious.

      Chat logs, old forum posts, the records of my existence somewhere. I can spend hours catching up on my past.

      A bar where you always know SOMEONE and you can always stroll in knowing you're welcome.

      Decent coffee to warm the belly and brain on a cold, cold morning.