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    • Bombchu wrote:

      Next Question~

      What brought you to Zelda Universe, and (if the reason is different) why did you stick around?
      Honestly, trolling the comments on the main website. I came over back in 2009 for some reason - a contest I think - left, came back again just to try it out. I decided to post around to see what the buzz was all about, posting in every section but the RPG, until I was dragged there in a MLP RP which I will never speak about again. I essentially never left after that lol. Honestly, the RPG (and now DnD >.>) keep me around >.>

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    • Back in 2004 I started getting really into forums (or fora if you prefer) and combined with the unbearably long wait and hype for Twilight Princess, I decided to join a Zelda community and share the hype and speculation a little while later. It was also around that time that I found out about the timeline stuff, so I visited the theory craft part of the forum a lot. Those were simpler times...

      As for why I stayed... Honestly, I wasn't as active as I am currently, I mostly joined in during pre release hype for Skyward Sword years later, around 2009-2010, and then again around 2013 for BotW. At that point, I had a few members approach me and I started really growing more attached to the community, so hibernating is not an option anymore, haha.
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    • What brought you to Zelda Universe, and (if the reason is different) why did you stick around?

      Well, my husband Foo has been a long time member here. And I'd always see him on the forum and didn't give it any thought. And for a year or so (?) he'd been pestering me, "play Mafia with us come on" and I'm all HELL NO gtf away from me. Then one night when I was drunk I signed up. And then I defeated Cody the Godfather in S3 and it felt good. And then I met lots of cool people. So I stayed.

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    • I was finally getting back into gaming after getting my Master's degree, because working full time and going to school doesn't leave a lot of time for fun. And I knew a lot of the games I was playing had already come out awhile ago, but they were new to me and I wanted to talk about them! So I found ZU and lurked for a few days, and signed up.

      I wasn't sure if I was going to stay, but after posting in the Zelda threads I finally made my way down to General Chit Chat and such, and realized there's so much more to ZU than Zelda.

      Posting and making friends with folks like @Bombchu and @Rambo got me to realize this is a community, and it's really the users and the people on the site that got me to stay. And now with joining Din and becoming a mod, I've made a lot of other friends and likely won't be leaving any time soon. Thanks guys for making ZU a great place to be! :deadpool:
    • Q: What brought you to Zelda Universe, and (if the reason is different) why did you stick around?

      A: Ahem. idk y, prolly Imma jelly liek dat. Not really. I came across ZU to see what are the views of Western gamers on the game (most notably the US versions of the Zelda series) since I was playing the US version OoT or something, had no probs with the original (read: Jap version) so I found ZU thanks to Prof. Google Search. Why I stick around, is because of @Malia who happen to be having almost the same name as myself irl and she is now our loveable (and strict) Admin. I am the lesser Lia, though.
    • What brought you to Zelda Universe, and (if the reason is different) why did you stick around?

      I joined Zelda Universe when I was around 9 years old, haha. I joined because ongoing familial struggles, being bullied at school, and not having too many friends that lived around me to hang out with left me in a state that kind of.. just needed some sort of relief from everything.

      I originally fulfilled this relief by playing video games, the Gamecube was my shit dawg, and I had a Playstation 2 I would play as well. It worked out well for some years (~ages 6-9). Then, in a fit of rage, my dad destroyed everything in my room. TV, games, my bed, smashed holes in the wall, etc. etc. I won't go into too much detail, if anybody wants to know personal details about this then be my friend first and maybe I will indulge your nosiness =P

      Anyways, he broke everything, and I was left with nothing to do, no escape, nothing. So I ended up going online, on to the family's computer, and browsing. I was super into Zelda because of The Wind Waker and Zelda CE, so I searched Zelda sites, and ended up finding Zelda Universe. I browsed for a long time, mostly news articles, till I found the forums. I didn't join yet though. Eventually I saw a thread about Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and it made me want to join so I could talk with people about it. So, I did, haha, and somewhere along the next few years filled with bad grammar, incomplete thoughts, terrible threads, and general immaturity, I made some friends.

      Most of them are inactive, now, though.

      What's kept me coming back after all these years is just a love for the people here. I don't really venture in the Zelda section very often, nor do I venture in General Chit-Chat, haha. Really the only places you'll find me in is SD (mostly lurking), General Gaming, here, and Din. Not because the other sections don't have great people too (not as great as Din), but because I'm just more interested in those sections. Still, for a Zelda site, I don't talk about Zelda at all lmao. So I come on each and every day I do because I love the people here. I must have made hundreds of friends and acquaintances up to this point, most of which are sadly inactive, but the ones I still see every day like Ty, Zoraluigi, Silver -- just to name a few, there are plenty of others don't worry everybody I still <3 you all -- makes it all worth it. So, I'll probably keep coming back, and keep coming back, until someday I'm not welcome anymore.
    • Yep, @Winnie is good people. Would workout and cheat meal pizza with/10

      When I joined, I was simply exploring my old gaming hobbies and the Zelda story always interested me. I was becoming a bit of a douche in RL so I needed to take a step back before I made a habit out of being something I didn't want to be. So I took a break from the partying lifestyle and focused on other interests

      I stayed as I enjoyed the Health and Fitness thread and saw an opportunity to help people not only with fitness, but possibly motivation and depression as well. I have a passion for helping people, especially helping them unlock their potential. I formed some friendships with H&F people and Mafia folks which made the stay enjoyable. I don't pay much attention atm aside from random posts, but it's still something fun to do to kill time.

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    • Favourite novel:

      I've always liked the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. My favourite books inside that series are the City Watch books, they're a mix between mystery, comedy and sometimes social commentary.

      What brought you to Zelda Universe:

      I'm a very rare case on ZU in that I came here around the release of The Wind Waker, looking for more Zelda content. I've ended up sticking around 13 years now because the community has been fun.
    • You know, it's Wednesday now and the next question still isn't up yet. But that's okey, we know what it'll be anyway. :3

      Fave person that we on ZU don't know about.

      That's a tricky one... I don't like people in general so I don't have many favourite people.
      And I assume we talk about idols and such here.

      Maybe I've already said it before but I've always admired Steve Irwin. The perception he had of animals in general and reptiles in particular matches mine really well. He may have been the reason why I grew up with a passion for lizards.

      I'll copy-paste some question suggestions I gave to Farore as well:

      What did you get for Christmas?
      What did you do on New years eve?
      If the world was ruled by a giant otter and his penguin-minions, would you join them or fight them?
      What is the most disgusting thing you've eaten on pizza? (You can't say pineapples! Pineapples is life!)
      If you had one magic power, what would it be?
      If you had to be involved in a romantic relationship with someone on ZU, who would it be?
      Is Schroedingers cat dead or alive? Motivate your answer.
      Should Holden get shaved?

      And add some more:

      You got a new life as a criminal. What kind of criminal would you be?
      If you had a tv-show, what would it be about?
      What's your hidden skill?
      If you could gain a useless skill, what would it be?
      What is the most unattractive thing you know?
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    • Q: Fave person that we on ZU don't know about?

      A: You mean on ZU forums, isn't it? My fave person that others on ZU don't know about is @greenyxi, though those who notice my affiliation with his vids would know it.
    • Fave person ZU does not know about.

      Omg I have so many friends you guys! How can I pick a favorite!?

      Friends come and go but true friends stick together till the end. :)
      I have two of those actually.
      Bff's <3.
      One is a math teacher at the moment teaching high schoolers.
      The other has two jobs, one is taking care of elderly/disabled/mentally disabled/or whatever people, the other is classified! For reals, classified by the Swedish state! 0.O
      They are awesome friends. :3
    • What did you get for the Holidays?
      • Pokémon Moon
      • Nightwish Dark Passion Play CD
      • Nightwish hoodie (Once 10th anniversary hoodie)
      • Harry Potter and the cursed child
      • A scented candle
      • Britney Spears Midnight fantasy (perfume)
      • A giftcard for my hairsalon
      • A goofy pen
      • A necklace
      • A new phone
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • A party with friends. I ate till I nearly exploded, got drunk, danced till 6 in the morning to crazy music. And I was flirting with a woman 10 years older than I am. Very drunk indeed

      I think we listened to Scooter for half an hour, lol. He was the SHIT back in the day (in Germany/Holland/Belgium).

      Pretty standard New Years eve. I don't like going to large organised events/parties for new year, they are always so extremely busy. I prefer parties at someone's house.
    • Annnd this weeks questions: What's the best ice breaker do you have? Does it work all the time?

      When all else fails, I compliment shoes or an article of clothing they're wearing that I like. They usually have a story about where they got it and that will keep the conversation alive until I can grasp onto something else to question them about. xD It has a 95% sucess rate.
    • Are we talking about hitting on someone? I guess I do the same regardless.

      I don't have an ice breaker, I'll just show confidence and talk about whatever seems appropriate, that's my 'ice breaker'. I hate forced convos, lol. If we have nothing interesting to talk about, it's the ultimate turn off.

      I actually find it more difficult to get into a conversation with a guy than a girl nowadays, in contrary to teenage me.