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    • I did a lot of embarrassing stuff as a teenager... but in terms of changing things, nah. I turned out OK, I think! And that's just who I was back then.

      It's difficult to come up with specific examples because it was quite a while ago.

      I was of course very socially awkward and would say/do things that were pretty dorky.

      But I think I embarrassed the people around me more than I embarrassed myself. In high school I adopted a "punk/goth" style of clothing, and my hair was bright colors of the rainbow, so I attracted a lot of attention in public. I was totally desensitized/oblivious to this, but I know that friends and family tended to feel self-conscious that we (as a group) were getting that attention.

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    • Current Question of the Week: What were some things you have done as a teenager that you would consider to be embarrassing and wished would change?

      Two things!

      First, I had a (best) friend for about a year when I was an upperclassman, but I think that I was too clingy and not sensitive / understanding enough toward her own family and health issues. Looking back, I think I was a real ass and it's embarrassing now to even think about! :o After our relationship ended, I never did develop any other close friendships, and it's probably for the best.


      The other thing is that I was looking through photographs this afternoon. I spent a couple years in high school wearing really baggy, frumpy things. Terrible, terrible. No fashion sense at all (not that it's much better now, but I try to at least where clothes that fit LMAO). :P
    • Current Question of the Week: What were some things you have done as a teenager that you would consider to be embarrassing and wished would change?

      Every single time I had a crush and tried to make a conversation with my crush. I barely ever dared to say anything so I just ended up having a strange look on my face and they wondered what was wrong with me.......

      Also; being drunk in public. I have done so many stupid things and said so many stupid things in front of people while being drunk that I would like to delete all of it.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

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    • What does your typical day look like?

      7:00 am - Alarm goes off. Hit snooze for 30 more minutes and dream I'm on another planet where I don't have to get up early.

      7:30 am - Get up, shower, make breakfast, make lunch, etc.

      8:30 am - Eat breakfast

      9:00 am - Leave for work

      9:30 am - Go over course notes for that day's lecture, do any necessary photocopying, meet with my TA if necessary

      10:00 am - Teach class (undergraduate spectroscopy)

      11:00 am - Update the course website, write notes for next lecture

      2:00 pm - Eat something

      Afternoon - Either develop other course material (exams, problem sets, practice questions) or work on research (right now I'm writing manuscripts based on experiments that were completed in the past 6 months or so).

      5:00 pm - Office hours for spectroscopy class

      6:00 pm - Go home (often involves some dicking around with Foo or going to the grocery store etc if needed)

      7:00 pm - Maybe eat and make dinner. Maybe work on more course material/research.

      9:00 pm - On lighter days I stop working around here and watch a couple hours of TV with @Foo before bed. If there's more to be done I work for a couple more hours with quiet TV in the background.

      11:00 pm - Bedtime routine (eat a light snack, brush my teeth, make bed, etc)

      11:30 pm - Go to sleep

      "Oh hun, ... somewhere out there, there's a planet for you. It's not this one." -- Foo

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    • So my day essentially consists of waking up and going to work. I fuck around checking emails and voicemail for about 15 minutes. Start making phone calls people won't return until after my deadline.

      Fuck around a bit more pretending to look busy. Get into a discussion with coworkers about cannabilism. This turns into a discourse of which is better; Goonies or Space Jam.

      Get a story falling in my lap. Do quick interview and start working on story. Get distracted by Joe Biden meme discussion going on in office. This ends after a video is shown of Christopher Walken reading Poker Face.

      Work some more. Free food is brought in. Eat and talk about free pizza. Return to work.

      Finish story.

      Fuck around some more until I need to go to a meeting. Proceed to be bored. Come back and write a story.

      Leave work and go grocery shopping.

      Don't cook dinner anyway.

      Fuck around computer all night and go to bed at 4 am.

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    • What does your typical day look like?


      Alarm sings that beautiful tune of brain aneurysm.
      I'm awake!
      Turn the alarm off.
      Sweet sweet embrace of sleep.

      Alarm sings once more.
      This time it's a bit muffled, still just as beautiful though.
      Open my eyes.
      Kenzi (the older cat) sits on my bed side table.
      She knows that I am awake now.
      *commence waking the humans*

      Depending on how many hours of sleep I have gotten it could go any of the below ways.
      1.) I wake up, jump to next section.
      2.) Kenzi starts showing her face into all visiable body parts not covered by a blanket (feet, hands, face), until I wake up, jump to next section.
      3.) Kenzi starts biting my fingers or arms (feets are dangerous, she stays away from those with her teeth), till I wake up, jump to next section.
      4.) Kenzi and Lillian (the younger cat) comes at me from two directions. Kenzi with her teeth and Lillian with her butthole, till I wake up, jump to next section.

      I'm awake now!

      Head out to the kitchen, give the cats their food.
      Go pee, shower, brush my teeth, get dressed and start on breakfast.
      Breakfast can be anything from oatmeal to sandwich to an omelette.

      I sit down in the living room to eat the breakfast and watch last nights news.

      Get to work, by car cause I'm lazy. :)

      I get to work and clock in at like 6 am -ish, start up the machine hall in case we need any of the climate chambers or other machinery with startup time.
      Hop on the computer check the mail, cause people usually work later than me.
      If there is nothing urgent I procrastinate by hanging on ZU (this is usually the earliest I check ZU) or other internet stuff.
      Collegauge gets in about half hour to an hour after I get to work, talk about what we have been up to on our free time since last time we saw each other (the day before, lol).
      Then I get to the emails that was not so important or any other work stuff I have laying around that is short and quickly completed.

      Do this till first break time of the day at 9 am! Yas! Go to the morning meeting of one of the groups in the production and answer any questions, if there are any.
      Tag along with whatever fun person that wants to have that break time (breakfast break time, I never eat cause I eat at home).

      Break time is over, head back to my work area. I start the longer tasks now.
      Usually it's some type of experiment that needs to run for x amount of time and it's usually only the end result that's interesting so I type out test reports during this time while keeping an eye on the experiments.

      Lunch time! High noon is the time! Me and a co worker goes out for a walk for 30 minutes. Best time of the day, we talk about everything and anything in life. Precious time.

      Get back to working.
      Keep this up till 2pm, another break time. This time me and that co worker from earlier eats our foods.

      Get back to working.
      Get off work at 4pm.

      Call up mah gurl. She is done did at her work too, I pick her up on the way.
      We usually do some driving around (she gets calmer from driving around, helps with her depression etc.).
      We get home, home sweet home.

      Snuggle a cat. Make food, clean the house, eat food, play some games, watch some tv, hang on the internets, play with the cats etc. whatever we feel like. :)

      Get ready for bed at 9-10 pm.

      Get to bed an hour later. >_<

      Hang on the internets while in bed to get sleepy.


    • So I am a very routine-oriented person, so here is what my typical day looks like:

      5:00am: wake up, eat breakfast, take the dog out, shower and get ready for the day
      6:30am: hop on the bus and metro to get to work
      7:00am: at work, checking emails, etc. I do work stuff until...
      11:00am: lunch time! usually I bring my lunch to keep me eating healthy. Lately it's all about soup. Then more work stuff
      3:30ish I leave to go home
      4:00pm: get home, take the dog out
      5:00pm: go to the gym or eat dinner, just depends what I'm doing that night!

      And then I just read/watch tv/post stuff on ZU/play videogames or whatever til bed. Oh, and cleaning somewhere in there. Just depends when I feel like it.
    • Depending how I'm feeling, my day may begin around 430-5am for the gym or I'll save it for the evening. If not, I'm up about 730AM-8AM

      5AM - Take some preworkout if I'm particularly tired, knock down a fast carb sounce and hit the gym to workout. Usually weights and some cardio. While I'm on the treadmill, I'll scan for securities from my phone that I may be trading for the day or monitor swing positions.

      7AMish- Return home to shower, knock down a protein source and coffee. I don't like to start the day off full. It usually makes me lethargic.

      7:50AM - Turn on my computer and start up my trading tools to prepare for the trading day.

      830AM (Central)- Market officially opens and I begin monitoring my top picks waiting for desireable setups to form.

      830AM-3PM - Depending how I've done for the day/week, I'll spend all day trading setups I like and bs with my group. Otherwise, it's golf, doing something I like, getting errands done, or doing anything else I find productive. If I'm working on a consulting project, I'll spend time on that as well. Sometimes I'll flip that, and maybe sleep in or get errands done in the morning and then trade the back-end of the day.

      3PM - Monitor swing trades I may have taken or any major after hours volume taking place. Cook some lunch/dinner

      5PM - 8PM - Relax, go see friends, or just whatever lol.

      8:30PM-10PM - Go workout if I haven't. Otherwise, I'll read, go to bed early, play some PS4.

      10PM-12PM - Nowadays, I try to go to bed a bit earlier, but this is the time rangeI'm usually passing out by.

      Cliffs: I do whatever I want.


      Hang out, see fam, watch sports, play sports...just whatever. Showers are involved.
    • I suppose I don't have much of a routine, I just randomly do whatever I feel like doing each day, even during work hours occasionally.
      • Usually get up around 9:00, sometimes I snooze for a bit longer.
      • Read all the newest posts on ZU, browse game or sports news, sometimes while eating a toastie or brioche roll.
      • Dress up super quick and go to work around 9:30, arrive at 10:00 or so, usually slightly late. I don't carry a bag, or anything, super casual.
      • Read the stuff I didn't have time to read home earlier on ZU etc. I actually browse ZU at work constantly but usually nothing much is going on during that time of the day most of the time, haha.
      • Fix some bugs, play the game a bit while pretending to be working on bugs, etc.
      • Break at 12:30pm. Sometimes I pick up something to eat from one of the nearby stores chosen semi-randomly, some other times I bring food with me, and occasionally hold a team lunch at a restaurant.
      • For the next hour (or a little longer if I feel like cheating) I play League of Legends or other games with colleagues, some other times I compose a quick riff, some other times I'm lazy and just browse.
      • Fix more bugs, play the game more, etc.
      • Sometime around 18:20 I pack up and go home. Maybe visit the supermarket on the way home if I feel like it.
      • Back home at 19:00 or so.
      • Prepare some food while playing some games/guitar/browse the internet depending on what I feel like doing.
      • Eat while playing some more passive game like Football Manager or browsing. Then I switch to more demanding games, guitar, browsing, composing, fool around in Unity, Unreal Engine, Visual Studio, watch sports, etc.
      • Heat some water around 22:00, but don't go into the shower until 00:00 at the earliest, haha. Maybe quick dinner between that time.
      • I usually watch/listen to a couple YouTube videos during and after showering. Then I browse some more ZU and sometimes play a low effort game again.
      • Brush teeth and go to bed at 1:00 at the earliest, but sometimes I don't sleep until 5:00. It's random, really.
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    • Tell us about your favorite novel!

      It's a Swedish fantasynovel called Frostskymning (trans: Frost dusk). It's the fourth part of a series that takes place in a fictitious Scandinavia. The main characters are 14-years old fraternal twins of a people called "the blood". They're called that because their blood has magic qualities that makes them able to see what's invisible for example.
      These twins has been thrown into the cold, harsh world on an impossible mission by their dead father. They have to fight something invisible that creeps up on you and takes over you like a virus. It's called "the cold" because it makes itself known by an unusually harsh winter that freezes peoples hearts and makes them apathetic to everything they previously held dear. Instead, everyone affected by the cold will run it's errands. They spread the cold by whispering something into the ears of corpses.
      It's hard to tell who's an enemy and who's a friend. The cold wants the twins dead because it knows that their mission is to "kill" it.

      That's the story overall. I'll put the rest in spoiler-tags just in case any Swede or Dane (because the series is published in Danish as well) is thinking about reading it.

      Display Spoiler

      In the fourth and final part they make their way to the heart of the cold: their peoples ancient capital city. It had been abandoned for thousands of years since the cold first appeared, but is still resides there.
      They know that the cold first manifested itself in the emperor so he was the source of it all. Their father killed the emperor to put an end to it but it survived somehow.
      The twins made their way through dungeons deeper and deeper underground until they found people in comatose. They were severely deformed and looked disgusting to say the least. I can't remember how but they found out that these were their ancestors. Their people came from a different place and they weren't a people. They were northern lights who created human bodies for themselves so that they could live on Earth. But the first bodies were failures and that's why they were severely deformed.

      Eventually they woke up, taken over by the cold and chased the twins deeper into the dungeon. At the end, they ended up in the final room which was where the emperors throne was with the frozen solid emperor still in it.
      They stabbed the emperor in the heart and vanished. The story didn't tell what happened, they could have died or they could have reverted to their natural form: northern lights. But what we did find out is that the cold can't be defeated. They didn't understand what the cold is.
      It's not an entity as they thought, it's an idea. And an idea can't be killed. The foundation of the cold is just a few words that those who are affected whispers: "only you can be right".

      The author wrote this series as a creative way to tell a story about fanaticism. It's the source of all violence and hatred in the world.
      Ask an ISIS-supporter who's more right; them or the ones they terrorize, and they will say that they are 100% right no matter how reasonable your arguments on the opposit are. You can't talk a fanatic out of his/hers fanaticism and they won't let go of it willingly. And that's what the cold represents.

      Also, sorry about this lame description. It's definitely not doing the book any justice, it's far far better than this.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe

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    • Why I came to ZU and why I stayed.

      I came here due to wanting to check something up, can't remember what it was....
      But it was probably something about Skyward Sword.
      I didn't become a member at first, I lurked for maybe a year or two.
      Finally joined due to the first BotW trailer, you know the one where Link is chased by a guardian and lots of lasers and stuff.
      I wanted to ask questions and thus had to have an account to post.
      Then I got hooked more and more with the Zelda section.
      But... then my activity started the dwindle. But then.....

      A goddess came to me.
      It was as if I was chosen.
      I felt the surge of pure light.
      And then there was a meaning to my life.

      This might have been a dream...
      But what is true is that @Malia asked me to be in her super escape mafia.
      I was killed off pretty fast... but I have yet to miss a mafia since then. :)

      And then I got the offer to become a mod in Zelda section.
      But my heart belongs to mafia. <3
      That's why I stay and put up with you all. :D
    • What brought you to Zelda Universe, and why did you stick around?

      I have no friends who's interrested in Zelda. All I had was my brother but since he died I had noone to discuss Zelda with. I found this site when I was looking for walkthroughs for PH and discovered that there was a forum. In the beginning I lurked around the Zelda-section and people were saying stuff I wanted to respond to. Yelling at the screen didn't help so I created an account. My favourite creature in Zelda is the poe because of their designs and background history so it felt natural to choose the nickname Miss Poe on a site about Zelda (and now I use it everywhere I can unless some bastard has snatched it before me).

      I stayed because of the variety of topics and such in the forums. My first post outside the Zelda-section offended the entire American ZU-population though so it got deleted and I received my first warning during my first week. Or maybe it was my first day even... Way to go.
      And now I suppose I'm addicted to ZU so I'm not leaving even if I'm overstaying my welcome.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • What brought you to Zelda Universe, and (if the reason is different) why did you stick around?

      I had just seen the Zelda Breath of the Wild reveal, and I got into Zelda fever mode. Looking through the Zelda Wiki, I saw a link to this forum, and the one I was in was mostly apathetic/salty over it, so very few would talk at length with me on it, nor were there almost any theories and info on it. So I came here :3

      Though I'd likely still be active for just Zelda discussion, what really got me to be as active as I've been is the community <3 I just plain like it here, and made what I would consider a lot of friends so, yeah :3