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      Current Question: If you were offered the choice of immortality, would you take it?

      Past Questions

      • 12.x.16 - Teach us how to make your favorite recipe and/or teach us a new skill!
      • 19.x.16 - When you were younger, what was your dream job? Did you achieve your dream job or did you went a different route? Would you wished to go back in time so you could accomplish your dream job or are you happy where you are at?
      • 26.x.16 - What are some talents that you have that makes other people jealous to have?
      • 05.xi.16 - What were some things you have done as a teenager that you would consider to be embarrassing and wished would change?
      • 12.xi.16 - What does your typical day look like?
      • 01.xii.16 - Tell us about your favorite novel!
      • 07.xii.16 - What brought you to Zelda Universe, and (if the reason is different) why did you stick around?
      • 21.xii.16 - Fave person that we on ZU don't know about?
      • 28.xii.16 - What did you get for Christmas?
      • 05.i.17 - What did you do for New Years Eve?
      • 11.i.17 - What's the best ice breaker do you have? Does it work all the time?
      • 30.i.17 - If the world was ruled by a giant otter and his penguin-minions, would you join them or fight them?
      • 06.ii.17 - What is the most disgusting thing you've eaten on pizza?
      • 13.ii.17 - If you had one magic power, what would it be?
      • 20.ii.17 - If you had to be involved in a romantic relationship with someone on ZU, who would it be?
      • 27.ii.17 - Is Schroedingers cat dead or alive? Motivate your answer.
      • 06.iii.17 - You got a new life as a criminal. What kind of criminal would you be?
      • 13.iii.17 - If you had a tv-show, what would it be about?
      • 10.iv.17 - What is your hidden skill?
      • 17.iv.17 - If you could gain a useless skill, what would it be?
      • 24.iv.17 - What is the most unattractive thing you know?
      • 01.v.17 - How do you express yourself?
      • 22.v.17 - Do you prefer handheld or console gaming, and why?
      • 29.v.17 - How do you react to disappointment?
      • - If you could transform into any animal at will, which would it be, and why?
      • - What would you change about your past?
      • - If you were given the chance, what colour would you change your eye colour to, if any?
      • - What height do you find most ideal?
      • 03.vii.17 - What is your earliest childhood memory?
      • 10.vii.17 - Do you have a favourite gemstone? If so, what is its significance to you?
      • 17.vii.17 - What language(s) do you speak, and which would you most like to learn, if any?
      • 24.vii.17 - What is the best ice-cream flavour?
      • 31.vii.17 - Which Monopoly piece are you, and why?
      • 07.viii.17 - What is your favourite breakfast cereal?
      • 14.viii.17 - In terms of colour, length, and styling, what would your ideal hairstyle be?
      • 21.viii.17 - How do you take your tea/coffee?
      • 28.viii.17 - What would your ideal pet be?
      • 04.ix.17 - If you could undo just one thing that you did last week, what would it be?
      • 11.ix.17 - What was your dream job as a kid?
      • 18.ix.17 - What was one "stupid" thing you believed as a kid?
      • 25.ix.17 - What is your favourite planet, and why?
      • 02.x.17 - Do you collect anything? (e.g. stamps, coins, etc.)
      • 09.x.17 - Which Pokemon would you choose as your animal companion, and why?
      • 16.x.17 - Would you rather live in the mountains, or by the seaside?
      • 23.x.17 - What is your favourite dish to prepare? (Include a recipe if you can!)
      • 30.x.17 - What are you going as for Halloween this year?
      • 06.xi.17 - If you travelled 300 years into the future, what would you want the world to look like?
      • 13.xi.17 - Do you prefer your wings regular, or hot and spicy?
      • 20.xi.17 - If you were a sandwich, what would your ingredients be, and how do they represent you & everything you stand for?
      • 27.xi.17 - How early is too early to be putting up a Christmas Tree, and conversely, at what point is it too late to be taking one down?
      • 04.xii.17 - Tell us about your plans for the holiday season!
      • 11.xii.17 - Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
      • 18.xii.17 - Describe for us your most memorable bakery experience!
      • 25.xii.17 - What is the most thoughtful gift you have ever received?
      • 08.i.18 - If you were offered the choice of immortality, would you take it?

      Question Queue

      • What is your New Year's resolution?
      • Describe your dream video game! (In terms of plot, graphics, gameplay, etc.)

      And a big thank you to @boxes for letting us use her excellent question of the week idea over here in Community Central! :heart: :heart: :heart:


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    • I will write my favourite recipe. I have a lot of those. My girlfriend's sister introduced me to this beloved recipe and it's delicious. Especially so on freshly baked bread or oven baked salmon.. I want some right now, actually. Oh god.

      So, basically what you wanna do is.. grab a bowl. That's right. Grab it. Fiercely. Take that bowl and slam it on the counter. Show it who's boss. But also make sure not to break the bowl as it is tasked with a very serious mission. Matter of fact, don't slam the bowl. Appreciate it. Let it know that it's needed in order for this recipe to be successful. Plea your codependency to this bowl. Let it know you're nothing without it.

      Okay, so not that you've gotten that out of the way, make sure you have comfortable space in your kitchen (or wherever you choose to mix up said recipe).

      Make sure you have the following ingredients on hand:

      Feta cheese
      Philadelphia cream cheese
      Lemon juice
      Salt N Pepa (both the hip hop duo and the spices)

      Mix it all in the bowl (ideally with Salt N Pepa's Push It playing in the foreground (that's right, foreground.)) There is no certain amount of anything you should add. Add things equally (save the lemon juice, unless you're really into that sour taste) until you've reached a consistency that you enjoy.

      Keep in the fridge for a few days. But it won't last that long, as I guarantee you that you'll have it eaten before the day is done.
    • How to make my lasagna:

      You will have to deal with the metric system for now so.... deal with it.

      You will need:
      • 300 grams minced meat of any kind you like
      • 300 grams crushed tomatoes
      • Onion(s)
      • Garlic
      • 1 red pepper
      • 1 carrot
      • Salt
      • Pepper
      • Any other spice you like
      • Lasagna plates

      For the sauce:
      • 500 grams of cheese
      • 7 dl milk
      • 4 tablespoons flour
      Turn on the oven and put it on 225°C

      Start frying up the onion for a few minutes. Then add the meat. While it's cooking, prepare the other ingredients. Begin with the carrot. Then add the rest along with the spices. Don't be conservative about the spices, "pour" it in.
      Cook it for a few minutes and then add the crushed tomatoes. Put more butter in it if you like. In my opinion, you can't have enough butter in a lasagna.

      Now put the lasagna plates in a bowl of water.

      Now it's time to make the sauce.
      Put a tablespoon of butter in the pot.
      Add some of the milk in the pot and whisk while adding flour, little by little. Pour in the rest of the milk when you got all the flour in there mixed nicely with the milk. Stir until the milk seethes, then add 300 grams of the cheese and stir until the sauce is nice and thick.

      Now you need to get a form big enough and pour the cheese sauce on the bottom until it's covered, but not more.
      Then you place the lasagna plates the way you like it, place all of the meat sauce on top of the plates, then add another layer of plates, pour the rest of the cheese sauce on top of them and then cover the top with the leftover cheese from when you made the sauce.

      Stuff it in the center of the oven for 15-20 minutes.
      Then it's done.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe

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    • I will answer the question of:

      *✧:。.Teach us how to make your favorite recipe.。:✧*

      The answer is in the spoilerbox below.
      I intended to do a video of this, but time fell short and I had to do other stuff while I was doing what I was doing here below.
      And my video cutting skills are next to none. ... They are bad, mkay?

      So there is a whole lot of pictures!


      Display Spoiler


      The think I love making the most in the kitchen of mine is Sticky Chocolate Cake!
      Nothing fancy, but I don't like it too runny. Still needs to be sticky though. :3
      (I'm making two at the same time, but the list below is for 1.)

      Here it is, STICKY CHOCOLATE CAKE!

      First you will need ingredients.

      100g of butter.
      2,5 dl sugar
      2 eggs
      1 dl flour
      3 tbsp cocoa
      1 tsp vanilla sugar

      icing sugar

      The oven. Set it to 175°C. DOO EET! O_O
      Melt da butter:
      SLOWLY! To not burn it.

      It puts the butter on its springform pan or its gets the hose again.

      Then you sprinkle it with either breadcrumbs or flour, I used flour.
      If I had done a video about this I would have made a joke about not using flowers....

      By this point in the space time, your butter should have melted.
      If not, you have time to pour the sugar into a nice little bowl, like this:


      Make them one.

      Remember the ingredient list said eggs?


      Make them one.

      Someone called for some dry ingredients?
      No? Strange, cause they are here now.

      Sift it in there. Don't mind the mess all over. It's normal.
      If you do not have a mess by this point, throw it all away and start over.

      See? Sifted.

      Oh and stir it. Don't shake it. We are not James Bond.

      Put the goo inside springform pans. Put those springform pans in the oven.

      While doing this recipe, you need to lick the dough-scraper and post a selfie doing so on social media.
      Here is my picture, and no, you may not use my picture instead of posting your own.
      You may post my picture at the same time as yours, but my picture should not overshadow yours.
      This is your time to shine after all. <3

      Okay, take it out of the oven (with oven mitts, to not burn your hands, unless you are wearing lots of fire resist stat gear elsewhere on your body) after 20-40 minutes (depending on your oven and a bunch of other factors such as humidity, size of eggs and the positions of the planets in our solar system, to not talk about if you are doing it on Earth or not. It might be different is all I'm saying).
      I did it for 30 minutes.
      Here is the first one. This is how they should look btw.
      (Bask in the glory of this masterpiece)

      And this is the second one.
      (You may bask in the glory of this masterpiece too)

      Put some icing sugar on it. Sprinkle it all over. If you want to, you can make a paper cutout of something, place it on the cake before sprinkling it with icing sugar.
      The cutout can be any number of things like, flower, turtle, feeng, snowman, humans, FBI or Putin.
      I did not do any cutouts for this one. Just a plain ol boring cake.

      While it cools off a bit we whip some cream. Awww yeah.
      Whip it!

      Whip it!!

      Whip it like a polaroid picture?


      Put a piece of cake on a plate, put some whipped cream next to it.

      It can also be served with fruits!
      Here is an example shot with some sliced banana! :D

    • When you were younger, what was your dream job? Did you achieve your dream job or did you went a different route? Would you wish to go back in time so you could accomplish your dream job or are you happy where you are at?

      Picture a tiny me in a high-pitched voice saying with enthusiasm, "I want my Ph.D. in chemistry!" whilst pouring household chemicals together in my parents' kitchen sink.

      "Oh hun, ... somewhere out there, there's a planet for you. It's not this one." -- Foo
      [signature by RealmWings]
    • One day soon I will answer with a video, I promises.

      My dream job as a little kid was a plumber apparently.
      Dunno where I got it from, but I'm pretty certain that I continued to have it as a dream job due to people thought it was funny. :)
      Now my official work title is Lab Technician. But on a daily basis I connect hoses and liquid heaters and play around with water... so not that far off? :)
    • I always wanted to be an egyptologist or an archeologist since I was a wee lass. I always loved archeological ruins, and I am pretty sure I creeped out my grandmother by asking her the second she got back from Italy if she went to Pompeii and "saw the dead bodies."

      My mom then had to step in and translate excited 6-year-old babbling to my poor nana, going into the long explanation of how Mt. Vesuavius erupted in AD 79 and buried this little Roman town under soot and ash perserving it. My nana brought back a book from Pompeii, and I remember happily pointing to a cast of a photo telling my nana that used to be a person who affixated to death.

      It wasn't until I realized how hard it was to get a job and I would need to learn multiple languages that I decided to become a journalist around junior year of high school because clearly that had better job market.

      Anyway I'm a reporter now, and I'm very much happy with my job but if I can write a story on historical articles i'm like yass.

      :heart: Rinn “Arwyn” Nailo drawn by Liah :heart:
      Rakshael: if I know one thing about Ruki, it's that she'll prove you wrong just for the sake of saying she did it
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    • When you were younger, what was your dream job? Did you achieve your dream job or did you went a different route? Would you wished to go back in time so you could accomplish your dream job or are you happy where you are at?
      Man... time to be too real 4 life for a minute.

      My dream job for as long as I can remember was to be involved in video game development. The problem is... well, there are a lot of problems. I suck at school, for one. I did really poorly in college and screwed up a lot of opportunities. For whatever reason, school and I just don't get along. I know that realistically this shouldn't stop me, as indie games are booming right now and I can teach myself many of the necessary skills at home. But the major force keeping me from doing this is that I have severe anxiety, and it's not something I learned to fully recognize until about 4-5 years ago. I used to always just think of it as lacking self confidence, but after a really bad experience in a former job (Maybe we can cover that if it's appropriate for another one of these questions), I learned to recognize some pretty serious mental illness in myself. As it is now, just the thought of going back to school or doing similar things spikes my anxiety pretty hard.

      Do I wish I could go back in time to change any of that? Not if it means giving up the relationships I have right now. Never.
    • Bombchu wrote:

      When you were younger, what was your dream job? Did you achieve your dream job or did you went a different route?

      I had 2 dream jobs.
      1. Artist.
      2. Zookeeper specialized on reptiles.

      Obviously I became an artist but I sure don't make any money from it. And I didn't become a zookeeper either. Though I'm thinking about becoming a veterinary assistant. I haven't decided yet.

      I actually don't have a job now. I'm not in the right state of mind to get one either.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe

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    • I want to say my over imagination since I love to be creative. I know when I was in high school, whenever we would have to do any kind of project that requires and sort of creativity, my classmates would try to bribe me into working with them, but I mostly worked by myself since my classmates were lazy and barely wanted to do any work, but enough to "pass" the class.
      I like being an artist because;
      • I design my own tattoo's, or my friends, if they need a design
      • I make my own artwork for whatever I need it for
      • I put my creativity work into baked goods when I need to (like turning a cupcake into a bunny with some fondant or whatever I feel like making)
      I mean, those are just a few things I can think of atm, but overall anything creative I do for myself.
    • Current Question of the Week: What were some things you have done as a teenager that you would consider to be embarrassing and wished would change?

      For me... I think I would've acted less like a ditz.

      I grew up in a... difficult home. So I used ditzyness as a self defense mechanism to make myself seem less of a threat if that makes sense.
      I also found that when I acted ditzy people would let their guard down and I could analyze them to learn how they worked and in turn subtly work them.
      I would figure them out to learn what they did and didn't like, then hide the things about myself I figured they wouldn't like, and casually do or say things I knew they admired. If that sounds manipulative, that's because it is haha.
      That's how I was taught to work my father safely, so I applied it liberally to everyone else too.

      If I could go back in time, I would tell myself that it's ok to be who I am and if people were made uncomfortable by my deepness, my faith, my intelligence or my personal preferences then that would be their problem. I've come a long way since then and it's nice to finally be getting to a spot where I am un-repentingly myself.
    • Wow, that's a question with potentially a lot of answers for me XD

      Some embarrassing things I've done have been to embrace certain fashions that looked dumb on me, try and force myself to be "random" because it was cool (forced randomness is so awkward now that I look back), and rebelling against my parents over pointless things.

      I don't think I'd change any of them though. As embarrassing as they were and as cheesy as this sounds, they made me who I am today. I've been able to look back on past mistakes and learn lessons, and some of the dumb things I did (most notably the fashions and music) were a chance for me to experiment and find out who I really am. I'll make more mistakes and do more dumb things in the future, and my even older self will look back on them as learning experiences that ultimately made me, me.