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Mafia T1: Day 3 - Good Knight
  • Please Understand wrote:

    Sólsetur wrote:

    god if i would have only gotten a tiny bit more help we could have won. thank god this shit is over i guess?
    Tbh you and Midoro were done but Gazooks while still somewhat suspicious was kind of safe for the time being. Oh well, that was weird... and awkward.
    If Gazooks and Midoro had both voted for Kay Faraday instead of me then I wouldn't have had to go for the crazy Cop claim because the best you could have done was a 5v5 tie, from there I could have worked something out in the night time and figured out a plan of action.
  • Alright guys. I didn't want to step in earlier as it would officially confirm things that were said here, but I talked to Solsetur and he's also happy to end so I'm afraid we're going to have to call this game to an early end.

    Major apologies to Dr. Gazooks who I invited to ZU to play Mafia, I can assure you that being named by another mafia member out of spite is not a normal occurrence here, I hope you enjoyed your time enough to come back and play again.
  • ... Right.

    Mafia Bride note:

    (hi new people. Sorry to introduce myself under such BS circumstances, but I'm Liah, one of the Mafia Brides--we run the Mafia community here. Others include Foo and Avalanchemike)

    This isn't okay. Guys, this IS a game that will involve pressure, where people will openly argue, and it WILL be stressful. If you're hoping to cruise through this without facing any of that, you're in the wrong thread.

    Further, this is a community-based game and pulling shit like this is straight-up selfish and ruins the fun for everyone, and is an insult to the time and effort of the players and, in particular, the GM has put into this game.

    Head's up from here on out, this sorta behaviour will result in a long-term, possibly perma, ban from all future Mafia games from the Brides. Infractions may also follow depending on circumstances.

    Cody shouldn't be apologising for anything here and has been doing a pretty outstanding job as a GM. It's infuriating that this would happen during a Mafia game, let alone his first game he's GM'd for us with newbies participating in it. I promise it's not always like this, but like I said, any future similar action will be crushed really damned quickly.