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Mafia XXVIII: Fire Emblem Mafia (Chapter 7) - Light Inheritors
  • Ruki wrote:

    OK, so @blackbird Bolero has flipped scum. What do you think about that? Also what do you think about today's events. Can you give me a Top 3 scum read list.
    I think it's great for the town. We're in a pretty good position after Night 1 with no kills and today.

    But on the flipside I've been paired with Bolero since Day 1 and I don't like the way that makes me look. I mean, I can trust that you're town, and I can trust that Cody is also town. In general I can trust your intentions, however, I don't really like your intentions toward me. You've been hounding me doggedly for a while now. Which is unfortunate because I am town and I'm not sure how else to prove that at this point, beyond claiming -- which I'm not going to do at this point because. There have been several claims already. I do however think that more role is of some use to the town.

    As for my reads:

    Please Understand -- I don't entirely like how he is digging around for role claims. I feel like since he has been poking around the set up has become a lot clearer for mafia and they have more targets to work with. With little to no pressure he just claimed watcher. One of the town's most powerful investigative roles. I'm not sure if it's a bluff or if PU just made a big mistake in outing himself.

    Kay Faraday -- I still don't fully understand the reasoning behind why Jaime is pursuing her. I'm not really seeing what it is that Jaime is. However, what I can say is that if we do lynch Kay today, and she flips green, there's always the chance to hold Jaime accountable on Day 3. And, I think since Jaime has been a little vague, that's a price that should be prepared to pay for a vote on Kay.

    While I feel like Midoro has been present, he hasn't really contributed much substance imo. He could be playing his cards close to his chest, but I don't know.

    [unvote]Jaime Lannister[/unvote]

    [vote]Kay Faraday[/vote]
  • Jaime Lannister wrote:

    erichschuler wrote:

    @Jaime Lannister and @Sólsetur I want to hear your reasoning again for targeting Orion so early on and mercilessly attacking his character. Why would you purposefully cast suspicion on him? I don't see "placeholders" and "use of RNG" as reasonable qualifications for being lynched.
    I placed a vote for Orion shortly after the day began for no real reason other than I saw him mention a Godfather. I didn't expect it to go anywhere.
    You'll find once I got back in the morning and had more posts to look over, I made my serious inquiry towards blackbird and Bolero regarding their attitudes towards the no killing newbies on the first cycle thing. You might wanna take a look over how the Orion stuff went down yesterday since neither Sol or I actually led anything. Some highlights:

    Midoro wrote:

    Sólsetur wrote:

    @Midoro do you have anybody you think we should pressure?
    The person that first comes to mind is Orion, if only because the RNG strategy is iffy. 28 games now and someone is still doing that? The fact that there were re-rolls could have meant he actually was re-rolling for someone else.At least that was the impression I got and I'm surprised people haven't pressed him further on that. I was going to, but I'm a bit pressed with more important tasks at the moment.
    Midoro finds Orion suspicious.

    Jaime Lannister wrote:

    Ruki: About how likely is it that you'd vote for Orion based on how the day has played out so far?

    Ruki wrote:

    I would put Orion, Bolero and blackbird at my Top 3 list for people to vote for at the moment.

    I dislike the use of RNG to vote, so that's honestly the biggest reason I would vote for him. I think it removes responsibility from a person. A vote should be made and you should be held responsible to it.

    The newbie discussion earlier in the day is why I'm also somewhat leaning toward Bolero and blackbird.
    Ruki tells me Orion is high on her list.

    Midoro wrote:

    I didn't place a vote yet because I don't like vote-hopping, it gives the GM more work and makes it likely for there to be errors. But I will vote before the day is through.

    Right now, it is Orion and Bolero that catch my eye. It's kind of as you said so yourself Orion, you can't trust anyone in this game, so why should I think you didn't rig the roll? Rolls are hardly a good strategy in this game at either rate, and I thought people already knew that by now.
    Midoro, again.

    Rambo wrote:

    Orion [/*]

    Because at the end of the day, it's not about this lynch, but who we lynch next after looking at those casting stones.

    Rambo votes. (At this time Orion was being voted for by me and Sol, making Rambo #3)

    Jaime Lannister wrote:

    Alrighty then.

    My thoughts are that there isn't really anything to look at regarding Orion. The random vote isn't anything I find incriminating, but it does give people an excuse to place votes and pressure someone. I won't be voting for Orion today.

    Still eh on Bolero and I don't like BB's explanation all that much, but we can come back to it at a future date if necessary.

    I'm not too hot on Sol's vote on Orion, who then said today he was looking to pressure Orion with it. Not really seeing anything else from Sol that could constitute pressuring, just stating he hopes something picks up.


    Feels like Sol hoped to place a vote early and be absolved of responsibility, should it have turned out to be a mislynch. Which he'd know, if he's mafia.
    Orion is getting votes and I say I don't like it and remove my vote.

    Please Understand wrote:

    I can get behind a Solsetur vote to exert some pressure. I'm not convinced that he's scum, though. Orion seems a little suspicious, but not exceedingly so.

    Please Understand mentions suspicion on Orion, casts vote for Sol.

    Midoro wrote:

    Since I think I might be busy for the rest of the night, I'm going to go ahead and cast my vote now.


    Not that I don't see any merit in Sol, but I'm voting for Orion because I don't really like his aggressiveness when I otherwise brought up a valid point.
    Midoro committing to that Orion vote.
    I do want to note that I believe I understood what Sol was hinting at + noted he's playing pretty much the same as he has in his past town games, leading me to believe he was town. At the end of the day I saw there as being only two options for a lynch: Sol or Orion. Since Orion left us without much of a defense other than "I don't want to be lynched" I saw myself faced with lynching an unknown person who was likely town vs. a person whom I felt was more confident as a townie and a person whom I knew how I would proceed in a future day if I found them suspicious.

    My question to you @erichschuler is why you're fixating on myself and Sol who placed votes early and didn't actually pursue them vs. the people who actually pushed the lynch and mentioned their legitimate suspicion throughout the day? Don't know about you but I might find, say, Rambo more suspicious for adding onto the bandwagon, or Midoro who was a bit fixated on seeing Orion specifically lynched.

    Kay Faraday wrote:

    Jaime Lannister wrote:

    @Kay Faraday What do you think of DoLeo's vote for Solsetur at the end of the day? Why did you find Solsetur more suspicious than Orion?

    Cody wrote:

    For what it's worth I'm slightly suspicious of Jaime for putting me on her trusted players list. That's a somewhat new experience for me on Day 1s when I haven't really done much.

    Jaime Lannister wrote:

    Without saying what the information is (don't want to reveal too much so early) this is where I'd feel confident placing my vote for today. Unless I hear some specific reasons as to why Kay shouldn't be lynched today.

    @Rambo How's about you join me?
    Thanks for voting me at 3 am, I appreciate it -_-
    "Specific" reasons? I'm not willing to roleclaim this early, if that's what you're fishing for.
    No worries. There are a small number of specific things that will make me take my vote off of you, none of which has transpired yet.
    Jaime to answer your question. I feel really guilty that I wasn't around to help defend Orion and possibly help prevent his death. Now I feel the need to find the scum responsible for killing him.

    I feel like you have defended yourself well and you were right for suspecting Bolero. I remain wary of Sol and I'm growing suspicious of Midori. I feel like I can trust Cody. I missed something with everyone voting for Kay. Can someone clarify for me what makes Kay seem guilty?
  • @Jaime Lannister I didn't know it was Aurelia's first game. She's a little lower in my suspect list, then than I initially thought. Anyway, @DoLeo and Sol are not the ones I was thinking of. Obviously, Leo having a night action doesn't prove anything. However, if we assume @Kay Faraday is scum, there are some interesting reactions to her bandwagon's formation.
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  • Aurelia wrote:

    for now I will pull my vote aside, I can't honestly say why I am doing that, but Jaime, Please Understand, and Ruki I do have my eyes on you 3
    … I bring in Bolero as scum but you find me suspicious? OK that seems sane.

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