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    • Hey people. There's been one big thing that's been buggy me a lot lately about the creative section. I feel that it is extremely exclusive. There are only two sections - Writing and Art. I understand that writing and art posts are probably the most popular things for people to post, however they aren't the only things. There's not even a small sub-section to post other things. What about musicians? Especially being this is a zelda forum, I'm sure we may have members who can make covers of Zelda songs. They have no where to post these. There's also more abstract things as well. I myself am a dancer and have been wanting to create a few pieces of choreography to post on here. Heck, some of it may be Zelda songs or something. Anyways, the point is, I would have no where to post my stuff if I wanted to.

      If I recall correctly, the creative section wasn't always this exclusive. At least back before the new design and all. I just think it would be nice to at least at least section for something a little more general.

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    • Yeah, we used to have more sections, they just weren't active enough to justify keeping unfortunately. If you have something creative you want to post, though, whether it be music, cosplay, or GFX work, you're welcome to post it in the artwork forum! It's not just for artwork, though we should probably update the description to mention that.