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    3DS Capture: Loopy vs. KatsuKity
    • I've been wanting to get 3DS capture for a long time and finally this month I feel like I have enough savings to invest in one. I was going to go with KatsuKity, but over the weekend I learned about Loopy which was highly recommended to me by Chuggaaconroy.

      Taking everything into account, including some additional research, I determined that the only downside to Loopy was that fact that he only worked with the original 3DS instead of the XL. I decided to go with Loopy and I nabbed myself a 3DS off of eBay yesterday to send off to him. Then, I saw this tweet on Twitter today:

      Chris wrote:

      So Loopy apparently isn't selling 3DS capture cards any more, and didn't announce this anywhere. Looks like I'm waiting to stream 3/DS again

      Looking further into it, he was right and it happened really recently too. Talk about awful timing. Admittedly, I'm disappointed since I wanted the device in time for Pokémon Sun/Moon and I was even planning to do Majora's Mask 3D and Tri Force Heroes in October. Now it looks like I'm stuck with KatsuKity which is notorious for taking a very long time, its lack of communication with customers, and unreliability of its tech lasting for a long time.

      Does anyone here use KatsuKity? Or Loopy? Or perhaps you use something else? I'd love to hear about your experiences using these capture units.

      Meanwhile, I've emailed Loopy voicing my concern and I can only hope his lack of services is temporary. :disappointed: