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Mafia XXVI - Ultimate Werewolf Mafia 2: THE END
  • You gather at the table in the Zelda Universe game room, and English is sitting at the Serious Discussion section's round table again, along with twenty empty chairs. He's shuffling a deck of cards and does not yet notice you or the other people entering the room, but he holds an amused smile on his face. Eventually, he looks up to the small crowd of people shuffling into the room, and opens his arm inviting everyone to take a seat.

    Nothing weird here at all.

    Ultimate Werewolf Mafia 2

    • Certain channels are designated for talking about this game, including this thread. If you communicate with players outside of these mediums it can result in a modkill or worse punishment.
    • Do not quote, screenshot, or otherwise record anything that I say in PM. If you post any of these things you may be modkilled or worse. Paraphrasing is fine.
    • When voting a player to be lynched, use the tag [VOTE]player-name[/VOTE] to cast your vote. Bolding is highly encouraged but not required.
    • When unvoting, either to change your vote or to unvote entirely, use the tag[UNVOTE]player_name[/UNVOTE]. Again, bolding is encouraged but not required. Failure to properly unvote when changing votes will result in me intentionally failing to recognize that you changed your vote.
    • Please respect the rules of ZU while playing this game, as we are still on ZU while playing this game. Basically just don't be unnecessarily rude or mean.
    House Rules:
    • Do not say the word "Mason" in this thread, and do not heavily imply the Masons through description of their role. A person besides myself not participating in this game will monitor the thread, and any player caught breaking this house rule will be modkilled.
    • The Mason rule also extends into the ZU Mafia rule to not intentionally sacrifice yourself for any goal. This includes a Mason attempting to confirm himself by listing who his "friends" are without claiming Mason, or any non-Mason player doing the same thing. If you do this, you will be harshly penalized beyond the scope of this game.
    • If you fail to cast a vote, your default vote is for "No Lynch" rather than for yourself.
    • If there is a tie between two or more players being lynched, the day will end with No Lynch rather than a coin flip.
    Each Day and Night will start at midnight EDT. Day cycles will run for 24 hours, while night cycles will run for 23 hours, with 23:00 EDT - 00:00 EDT being used for me to sort out night actions. However, the Werewolf night chat will be open for the full 24 hours of the Night cycle.

    Once all of the slots for the game are filled, the roles will be handed out when the clock strikes midnight, and there will be 24 hours for Night 0.

    1. Linkle - Hunter
    2. Allanon Avalon - Cupid
    3. Kae - Villager
    4. Shona
    5. The Missing Link - Drunk
    6. DoLeo - Minion
    7. Kay Faraday
    8. Jaime Lannister
    9. HollowmanOfEoL
    10. Cody
    11. Foo - Werewolf
    12. Pietro
    13. JayCee
    14. Night Hawk
    15. Axius15
    16. Kevin R.
    17. Solsetur
    18. Anna Claire
    19. Avalanchemike
    20. Cosima

    Village Roles

    • 1 Apprentice Seer - Has no powers until the Seer dies. When the Seer dies, the Apprentice Seer will inherit the Seer's power. This happens even if a Drunk Seer dies.
    • 1 Bodyguard - May choose one player each night to protect from any attack. Cannot protect themselves and cannot protect the same player two nights in a row.
    • 1 Cupid - On Night 0, choose two players to be lovers. If one lover dies at any point, the other will die as well. The win condition of the lovers is to survive until the end of the game. A Drunk Cupid will use this ability on Night 3.
    • 1 Cursed - The Cursed is on the Village team. If the Cursed is attacked by Werewolves in the night, they become a Werewolf instead of dying.
    • 1 Drunk - The Drunk's true role and alignment are hidden, and are revealed on Night 3. The Drunk can be any role or alignment, except that the Drunk cannot be the Villager role. A Seer investigating a Drunk before Night 3 will see them as town, regardless of their true alignment. If the Drunk dies before Night 3, their true role will never be known.
    • 1 Hunter - The Hunter may PM the name of a player to English at any time. If the Hunter dies at any point, the player they last named dies as well.
    • 1 Insomniac - The Insomniac will be informed if at least one of their neighbors (a player sitting on either side of them at the table) performed a night action that night. They will not know which neighbor it was, nor will they be informed if it was one or both.
    • 1 Lycan - If the Lycan is investigated by the Seer or the Sorceress, they appear to be a Werewolf.
    • 3 Masons - The Masons know who the other Masons are. However, nobody is allowed to talk about the Masons, or else a hidden power may try to keep their existence a secret at any cost.
    • 1 Seer - Each night (including Night 0) the Seer may investigate another player to see if they are a Villager or a Werewolf.
    • 4 Villagers - Villagers have no special power.

    Werewolf Roles

    • 1 Minion - The Minion knows who the other Werewolves teammates are, but they do not know who the Minion is. The Minion will not be a part of the Werewolf night chat until all other teammates are dead.
    • 1 Sorceress - The Sorceress may investigate a player each night to see if they are either a Werewolf or a Seer. The Sorceress cannot see an Apprentice Seer until the original Seer dies, and any Drunk they investigate will reveal them as neither a Seer nor a Werewolf, whether or not they are.
    • 3 Werewolves - Werewolves work together at night along with the Sorceress to kill a player each night.

    Signature art by Liah ♥

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  • Now that everyone has settled down at the table, English begins his speech.

    "Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in-between or beyond. Welcome to our second game of Ultimate Werewolf. Tonight, you all will become part of a world where magic exists, and people live in near-constant fear of dying. Fortunately, you can sleep well the first night knowing you can't die.

    "If you've been properly checked at the door, you'll know we don't allow any weapons, cell phones or other noise making devices such as pagers, secret-service watch-phones, or Nickleback, x-ray glasses, torture devices, or Waluigis. However, if you have one of these on you despite the strip search, you are welcome to use them as long as you promise not to use them to cheat. I'm just a host, not a cop."

    English pulls a card out of the deck seemingly without looking and holds it between his index finger and middle finger, as if you've activated his trap card. "Given how the game will be run today, I will make myself the Narrator to help things run along smoother." English flips the card he pulled and, sure enough you see he has the Narrator card. He's really good at drawing that card, if it's even possible to be good at luck.

    As English deals the cards around the table face down, he says "I hope you guys remember the rules and how they work. Villagers win when everyone on the Werewolf team is dead. Werewolves win when the number of players on the Werewolf team equal or exceed the number of players on the Villager team. But in case you don't remember the roles, it's okay, because I will have every power role be reminded of their powers."

    Everyone now has a card that they have seen, and English begins. "Everyone, close your eyes." You close your eyes so that you don't spoil the surprise of who the other roles are."

    "Sorceress, open your eyes... You have used your magic to convert many players in this village to be a part of your team.

    "Many of these conversions involved turning unsuspecting villagers into Werewolves. Werewolves, open your eyes and see your teammates, while the Sorceress should stick out her thumb. Each night, the Werewolves may select a player to prey upon. But not tonight. All of you close your eyes.

    "The Sorceress also attracted the zeal of a villager who is now her Minion. Minion, open your eyes. Sorceress, keep your thumb out, so the Minion knows who you are... Now Werewolves, stick out your thumbs, so the Minion can know who you are. If I pointed at anybody during this exchange, they are drunk, and while they don't know who they are, you do.

    "Everyone, close your eyes and put your thumbs away. Masons, open your eyes. You are members of a super-secret society. You know that all of your bretheren are Villagers, but your existence means everyone suffers. Not only are you not able to secretly converse with your teammates, nobody can ever know you belong to this guild, and while most people know your group exists, nobody will ever publicly acknowledge it out of fear. Bad things supposedly happen to those who do.

    "Masons, close your eyes. Cursed, open your eyes. Long ago, you were attacked by a Werewolf. However, a powerful wizard helped to contain the Werewolf blood within you and spare your life. Now, that wizard is very far away, so if you are attacked by Werewolves in the night, the dormant blood within you will awaken, and you will become a Werewolf instead of dying.

    "Cursed, close your eyes. Lycan, open your eyes. You have Werewolf blood deep within you from your ancestors. As such, although you are a part of the Villager team, anybody who magically investigates you will see you as a part of the Werewolf team.

    "Lycan, close your eyes. Seer, open your eyes. You have practiced magic for a long time, and are skilled at searching for knowledge with your crystal ball. Each night, you can investigate a player to see if they appear to be on the Villager team or the Werewolf team. Who will you investigate tonight? ...

    "Seer close your eyes. Sorceress, open your eyes again. The Seer is a threat to your goals, so you have honed your magic to finding them. When you investigate a player each night, you will know if they appear to be on the Werewolf team, or if they are the Seer. Who will you investigate tonight? ...

    "Sorceress, close your eyes. Apprentice Seer, open your eyes. You have practiced magic as a hobby, but are not nearly as skilled at the Seer. However, if the Seer dies at any point, their magic will transferred to you, and you will be able to investigate in their stead.

    "Apprentice Seer, close your eyes. Bodyguard, open your eyes. Since you all live in a dangerous fantasy world, you have taught yourself the way of the sword to fend of those who threaten the lives of this village. Each night, you may select a player to guard the house of, and they will not be able to die with this protection. However, you cannot protect your own home, and in order to keep your patrols obscure you cannot protect the same player two nights in a row. However, there is no danger tonight, so you can rest easy.

    "Bodyguard, close your eyes. Hunter, open your eyes. You are skilled with the bow, and hunt to provide meat for the village. However, if Werewolf attacks means that you shall die, you will use your last breath to take out Ganon a player of your choice with a silver arrow.

    "Hunter, close your eyes. Insomniac, wake up. You have trouble sleeping, and when your neighbors are making noise it almost always wakes you up. So if one or more of your neighbors does a night action, you will be informed of such. But you won't know if it's one or both neighbors.

    "Insomniac, close your eyes. Cupid, open your eyes. You use your magic to be the village's matchmaker, and no Werewolf attacks will stop you from doing your annual match. Choose two players right now who will become Lovers. If one Lover dies at any point, the other Lover will die as well, and their win condition will be to survive to the end of the game. This means a pair of two Village Lovers can with with either the Werewolves or Town. But if the Lover pair consists of one or more Werewolf players, the Lovers can only win alongside the Werewolves.

    "Cupid, close your eyes. If I didn't ask you to open your eyes, you're a Villager, and you have no special powers. So all of this was probably very boring for you to sit through with your eyes closed. Now, please indulge me a little longer while I work through these night actions..."

    Night 0 has begun. You have 23 hours to submit night actions.

    Day 1 will begin in 24 hours.

    Signature art by Liah ♥

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  • While you wait in silence with your eyes closed, you hear some people's feet moving around underneath the table. You feel left out, and you wish that you were involved in this game of Footsie.

    Eventually, you hear a chair near English move. You can quietly hear him slowly walk around the table. He makes his way back to his spot and announces "If I tapped you on the shoulder just now, open your eyes. The other person you see at the table with their eyes open is now your Lover. No, it's not me. You and your Lover suddenly feel a strong attraction toward each other, and you feel like you can't live without them. Literally.

    "The Lovers win when the game ends and both Lovers are still alive. This means that if you are both Villagers, you can win alongside either team. That is unless there is only one Werewolf alive, in which case the Lovers can only win with the Villager team.

    "However, if one or both of you are part of the Werewolf team, you can only win with the Werewolf team, since the Villager team players want to kill all Werewolves.

    "Now, Lovers, close your eyes. I'll allow you all to have your eyes dilate for a few seconds with your eyes closed... Now everyone can open their eyes."

    You open your eyes and you are still at the table. Which makes perfect sense, because magic isn't real and you were at the table when you closed your eyes. It would be absurd to think for a moment that you would open your eyes and suddenly not be at the table.

    English begins another small speech. "Alright, I know most of you have played Mafia before, so you know the drill. Werewolves didn't get to talk last night, Masons don't get to talk at night at all, and a few roles didn't get to do anything. I will restate that since the Drunk is in the game, someone didn't wake up when they should have. I just talked through all of the role actions, whether or not a person had their eyes open to claim it as their own or to carry it out.

    "Now, it's the Day Phase. Day 1, actually. So you can talk about whatever you want - er, almost whatever you want, and you're allowed to vote for someone to get lynched. You know, to help save the town from the Werewolf menace. At the end of the Day Phase, if you voted I'll tally up your vote and find what the majority of people want. If a majority did not vote, nobody's gonna die. However, if a majority of you want a player to die, they will die and be eliminated from the game."

    English pulls out a rather large hourglass from... maybe underneath his seat? He sets it on the table in front of him. "If you have any questions about the game, feel free to ask. I'll try to answer as best as I can without giving anything away. Day 1 starts now." He flips over the hourglass and the sand slowly starts to seep out into the lower half.

    Day 1 has begun.

    Night 1 will begin in 24 hours.

    Current player count:

    1. Linkle
    2. Allanon Avalon
    3. Kae
    4. Shona
    5. The Missing Link
    6. DoLeo
    7. ♬Nafchacho♬
    8. Jaime Lannister
    9. HollowmanOfEoL
    10. Cody
    11. Foo
    12. Pietro
    13. JayCee
    14. Night Hawk
    15. Axius15
    16. Kevin R.
    17. Solsetur
    18. Anna Claire
    19. Avalanchemike
    20. Cosima
  • First?

    EDIT: I just wanted to say a few things before I go to bed.
    I am not going to tolerate any RNG voting. RNG is a way for mafia to hide behind their actions and not be held accountable for them. I will vote for the first person who uses RNG to vote, unless a better target is brought forth. (Though this is mostly for day one, but what ever.)
    Welp, BotW is out, and I don't know what to put here now, lol.

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  • Entirely uninterested in Cody and Pietro lynches on the basis of signaling. Wolves have more interest in killing their neighbors so they can close ranks against the insomniac (wolves start threatened by as many as 8 different possible insomniacs, can reduce that to as little as two). Will be judgmental of any player that votes for their neighbor.

    Other than that, this day one is a total crap shoot (by design). Reads are the name of the game and that's not my game. I'll do my best to maintain a list of suspects to TML's standards but otherwise it's wait-and-see from me.
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  • Foo wrote:

    Entirely uninterested in Cody and Pietro lynches on the basis of signaling. Wolves have more interest in killing their neighbors so they can close ranks against the insomniac (wolves start threatened by as many as 8 different possible insomniacs, can reduce that to as little as two). Will be judgmental of any player that votes for their neighbor.
    Makes sense, but the wolf could easily vote for their pack-mate's neighbor. If a villager is lynched today, will you be suspicious of their neighbors come tomorrow?
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