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Mafia XXVI - Ultimate Werewolf Mafia 2: THE END
  • Lynching the Cursed (Hollow) would just be delaying the game even more. We lynch Hollow today, the mafia probably kills Axius tonight. Tomorrow we lynch either Rambo or Jaycee and win the game or have another night where someone dies (probably Kay Faraday) and then we lynch the final person and win.

    Or we're wrong with Rambo or Jaycee, mafia probably converts Hollow, whom we lynch the following day. And the above process probably happens again: In the night they'll kill one of the confirmed townies, and the following day we lynch Rambo/Jaycee (whomever we didn't lynch) and it's game over.
  • @JayCee

    See, it doesn't matter if I'm lying or not. If we could hit the Sorceress and then curse when she makes a last ditch effort, that'd be gravy. But this is the 2nd best option. I don't plan on hiding behind this claim. I plan for you to follow me to the grave tomorrow.

    The existence of a Villager (ignoring read ability) is to draw night kills and essentially be expendable. Lynch me now and get me out of the way, eliminate a role the Sorceress can't hide in, and let's end this.
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  • Additionally. @JayCee I didn't claim curse, but I made it seem that way caursed it's always good to take a hit as a Villager.

    Keep trying hard to push me as scum though. I'm still serving my purpose allowing myself to be mislynch ed rather than a stronger positioned player.

    Jaycee is my final scum pick, but I'm fine with dying first for reassuring you all
    "Constantly talking about what you've done is a long winded way of saying you don't do s*** anymore." - Ross Enamait

  • Actually yeah. If Rambo gave the impression he was the Cursed then the mafia would've used their kill on him and incorrectly killed a vanilla townie rather than get to add a player to their numbers.

    Additionally it could explain Cosima's actions as a means to either get mislynched (and provide info from the following conversations/votes) or draw the mafia kill by hoping to kill him and using it to try and get a mislynch or a claim from Axius the following day (if that was Cosima's thought process)

    I'm thinking I may switch to Jaycee before the day ends.
  • Actually I read over the thread for the past few days. Jaycee made a post dissecting Kevin R. prior to him coming out and revealing himself as a wolf. When we began to talk about possibly lynching someone else, Jaycee said he was completely fine with lynching Knight Hawk when we discussed looking elsewhere for a lynch. In this scenario a Wolf Jaycee basically bussed his final two teammates in a single day.

    JayCee wrote:

    Only person so far that (apart from Nafchacho) that has been somewhat reckless. I don't like vote hopping and revenge voting. It doesn't work in favour of town.

    Also @Foo @Cosima you guys need to make a decision. Holding back and not voting is a sign of playing safe and letting others do work for you.
    I also picked up this from Day 1. Remember we had Foo in the game for a single day. IIRC Jaycee's first post addressed Foo first and said he didn't like how Foo was playing. Here he also pinged Foo. Foo didn't directly respond. As far as Leo goes, Jaycee wouldn't have known Leo was the Minion.

    If we think Jaycee is the sorceress then for this entire game he's been distrustful of the three people he knew were on his team. Rambo being a villager trying to make a gambit to draw the night kill does make some sense, but at the same time Jaycee's record this game, if the final Wolf, would've been a pretty risky one wherein he continuously had suspicion for all of his teammates.

    Based on that I think I want to keep my vote on Rambo.
  • As far as I can see, the only viable tactic for scum to game is

    Kay Faraday wrote:

    The job of a vanilla townie (or a villager in this case) is usually to take the blow for the town. Making himself seem like the cursed paints a target on his back for the mafia, allowing him to do exactly that.

    Now, JayCee, let me ask you, are you counterclaiming Rambo as the last villager?
    I thought it was obvious, but yeah.

    I mean I'm happy to die if it means you guys know who's fake claiming, but look at how shitty a Cursed fake claim. Mafia's last strategy to win is to somehow gain favour of thrones Cursed. When Knighthawk fake claimed Cursed, no one came up. It wasn't exactly a great tactic, but maybe it was a ploy to test who's side the Cursed was on. By not counter claiming, Cursed still warned to play and Mafia probably took that as a good sign. So by hinting at being Cursed, Rambo was able to have a backout if Cursed was pro-town. But obviously he wanted Cursed to hush and hope Town would keep him in the game a la Kevin. That way Mafia could secretly recruit the Cursed (easy at this point) and could have an outside chance of fooling town. Literally that's the only tactic Mafia could play today. It's so obvious. I don't buy his BS bait tactic, he's scum.
  • I can put together a stronger case against Rambo than JayCee. But I've also mislynched him before after what I thought was a pretty solid case. JayCee's vagueness early today and reluctance to outright claim (or initially counter claim Rambo) also concerns me.

    Fortunately the town has won, even if we mislynch today and Hollow gets recruited. But I want to get it right today haha.

    @JayCee you keep saying that if we reread your posts we should find hints you've been leaving about your role. I can't find them. Can you point them out?
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  • Maybe it's because I'm used to Mafia games which are almost always softclaim exclusive and I only claim if I'm in trouble and even then I still don't flat out say my role. I don't see the difference to multiple strong hits and me saying I'm a VT. But if you guys need that, then yeah I am Vanilla.

    All game I've been kind of against role claiming. Mostly because an open set up favours Mafia finding the important roles through process of elimination. I'll admit though, as a VT in an open set up, I wanted to avoid claiming because I know it would lead to my death. That's why whenever we discussed VTs and role claiming I was against it.

    If you guys are 50/50 look at my posts vs Rambo's/Cosima's from who would be scum vs who would be VT. If your lazy just keep in mind that fake claiming Cursed when you're the last VT and making excuses after, is literally a complete non-townie move. I'm happy to die if it means we win next day, but it would ruin our streak.