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Mafia XXVI - Ultimate Werewolf Mafia 2: THE END
  • Leo: I did note that Jaime switched over from Sol to me easily, here. Also, I'm sorry, but it's quite apparent this has been a me and Sol deal all along, I know you want to 'ménage' your way into this, but I thought you were just trying to generate content through your constant questioning, I didn't see it as attacking me.

    [unvote] Sol [/unvote]
    [vote] Allanon [/vote]

    This isn't a pride thing, I would back down if I felt I misunderstood; but I thought Sol's reaction and then vote for me was fishy so I placed my vote there. We still have 8 hours or so until EOD, but this whole thing isn't getting me anywhere except into vote city: population me.
  • Jaime Lannister wrote:

    Based on games I've seen you play in or games where I've GMed and you've planned in: yes, as a townie you often get volatile when even one person suspects you.

    Something I will be keeping in mind for the future.
    Other things to comment on, but I figured I'd bring this up here.

    It's actually primarily this reason that I placed my vote on Naf. Part of it (though that's a surface thought) is to see who brought my vote up, who mentioned it, so followed along with it. I'm not as overly serious about it like last game's English strategy on D2 insofar that I'm going to vote for it, but I'm always looking out to see who takes notice and so sniffs around.

    But the deeper reason is that I wanted to judge Naf because I knew he wouldn't be able to ignore the vote. Naf, for better or worse, it's a reactionary player. Things happen, and Naf thrives(?) on being in the thick of it. I can't say that I have good reads on Naf (I mentioned my anti-read last game), but certainly if I wanted to get a reaction that could be worthy of an analysis (frustrating to device as it may be), Naf is a sure bet.

    I just put a bit of flavour into my post to make it sound a lot more serious than it actually was, even though technically speaking I was being truthful that I had good reasons for it.

    I'm inclined to believe Naf is pro-village at the moment because there's less antagonism than I expected, and I would wager that Naf might wear a bit more indignity on his sleeve were be a wolf. But then again, my reads on Naf are decidedly not good.

    Intention to unvote imminent, but not now when there's more to reply to, and I think I'm going to do it from work where I can edit and type and read better.
    Mah boi, this peace is what all true warriors strive for!
  • I wouldn't mind looking at Allanon more in-depth but it doesn't sit well with me that we'd decide to lynch him on the basis that because he's a new player (only one other game under his belt) he could be a Lover and thus it's better to off him sooner rather than later. Sol and Kae have some interaction to go off of. Knight Hawk has a bit too, with his vote for Anna. Now that Shona and TML are awake I'd like to see them around for the EoD and their thoughts on how the day transpired.

    Not knocking Foo's logic but we still have 5 hours left in the day and I think we can have more to go off of than his mathy witchcraft logic.
  • I'm totally cool looking elsewhere. Obviously this isn't a read *of allanon* but of the unidentified cupid and that obviously seems a little unfair, even to me. I'm not saying this to hedge: if the Allanon wagon does go off, I take full accountability. Just agreeing that we attempt to use the remaining time.
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  • Avalanchemike wrote:

    @♬Nafchacho♬ Tell me why you don't die today.
    I never said I wanted to live today. I mean what is the point, this life, this game, this silly, silly game of life, no not even life, a forum game we play. Why? Why do it anymore? Why just go on anymore? Why not just end my life here? What do I have to live for anymore?

    *Suddenly Nachos stares in to the 7 year old child's eyes.* Maybe...maybe I do have something to live for...

    Maybe there is hope, maybe there is reason, maybe that is why I continue to live. For English. For the boy, nay, the man, I love, for his voice, for his ways, for his features, his smile, his ever lasting glow of happiness. Yes...

  • DoLeo wrote:

    @Jaime Lannister: Let's say there's a nolynch. Who do you think the Seer should investigate tonight?
    As I was the Seer in the last game, I would hope that they did the same thing I did Night 0: investigated one of the "Big" players so to speak as to confirm whether or not that person was scum. For this game I'd say myself, Shona, The Missing Link, Cody, Foo, Avalanchemike, and yourself fit into the "I want to know if this person is with me or against me" category. Night 0 I checked on Mike.

    Since no one seems to be gunning for any of the aforementioned players, my assumption as of now is that the Seer checked one of them and determined they were town.

    If I were the Seer I would likely pick from that pool and choose the one I felt the least confident about. Out of those people I'd probably say right now, I'd like to see Shona investigated. She's a good player and was around for the beginning of the day, so as of now I have a neutral read on her.

    Suffice to say this would change. But my priority as the Seer was to either investigate a player I'd be worried about if they were scum, or to investigate someone I had a gut feeling on and figure out where they were. This is actually what I did; I decided to investigate Dark Link Reigns because something felt off and lo an behold, I roleclaimed, confirmed Mike as town, and got DLR lynched.

    If I were the Seer I would know the alignment of one of the seven players I investigated and play accordingly. Going into this night, I would weigh over whether I wanted to investigate another big player, or if I wanted to investigate someone who was under a lot of scrutiny. For a specific example: Tonight I would ponder if I wanted to investigate Sol, Kae, or Allanon, or if I wanted to investigate one of the other six.
  • (5) No Lynch: Linkle, Nafchacho, HollowmanOfEoL, JayCee, Cosima
    (4) Kae: DoLeo, Jaime Lannister, Solsetur, Avalanchemike
    (3) Allanon Avalon: Kae, Foo, Kevin R.
    (2) Nafchacho: The Missing Link, Axius15
    (2) HollowmanOfEoL: Shona, Anna Claire
    (1) Axius15: Allanon Avalon
    (1) Pietro: Cody
    (1) DoLeo: Pietro
    (1) Anna Claire: Knight Hawk

    5 hours left in Day 1

    Signature art by Liah ♥

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  • @Cosima

    It's my logic, plus the precedent set by Harrie in the last game.

    But yeah, by design this day one is pretty shitty in terms of what we can accomplish and what we can learn. I appreciate the attempt Jaime, Mike, etc. are making to earn us marginal advantages and do believe they're upping our win rate by a percentage point or two, but we can't do much better than that.
    Although postsocratics like St. Augustine and Judith Butler explored a diverse set of ethical and metaphysical ideas, their unifying feature as a movement was a principled refusal to speculate upon which of the four elements the world was made out of.

    boxes is the best human and I am going to get her a kitten or 2 kittens
  • HollowmanOfEoL wrote:

    @Linkle, who would you target if you are the drunken Cupid?
    Uhhhh, what's a drunken Cupid? From my understanding, there's both a Drunk, and a Cupid, not some weird hybrid thing, lol.

    Foo wrote:

    Measured answer: Linkle and Cody. Cody seems to continue to play a strategy which is designed primarily to maximize his own life span. Given it's success in recent games I don't blame him, but it's not selling me on the benefits of taking him all the way. Linkle is (due to RL concerns I understand) often activity sporadic: if I knew she'd be around for the endgame I'd have no issues but that the town (assuming she's town) could lose her vote at a critical juncture is something that's bitten before. Twice.
    I have every reason to believe that RL will not interfere much with this game this time around in terms of me playing. If that should help your decision.

    That said...if you guys continue on the path you're on, my death is already certain, so none of that matters anyway. Thanks, Foo. :(

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