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Land Wars Situation Room: Phoenix Down
  • Welcome one and all, to a new game that is going to appear in Community Central shortly: Land Wars!

    Land Wars is a text-based strategy game that requires a time commitment on the part of the players -- games can typically run for two+ months. On the bright side, it doesn't require the same amount of commitment as, say, mafia. Where mafia will require you to be super active for a couple days, you only need around twenty minutes each day to play Land Wars, and as long as you post once every two days or so you're golden. Because the game takes so long, it's understandable that people might be gone for a week or something, and that's fine! If you let us know ahead of time, we won't murder-kill you.

    Playing Land Wars is a pretty complicated fare to the uninitiated. Players take control of "kingdoms", each with their own technology, troops types, cities, etc. They update these kingdoms throughout the course of the game, and then when they feel they are strong enough players can launch attacks on other kingdoms. The goal of the game is to conquer everybody else, but that's not the only way to win. In the past, coalitions have formed -- alliance blocs if you will -- which, while not recognized in-game, can declare joint peace if they wipe out everybody else. The game not only includes stuff like war, but you have the ability to develop your own technology, troop types, items, as well as draft alliances, subterfuge, trade, and whatever else. It's extremely open-ended, and as long as you do not do anything overpowered or unfair, you can pretty much do whatever you want.

    Which, the overpowered thing is up to the players. I will be running Land Wars, and there's a set of rules that everybody is required to follow, but it's super lax. Most things are decided by a vote -- so if a majority of players thinks person X is doing something unfair, then we tell them to tone it down. While I will be trying to monitor everything as best I can so that it doesn't get to that point, because I'll be playing as well it's a good way to keep bias from creeping in and make everybody satisfied that they have a voice. Certain things have been put in place by majority decision in the past -- like a limit on how bombs can be used -- but if the players decide they want to get rid of that then we'll have a vote and people can do as they please.

    The open-ended aspect of the game is something that makes it the most fun, in my opinion, and because you'll be interacting with 7 or 8 other people on a near-daily basis you'll almost certainly make some new friends along the way. I want to address two things that often comes up before the games start:

    "I'm not sure how to play, is this game for me? It seems complicated."

    While I'll admit, the game is complicated, it is by no means impossible for you to get the hang of it. Everything is gradual -- you won't be thrown in right away and forced to do everything. The game starts off slow, with everyone posting updates, and then you'll see people attack, defend, how battles are modded, and you'll get a feel for the rules as you go along. The best way to learn is by playing! Myself, Zoraluigi, and Kol Gaines are three Land Wars veterans that are for sure going to play, and we think it's great when new people join even if they don't quite know everything right away. So we usually go out of our way to help people, ally with newer players, and if you yourself have any questions then you're welcome to ask them in this thread or PM one of us asking for help. We don't bite, and it's fun when new people come in and learn how to play.

    "What is the setting?"

    Usually we do a game set in Hyrule, but because of issues in the past where people have been confused on how to divvy everything up, I think it is best if we do a Kingdoms Land Wars to start things off. What this means is, we will accept 9 people into the game -- first come first serve -- and they will PM me with a 500x500 pixels map of their kingdom when the game starts, and their first update. I will go through the update, check and make everything is okay, and then they can post in the thread with their kingdom.

    Along with that, we do a week system. Each real life day is two in-game weeks, and you will update each day. So the first day, you'd post your Week 0 update which is your base kingdom. The next day, your Week 2 update with updated troop counts, project progress, etc. This also has an effect on battles: When people write an attack strategy, they have the opportunity to divide their phases by day so to speak. So they can have their battle take place on Week 1 on a Thursday night heading into Friday morning, or they can just say "Week 1" and it'll be assumed that the days aren't important. It's a bit complicated at first, but it makes a lot of sense once you see it in action. :]

    This thread isn't actually the game thread! We usually have a thread dedicated to just updates, war strategies, and war mods. Any issues with another person's kingdom, any discussions on the game and it's rules between players, and any random chit-chat goes in *this thread*. This thread is open to spectators and in-game people, as well as people who are looking to play in the next game.

    For now, since the game won't actually be up for another week or so, I just want anyone interested to post and ask questions/state interest in the game. I don't mind answering any questions you may have, and I look forward to seeing you guys once the game gets started! =]

    Ask me for the clan test!

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  • @Codin MSPaint works fine, unless you wanna make it uber nice. Once I have all the kingdom maps I put them together to create a "world" and then I'll have Kol Gaines make a pretty version of said world map.

    As far as resources go! You can do pretty much anything you want. In the past we've had volcanoes and such, snow biomes, etc. As far as resources, we generally don't regulate them in any way, so it's just kind of assumed you have everything you need. That said, people tend to theme their kingdoms around certain things -- like we've had in the past someone who created all their stuff out of candy, another person who had all their stuff created out of mythril, or magic-based weaponry. Stuff like that.

    The only thing that wouldn't be allowed is, say, a volcano that can actually erupt and destroy everyone around you lol. But a snow biome that is hard for enemies to see or get around with proper gear is fine, or a desert biome with heavy heat, or a volcano with lava coming out of it that makes it hard to pass is fine too. It's whatever you want. You can also have more than one biome in your kingdom.

    In the past we've had rough estimation of each kingdom being around 10 milesx10 miles or something, but that's just so we can gauge how long it takes to cross it, what's in eye view, how much land patrols have to cover and stuff. In practice you can do anything you want with that 10 miles x 10 miles because it's not about practicality unless you want your kingdom to be practical. If that makes sense.
  • I think we're thinking that each of our map needs a grid to determine a certain area.

    Like a 25x25 pixel block would be 25 square miles or something like that. And each block would have a list of resources, like wood, stone, gold, uncultivated land for farming, iron ore for forging weapons (not gonna lie, I'm generally not a fan of fantasy metals in a strategy game).

    Basically some measure to determine certain areas important for logistics that can be occupied by your own civilization or an invading nation's army.

    "When people can't control their own emotions, they have to control someone else's behavior" - John Cleese

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  • Alrighty, so here is an example of what the final map will look like:

    Each kingdom in this area is 10 miles x 10 miles, unless you guys want to extend that to 25 x 25. That would be fine as well. So, this area, for instance, is one "kingdom" and represents 10 miles x 10 miles (or 25 x 25, depending on what we decide when the game starts).


    In this kingdom, there's enough resources -- of any type -- for the owner to do what they want with them. What IS listed for each kingdom, though, is the following:

    Technology they have
    Projects they have completed (projects range from training certain troop types to mass producing a certain item to researching a certain item)
    The amount of troops they have and what they recruit

    So, resources aren't really something you need to account for. If you want to research how to use mythril, and then use the research to create mythril armor, then that's something you can do. If you wanna go another direction, and make up your own material, then that's something you can do as well.

    It is generally accepted that stuff you make is -your own-, however. So people wouldn't be able to copy it willynilly, since they wouldn't reasonably know about it unless they do a spy mission to acquire a piece of your material and then manage to reverse engineer it using projects.
  • Okay, so there seems to be some confusion as to how the game works. Resources aren't really a thing in this game, because it would be difficult to implement and convey through text, and because it would over-complicate an already fairly complicated game (as far as forum games go). While there is plenty of strategy in the game, it's more akin to Risk than to Civilization.
  • MSPaint is fine, really. We can make a prettier version later. As long as you describe important points, it's alright.

    Also @Codin, in regards to "what people can occupy and whatnot", I realized I may not have been entirely clear on that. You will have a capital city, which is your largest city. In the outlying regions you can fortifications and smaller towns, and you can have these areas control the surrounding land, and allocate whatever troops/items you wish to these areas, or just keep them all in your capital. If someone takes one of the bases, you lose control of the area around it unless you have troops in the area still resisting, and whatever items or schematics you have in the base becomes your opponents. You also cede an amount of troop recruitment relative to the amount of land they took. So, say some takes 1/4th of your kingdom -- they gain a fourth of your recruitment, you lose a fourth of it.

    You're in the game until your capital is taken over AND you lose all of your troops. Though you can drop out and cede your territory to someone else at any time, say if you lost all your troops in a battle and didn't see a reason to keep playing, you could say "here, x can have my kingdom." Or if you lose your capital and you don't think it's worth it to keep playing, then you can disband your army and the occupier no longer has any resistance from your army.
  • You move in game by writing a battle strategy. Your troops included in the battle, items, etc. are all included. From there, the opponent will read it and write a defense strategy. It's a bit strange, it's not really comparable to any strategy game like Civ, because it's text based. You write the strat saying where you want to go, and it happens. The opponent will write a defense strategy and then someone will moderate the battle and give everybody the results. Usually the first battle occurs 10-14 in-game weeks in, and from there it'll be much more clear.

    And that's an old map from an older Land Wars, haha. The size of a map is the same for every Kingdom, for that we game we decided on 10 miles by 10 miles I believe. If you guys want to up it to 25x25 for this game, that's cool, I'm not opposed to it. It's an arbitrary number though, and doesn't really effect much in-game aside from the time it takes for troops to move around in a strategy.