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Mario Mafia Madness - Trouble in Paradise (Day 5)
  • A near unanimous decision had been reached: today, Shona was to be put to death.

    .... well in spirit, anyway.

    "You're lucky I don't wipe out your entire island," Shona said. "But I only agreed to be a part of the little Toad's plan and, well, you killed the old man on the first day. Just remember that if any of you disturb or anger me in the future, I'll have your life."

    And with that, Shona vanished.

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    Shona was the Shadow Queen, a 2-shot Vanillaizer

  • Congratulations, Town!

    You have eliminated all threats to your peaceful existence, and put an end to Toadsworth's plot to usurp the Mushroom Kingdom and become Lord Protector of the realm. The Mushroom Kingdom is once again safe thanks to your efforts.

    Kae, HollowmanOfEoL, Dark Link Reigns, English, Shayface, Kay Faraday, blackbird, Nafchacho, Cody, Allanon Avalon, Solsetur, boxes, Captain Harrie, Malon, The Missing Link, DoLeo

  • Roles:

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    Mario - Beloved Hero
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    "It's-a me, Mario!"

    One of the most widely recognized faces in the Mushroom Kingdom, everyone knows you as the hero who has saved them from evil more times than they can count. You are loved throughout the land - you're the hero of the story, after all!

    You are Mario, a Beloved Hero. If you are ever lynched, the next day phase will be skipped and there will be two consecutive nights. For example, if you're lynched Day 2, then we will have Night 2 and then move to Night 3, skipping over Day 3.

    You win once all threats to the town are eliminated.

    Good luck!

    (GM Note: "Beloved Hero" is flavour for the Beloved Princess role. This distinction will be clarified as well upon your death, should it ever arrive)

    Bowser - Sibling

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    "But for now...let's just rest awhile."

    The fearsome Koopa King, infamously known for capturing Princess Peach on a regular basis and trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. But hey, even the bad guys gotta have a vacation sometime.

    You are Bowser, a Sibling. Your sibling (er, son, that is) is none other than Bowser Jr. who is played by _____. You know for a fact that they are a townie. However, your lives are connected - should ____ die, you will die as well, and vise versa.

    You win once all threats to the town are eliminated.

    Good luck!

    Bowser Jr. - Sibling
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    "Someday...when I'm bigger... I wanna fight that Mario again!”

    You're the son of Bowser and the heir to the Koopa Kingdom. Like your father, you love to capture the princess and try to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, often with the help of your father. But even a nefarious little Koopa like yourself needs a stress-free vacation once in awhile.

    You are Bowser Jr., a Sibling. Your sibling (er, father, that is) is of course Bowser, who is played by _____. You know for a fact that they are a townie. However, your lives are connected - should ____ die, you will die as well, and vise versa.

    You win once all threats to the town are eliminated.

    Good luck!

    Koopa Bros. - 1-shot Desperado

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    “HI-YAAA! Here come the Koopa Bros.!! Uh-huh! Oh yeah! We're the coolest of cool!”

    Once the keepers of a Star Spirit and residents of the Koopa Fortress, you've since then retired from evil and focused on your cool ninja skills. Though the four of you don't fight as much as you once did, you still know how to perform that super cool move that blew everyone's mind back in 2001.

    You are The Koopa Bros., a 1-shot Desperado. Anytime during the day you may use the [whirlwind attack]player_name[/whirlwind attack] tag to use your special attack on a player. If the player's alignment is anti-town, you will strike them down! Should you fail, however, you will die instead.

    You win once all threats to the town are eliminated.

    Good luck!

    King Bob-omb - Bomb

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    “I’m the Big Bob-omb, baron of all blasting matter, king of ka-booms the world over!"

    You and your glorious mustache rule over the Bob-ombs as their king and leader.

    You are King Bob-omb, a Bomb. Should anyone kill you during the night, you will accept your death gracefully... but the following explosion will be deadly, and your assailant shall die with you.

    You win once all threats to the town have been eliminated.

    Good luck!

    Professor E. Gadd - Inventor

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    "The tiger creeps up behind its prey... and strikes like lightning!"

    Though your body may be old, your mind is as sharp as ever. For decades you've put your massive intellect towards inventions and gadgeteering, and have developed quite a number of them. You've always been able to solve problems with science.

    You are Professor E. Gadd, an Inventor. You have four 1-shot inventions, and each night you may send one to another player. But it's been awhile since you've used them and you're not quite sure what they do. You're sure once a person gets their hands on one, though, that they'll be able to figure it out.

    (Mechanic-wise, you don't know what these items do. The person you send them to, however, will know what the 1-shot is. Upon your death it will be revealed in your death post what your four 1-shots were, though not which items they were.)

    Poltergust 3000 - A special vacuum cleaner you invented for capturing ghosts.
    E-gate - A device capable of creating portals between two locations.
    Magic Orb - Originally invented for Mario Party, this device doubled the number on the dice block and turned the user invisible.
    Game Boy Horror - A device you invented that had a myriad of abilities such as a map, letting you communicate with the user, and putting the player into first-person perspective.

    You win once all threats to the town are eliminated.

    Good luck!

    (Jaime post-game note: Poltergust was a night vig, E-gate was a commuter, magic orb was a bulletproof, game boy horror was a tracker.)

    King Boo - Absorber
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    “But I am a KING among boos! I swear it, I shall fear no mere house-cleaning device!”

    You are the leader of the Boos, and they all call you their king. On more than one occasion you've antagonized Mario and his friends, and your power is not to be underestimated.

    You are King Boo, an Absorber. If you're targeted by any actions in the night, you will absorb them. The following night you may choose to use one of the absorbed actions. At the end of the night you will lose access to all unused abilities.

    You win once all threats to the town are eliminated.

    Good luck!

    Waluigi - Lie Detector

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    “Hey! You might be getting better, but nobody cheats better than Waluigi! You got that?!”

    Once upon a time you showed up to play Tennis with Mario and the rest of the crew. No one knows what goes on much in your personal life since you only seem to come around whenever there's a party going on or some sporting event. Still, you've become a fan favourite. Your vacation was rather rudely interrupted and you'd like to help get to the bottom of it.

    You are Waluigi, a Lie Detector. Each night you may target a player and search their posts within the game thread to find something you'd like to use your ability on. You'll need to quote the phase and ask "Is this true or false?" This must be a single statement that I can answer "true" or "false" to. You are restricted to posts made during the same cycle. For example, on Night 2 you cannot Lie Detect a post from Day 1. Only Day 2 posts would be eligible. For fairness, I will inform you ASAP whether or not what you've provided is eligible for your ability so that you may choose something else or otherwise narrow the quote down to an acceptable submission.

    You win once all threats to the town are eliminated.

    Good luck!

    Donkey Kong - Oracle

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    "He's the leader of the bunch, you know him well. He's finally back to kick some tail!"

    Appearing long ago as an enemy, you have since become a pal of Mario and his friends and have been invited to all the games and fun that they partake in. Like the others, you were looking to have a pleasant stay far from home (and try some exotic bananas) when tragedy struck. Now you're ready to put your abilities to the greater good.

    You are Donkey Kong, an Oracle. At night you may ask me a question regarding the set up. They can only be questions that I could answer prior to the game starting, i.e. asking "is Avalanchemike scum" or "is Malia a cop" are questions you may not ask. My responses will be two words at most.

    You win once all threats to the town are eliminated.

    Good luck!

    Wario - Follower
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    "This place is so crummy, if they didn't have free food and drink, I wouldn't waste my time here."

    Known for your greed and your cunning, you tend to play the anti-hero role whenever you show up and cause trouble. Though at the end of the day your heart tends to be in the right place. Or close enough, anyway. And now after having spent some of your wealth to enjoy a vacation - and having it ruined by murder - you're in grumpy mood and ready to get this over with.

    You are Wario, a Follower. Each night you may target a player and learn what type of action they performed, e.g. investigative, killing, etc.

    You win once all threats to the town are eliminated.

    Good luck!

    Petey Piranha - Watcher

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    A native of the island, you've long since stopped being a nuisance and learned to live peacefully with the inhabitants. The Mayor was a friend of yours', and you're determined to help bring his assailants to justice.

    You are Petey Piranha, a Watcher. Each night you may target a player and learn which players also visited them that night.

    You win once all threats to the town are eliminated.

    Good luck!

    Rosalina - Motivator

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    “May the stars shine down on you.”

    A powerful woman, your duty is to protect the stars themselves. Like the others, your vacation has been interrupted by murder, and you hope to bring the evil-doers to justice.

    You are Rosalina, a Motivator. Each night you may target a player and Motivate them. Motivating a player will allow them to take an additional action the following night. Note that you may only motivate a player once during the game.

    You win once all threats to the town are eliminated.

    Good luck!

    Princess Peach - Roleblocker

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    "I'm Peach, princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. No need to bow."

    The benevolent ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, you've seen the kingdom through the good times and the bad times. Nobody ever speaks ill of you. Whenever your kingdom has come under threat, Mario and Luigi have always been there to stop it. Now with murder afoot, you're prepared to help bring the hooligans to justice.

    You are Princess Peach, a Roleblocker. Each night you may target a player and Roleblock them, preventing them from taking any night actions.

    You win once all threats to the town are eliminated.

    Good luck!

    Yoshi - Doctor
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    "(Think anyone would notice if I ate some fruit? I'm so hungry!)

    One of the smartest among your species, you've been a faithful companion of Mario's throughout the years. You're a kind hearted individual who cares for his friends and would do anything to protect them from harm.

    You are Yoshi, a Doctor. Each night you may target a player and protect them from all killing actions that target them.

    You win once all threats to the town are eliminated.

    Good luck!

    Geno - Bodyguard

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    “I serve… a higher authority…”

    A confident and strong personality, you are fiercely loyal to those you love and trust and would do anything in your power to protect and fight for them. You are a Star Warrior however, and simply take the corporeal form of a doll. Once again you find yourself being summoned to use your powers for good.

    You are Geno, a Bodyguard. Each night you may target a player and guard them. Should anyone attempt to kill your target, you will jump in the way, retaliate and kill the attacker... but you shall fall as well.

    You win once all threats to the town are eliminated.

    Good luck!

    Kamek - Reporter

    Display Spoiler

    "Welcome! It's time to face my magic!”

    An old and wise Magikoopa, much of your time has been spent advising Bowser. You came to Isle Del Fino to relax and get away from all your responsibilities... but it seems your hand will be needed to help figure out what's going on.

    You are Kamek, a Reporter. Each night you may send me a message of no more than one hundred words (give or take). Your message will be posted in the game thread at the start of the following day.

    You win once all threats to the town are eliminated.

    Good luck!


    Display Spoiler

    Toadsworth - Godfather
    Display Spoiler

    “Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.” - T. S. Elliot

    For most of your life you have raised Princess Peach and helped to run the Mushroom Kingdom. Year after year, it seems that disaster strikes the kingdom. Yet the cycle is never ending, and the kingdom never enjoys true stability. You've spent much time in solitude pondering solutions and fearing for the safety of the Mushroom Kingdom. You concluded that the only way to make the kingdom safe is to take matters into your own hands and usurp The Mushroom King.

    You are Toadsworth, the Godfather/1-shot Poisoner. As the Godfather, you're immune to night kills and immune to alignment investigations. You also have a 1-shot Poison ability. At night you may choose to target a player and poison them. They will live through the night and into the next day, but upon the end of the day they will succumb to the poison and die.

    You win once all threats to your mafia are eliminated and you can control the lynch.

    Good luck!

    Fludd - 2-shot Janitor

    Display Spoiler

    "You only postponed it. Judgment Day is inevitable." - The Terminator

    Once upon a time you were the loyal invention of Professor E. Gadd and used to help clean up this very island. Since then, though, you've found your existence to be lackluster and without purpose. That is, until Toadsworth found you and told you of his troubles. You felt moved by his cause and decided to aid him in usurping the Mushroom Kingdom.

    You are Fludd, the 2-shot Janitor. When you carry out the factional kill, you may choose to use a Janitor ability on it. If your kill is successful, at the end of the night you will learn what that player's role and character was. Congruently, their role and character will not be revealed in the death post.

    You win once all threats to your mafia are eliminated and you can control the lynch.

    Good luck!

    Luigi - Role Cop
    Display Spoiler

    “I know there’s evil in the world, and there always has been. But you don’t need to believe in Satan or demons to explain it. Human beings are perfectly capable of evil all by themselves.” - Tess Gerritsen

    A tale as old as civilization itself - a brother pushed out of the limelight by another, who feels that his accomplishments go unrecognized and underappreciated. Tired of being in second place, you have decided to conspire with Toadsworth to take over the Mushroom Kingdom.

    You are Luigi, the Role Cop. Each night you may investigate a player and learn what their role is.

    You win once all threats to your mafia are eliminated and you can control the lynch.

    Good luck!

    Kammy Koopa - Nexus Maker

    Display Spoiler

    "Nyeah heh ho ha... Did I just feel a breeze, or was that really your attack?"

    Though a high ranking member of the Koopa Troop, you've felt that you have been treated rather poorly and never given the credit you deserve. Not to mention the plans you've helped orchestrate always seem to fail... and now you're thinking that it's time for a change in pace. And a certain Toad seems to have the ambition you want to follow.

    You are Kammy Koopa, a Nexus Maker. Each night you may target a player and give them a Nexus modifier for the night. All non-killing actions that target them will randomly bounce off onto another player.

    You win once all threats to your mafia are eliminated and you can control the lynch.

    Shadow Queen - 2-shot Vanillaizer

    Display Spoiler

    “Then, you wretched fools... you will learn the error of your ways!”

    A powerful demon capable of destroying the world, you haven't had much to do ever since you were once again sealed away deep under Rougeport. You have however managed to manifest some of your power in the material world and are seeking revenge against the good-doers of the Mushroom Kingdom.

    You are the Shadow Queen, a 2-shot Vanillaizer. At night you may target a player and Vanillaize them. At the end of the night they will become a Vanilla role instead and lose whatever power they might have had.

    You win once all threats to your mafia are eliminated and you can control the lynch.

    Good luck!

    Mario – Beloved Princess - (blackbird)

    Bowser – Sibling (Dark Link Reigns)

    Bowser Jr. - Sibling (Malon)

    Koopa Bros. - 1-shot Desperado (Kay Faraday)

    King Bob-omb – Bomb (Shayface)
    Professor E. Gadd – Inventor - (Kae)

    King Boo – Absorber (HollowmanOfEol)

    Waluigi – Lie Detector (English)

    Donkey Kong - Oracle (DoLeo)

    Wario – Follower (The Missing Link)

    Petey Piranha – Watcher (Captain Harrie)

    Rosalina – Motivator (nafchacho)

    Peach - Roleblocker (Solsetur)

    Yoshi - Doctor - (Allanon Avalon)

    Geno – Bodyguard - (boxes)

    Kamek – Reporter (Cody)

    Toadsworth – Godfather/1-shot poisoner - interestingdrug
    Fludd – 2-shot janitor - Linkle
    Luigi – Role Cop - Foo
    Kammy Koopa – Nexus Maker - Axius27
    Shadow Queen – 2-shot Vanillaizer - Shona
  • Night 1:

    Captain Harrie (Watcher) – Watch Kay Faraday
    boxes (Bodyguard) – Nothing
    Allanon Avalon (Doctor) – Protect Linkle
    Solsetur (Roleblocker) – Roleblock Foo
    Kae (Inventor) – Give E-gate (1-shot Commuter) to Foo
    English (Lie Detector) – Investigate blackbird
    The Missing Link (Follower) – Follow English
    Nafchacho (Motivator)
    – Motivate Foo
    Cody (Reporter) – Post Message
    DoLeo (Oracle) – Ask Question

    Foo (Role Cop) – Investigate English
    Linkle (Janitor) – Kill and clean DoLeo
    Shona (Vanillaizer) – Vanillaize Boxes
    Axius27 (Nexus Maker) – Nexify Foo


    Axius27 turns Foo into a Nexus.
    Solsetur roleblocks Foo, which bounces off to boxes
    Kae gives E-gate to Foo, which bounces off to Linkle
    Nafchacho motivates Foo, which bounces off to Foo again (lol) which bounces off to The Missing Link

    The Missing Link follows English and learns he performed an Informative action.
    English Lie Detects blackbird, blackbird's “I'm not mafia” is true.
    DoLeo learns Luigi is a Role Cop.
    Captain Harrie learns that only they visited Kay Faraday tonight.
    The Missing Link is motivated.
    Cody posts his message.

    Foo learns that English is a Lie Detector.
    Linkle kills and cleans DoLeo, learning he is Donkey Kong, an Oracle.
    Shona successfully vanillaizes boxes.

    Night 2.

    Allanon Avalon (Doctor) – Protect Solsetur

    Cody (Reporter) – Post message
    English (Lie Detector) – Investigate HollowmanOfEoL
    boxes (Bodyguard-now-vanilla) – Takes a shit in Cody's room
    Nafchacho (Motivator) – Motivate Captain Harrie
    The Missing Link (Follower) Follow HollowmanOfEoL
    & Foo
    Solsetur (Roleblocker) – Roleblock Kay Faraday
    Harrie (Watcher)
    Watch Linkle
    Kae (Inventor) – Give Magic Orb (bulletproof) to Harrie

    Shona (2-shot Vanilliaizer) – Vanillaize Captain Harrie
    Linkle (2-shot Janitor) – Commute
    Foo (Rolecop) – Factional kill English


    Linkle commutes. Harrie sees nothing – N/A result.
    Harrie is Vanillaized, Motivated, and receives Magic Orb (bulletproof following night).
    Cody posts a message.
    The Missing Link Follows HollowmanOfEoL and Foo. First target took no actions. Second took a killing action.
    English learn's Hollowman's statement of “I am not a townie” is false. Also is murdered.
    HollowmanOfEoL has absorbed a Follow ability and Lie Detect ability.

    Night 3:

    Allanon Avalon (Doctor) – Protect Dark Link Reigns
    Solsetur (Roleblock)
    Roleblock Shona
    The Missing Link (Follower) – Follow Shayface
    Kae (Inventor) – Give Pultergeist 3000 (Night vig) to Cody
    Nafchacho (Motivator)
    Motivate Foo
    HollowmanOfEoL (Absorber) Lie Detect Foo
    Cody – Post Message

    Shona (2-shot Vanillaizer) – kill Captain Harrie
    Foo (Role Cop)


    Cody receives Poltergeist 3000 (Night vig) and posts message.
    Solsetur blocks Shona, preventing the factional kill.
    The Missing Link Follows Shayface who performs no action.
    Nafchacho motivates Foo.
    HollowmanOfEoL Lie Detects Foo's “I am a Townie” – False

    Foo learns Kay Faraday is a 1-shot Desperado.

    Night 4:

    Allanon Avalon (Doctor) – Protect Solsetur
    Nafchacho (Motivator) – Motivate Kae
    The Missing Link (Follower) – Follow Allanon Avalon
    Cody (Reporter) – Use Poltergeist (Night Vig) on Solsetur
    Solsetur (Roleblocker) – Roleblock boxes
    Kae (Inventor) – Give Game Boy Horror (Tracker) to Kay Faraday

    Shona (2-shot Vanillaizer) – Kill The Missing Link


    Cody performs a kill rather than Report.
    Solsetur is successfully protected from Cody's kill thanks to doctor Allanon Avalon.
    Nafchacho motivates Kae.
    The Missing Link learns that Allanon performed a Protective action. Then dies.

    Shona kills The Missing Link.
  • So I'll take questions about the set up and such now over in the hub.

    As for my end of game commentary, you can see there was a bit of experimentation on my end. As has become a "niche" of sorts, you know I like to mess with roles in various ways, like having a scum Mailman, or having new roles. Here we got to see a Nexus Maker.

    Foo, as you'll see in the mafia chat, realized its potential. Used on one of their own it would deflect investigations. Used on a townie, the Nexus Maker essentially was an unlimited Strongman. Hence why you got two protective roles, one being a Bodyguard who killed their attacker, and a Bomb who could only be countered by a lynch, the poisoner, being vanillaized, the very off-chance the Inventor item went to a townie who'd shoot the bomb, or taking the bomb into LyLo.

    Also messing with expectations a bit, no Cop ability was in the game. And instead of the usual tracker/watcher combo, you instead had Follower/Watcher combo.

    The Godfather's alignment immunity meant if the Lie Detection ability questioned the godfather's alignment in some way (e.g. "am I a townie") or "is Toadsworth town" the result would in fact be the closest answer to say the Godfather is a townie. Basically, any question that I deemed to be on some level questioning their alignment and/or win condition I would've returned a lie to the lie detector. The bulletproof was for the rare chance that the Night Vig item targeted him. Otherwise, that's why the Godfather had a power alongside the immunities and wasn't just a goon or some other power role.

    As for how the game went: I don't think anything was wrong with the set up (looking back I think I'd make some changes like perhaps removing the reporter and/or making the reporter scum) though I do feel (as I said in spectator chat) that some of the mafia lynches weren't really justified, imo. Like ID's 6-person lynch that built up when he wasn't even around. Linkle mentioned in the hub she wouldn't be around. Saying Shona was being quiet when she was asleep. Pressuring votes on Axius when he was asleep. And Foo just kinda got screwed over with game mechanics if you ask me :P

    And I really do think the game would've gone in a different direction had ID been around to satisfy whatever questions people had.

    That being said, you did manage to lynch and day kill mafia and only mislynched to confirm whether or not you had siblings in the game. So I can't really say that there was anything wrong with the town strategy. I can't help but feel this was my most lackluster game to date due to the town steamrolling the mafia pretty hard, but as long as people had fun with it that's what matters!

    Thank you all for playing. Thanks to @Malia who did some art for the game and also threw in some thoughts on the set up, and a big thanks to @Avalanchemike who was the bride that worked most closely with me and creating the setup.

    Hope you all had a blast!