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    • Pietro wrote:

      The only video game orchestra I've seen is Video Games Live, was pretty fun. I even gave money to their Kickstarter because I enjoyed it so much. Apparently they added Grim Fandango to their lineup so I have to see that next time they're in Montreal.
      I've been to Video Games Live four times! Brilliant stuff, I'm definitely going for a fifth time next time they're in town.
    • JP the Neurotic wrote:

      Sometimes I wonder why I bother to play MP games online. People are assholes.

      Then again, maybe that's what I get for playing Spy Vs Mercenaries still.
      I play dota 2 a lot so I understand that people are indeed arseholes online. but the games are still fun no matter how much they try to ruin it, especially when you have one of those games where everyones friendly and havin fun. it might not be EVERY game and i have to mute peopl who wont stfu or are being dicks (which works well), but is all worth for those intense close games full of 10 people happy and friendly!!

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    • JP the Neurotic wrote:

      Sometimes I wonder why I bother to play MP games online. People are assholes.
      Yep. This is why I tend to avoid competitive online games, except perhaps in small doses if the game is fun enough. In Rocket League a lot of people just use the built-in chat commands to say stuff. People sure like to ragequit as soon as they start losing though.

      Overall, I tend to stick to co-op if I am to play online.

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      "Haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?!?"

      Lol, sorry sorry I couldn't resist.

      Anyway, on the subject of online MP. I agree. I hate people in general but my experince with online MP has been kind of mixed. The bulk of my exeprience has been with MMORPGS. Runescape, Ragnarok Online, Tree of Savior, etc. And in those cases, the situations have been somewhat good. Not too many if any altercations with anyone really, except for one guild member being an asshole to me for absolutely NO reason.

      But in terms of other brands of online MP; yea; total dicks. Thankfully that's what the mute button is for. Granted I've never experienced crap you'd witness from online FPS games but I've witnessed my own annoyances just the same. But I killed it all with the mute button.
    • The thing is I love competitive mp modes. But unless the game is popular and full of people, it tends to b a much worse experience for me.

      Generally, COD or HALO were actually GOOD experiences. The worst thing I can say is people trying to saying terrible things to you but mute button(one guy told me to take my halo disc, break it, and cut myself with it).

      Games with smaller communities though? You better fucking hope you play by THEIR rules or you are screwed.

      I remember when people were upset that Epic added matchmaking to Gears 2 but it was probably the best decision. No more joining lobbies where the bleedout time was a min and the whole team is humping you.
    • Speaking of Co-op. Anyone getting Monster Hunter Generations?

      I'm still debating buying it or not. On one hand it has cool monsters and locations, and Adept style is fun as hell to play, plus the way styles change each weapon playstyle is great.

      On the other hand, it's a shorter game with less monsters, weapons and skills 'cause there's no G-Rank. So less content than MH4 Ultimate.

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    • I thought G-Rank was great, and it not being In MH Gen is something that's keeping me from buying it. The challenge was great. The G-Rank only monsters (or monster variations) were good too. Really enjoyed Gogmazios and learning how to fight it effectively. I'm sure there's a crapton of content in MH Gen, but is it worth it? Would I get a huge bang for my buck like in MH4?

      The big reason I'm stressing over this and not just getting it is that I only have a limited amount of funds for the year. If I had more money, I'd have bought it yesterday. There are other games I really want to save money for. I also wanted 7th Dragon which was released a day before. And later on I want SMT IV Final. So yeah, that's the real reason why I'm like "Should I get it? I mean it has less content... but it's SO COOOOOL"
    • irg wrote:

      I'd say just local co-op in particular is endangered these days. Though I say that, and then a number of PC titles I've been interested in for multiplayer opt to only offer local. Can't get it where you expect such eh?
      Haha so true! I'm always complaining about games only having online co-op instead of local co-op but then there are games like Sports Friends on Steam where I'm like "I want to play this online with my friend!!" but I can't since it's local co-op only. I think Salt and Sanctuary is the same.
    • It's a shame too because both the PS4 and Xbox, like, support it! I don't know about the PS4 but I know the Xbox can handle 8 wireless controllers at once since that was one of MS' little selling points for tournament playing. I'm sure the PS4's at least 4. So it's just games not being made with local co-op anymore. :(

      Halo not having it was the biggest disappointment since I always played that game split-screen and it not having it anymore was so shitty when we got it and only realized it didn't have it after searching for it for AGES and then finally going online to find out it isn't there anymore. 343 said it was because of framerate problems but like... come on, either a) fix it, co-op is an important feature for Halo imo, or b) let me just play it! I've played other Halo games and seen frame-rate drops, Bungie didn't give a fuck so don't take away a feature because of it! Lol. I'll take less pretty explosions for some co-op. :3
    • Mercedes wrote:

      Lol. I'll take less pretty explosions for some co-op. :3
      That's the problem unfortunately . :( Everyone is obsessed with graphics. I honestly never thought about it but recently, I'm starting to see by what a lot of people say.

      I mean, if a game wants to ahve a crazy high-production values, ok fine. They do them. But there's only so much you can do and very few developers have the time, money, or skillset to do shit like what Rockstar or CD Projekt Red have done(make big open worlds with purddy graphics still).

      I think it was absolute dumb that they felt that Halo 5 HAD to be 60 fps so no local-coop. Son't get me wrong: 60 FPs is nice and all but I doubt most people would have really batted an eye if it was down to 30 if they could play splitscreen.
    • yeah Halo 5 is just the example of when some devs (a very small amount ofc) get the wrong end of the stick I feel; like, graphics matter in that everybody WANTS good graphics, they want their game looking good, but not so much as to get rid of a cool feature. :( So I wanted Halo 5 to look awesome, but if before launch they were like "It looks so good we had to get rid of a feature" I'd be like... no, that's the wrong way around! Get all the features in there, and then you make it look as good as you possibly can at a reasonable framerate! Is disappointing. (not saying development actually works like that, but I mean the principal of it)

      It doesn't happen often but Halo 5 is definitely an example of it and is a shame! I played every Halo in local co-op up until then!! :(
      :: makes the :3 face a lot ::

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