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    Account creation re-disabled, and other changes
    • Hey everyone! Earlier today the Zelda Wiki development team made some changes to the site which I'd like to fill you in on.

      Account creation has been re-enabled.
      As some of you already know, we recently had to disable account creation again due to another influx of spam attacks. Account creation is back now that we've installed the new "No CAPTCHA" reCAPTCHA on the wiki. This will replace the "QuestyCaptcha" on the sign-up and edit submission forms for new users. No more Zelda questions, which may have been too tricky for most casuals (and easy to crack anyway).

      We're hoping this will give us the upper hand on the spam bots. Of course a CAPTCHA alone won't cut it, so we'll continue looking into other ways to prevent spam. In all likelihood, the wiki will never be spam free. The goal is to get it down to a manageable level so we don't have to disable account creation again.

      Edit counting has changed.
      We've switched to a new extension for counting edits because the old one was outdated and breaking other things on the site. This extension works differently, so everyone who uses edit counts will need to change their userpage.

      Instead of this: {{#ec:Hylian King}}
      Use this: {{Special:Editcount/Hylian King}}

      You can also get the count for a specific namespace. For example,
      {{Special:Editcount/Hylian King/main}} gets my total number edits in the main namespace, and
      {{Special:Editcount/Hylian King/user}} does it for the user namespace

      Here's the bad news: you can't use this count inside of parser functions like you could before. So for example, you can no longer use math expressions to get your average number of edits for day, or calculate percentages by namespace. As a result we've had to simplify Template:User Edit Extended.

      The good news is, if you use this extension and decide to have your account renamed, your userpage won't blow up like it used to. And the wiki won't blow up as much every time we try to upgrade the software.

      Speaking of which, Special:SpecialPages is fixed now as a result of this change.

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    • Hyoka Matsuriyo wrote:

      And now it's disabled again.
      Oh, sorry, it's not disabled.
      You just have to be an Administrator or an Executive to create an account.

      And this is why there are so many errors on the wiki.
      No one can register and help edit it, so by my count, 52 pages will just have to have really bad information permanently.
      The wiki was disabled because of an influx of vandalism and spam that has recently occurred. If you would like us to create an account for you, which we most certainly can, you're best to PM one of the admins here. Preferably Tony.
    • These pages can by rectified by submitting request changes or by applying to have an account created.

      If you're unhappy with incorrect information, please just request a fix rather than complaining that it will never be fixed.

      Thank you so much for your co-operation. Please pm me if you have any questions or concerns!

      We'll try to keep this tread up to date with account creation settings as they change in the future.

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