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Mafia Plaza: Makin A List and Checkin it Twice
  • Jaime Lannister wrote:

    @Stryder Aedernis Likewise if you recall and/or have the information on Asylum (or if anyone else can remember or remember their roles) I'd appreciate having that as well.
    Town roles:

    Player NameRoleBadge
    RukiHi My Name IsP4117
    Sansa StarkSchizophrenic PatientP2409
    TrancySmile HappyP1598
    Leo_Paranoid PatientP3010
    Stardust WishesDoctorDr. Hyde
    JackRhodineCurious PatientP5704
    The Red Lion KingUndercover DetectiveP9133
    Bolero of FireLight SleeperP7886
    AgentPikaPanophobic PatientP4813
    RakshaelPossessed PatientP5375
    Aguará GuazúKleptomaniacP1721
    Topaz MutinyHero ComplexP2702
    Jaime LannisterPatientP4241
    Commander GorMorNurseNurse

    Mafia roles:

    interestingdrugMatronSister Lockhart
    FluttershyCell WardenMr. Jones
    SilverDoserMr. Williams
    EnglishPorterMr. Smith
    RamboPorterMr. Thomas

    Third Party roles:

    TobikiPriestFather McLeary
    AhlukJohn Ditto DoeP3915
    AgentPikaThe ZombiePatient Zero

    As you can see, almost all players had specific roles (with the exception of your role, @Jaime Lannister lol, which was the only vanilla townie role in the game) and almost all of the roles were individual/unique, which is why this is the game that prompted the introduction and usage of the Bastard rating, lol. The badge was the name/ID of the role and was also integral to one or two of the role powers (Ruki's rolel, Hi My Name Is, could read the badge names and deduce info from there etc.)

    I'm happy to go through any more information as required - on roles, items, powers, etc - as I have all of the archived information of the game safe and sound.
  • HollowmanOfEoL wrote:

    Circus Mafia, everyone is clowns.
    Some are horror movie clowns, others are the lame ones at kids parties, then there are the class clown that just are trying to survive through high school.
    Great idea, but let's take it a step further. Everyone except English is a clown, and he doesn't know it.
    A famous explorer once said, that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are.

  • English is the survivor, everyone else is a free standing mafia killer clowns.
    But only one can die every night. Each Clown can make a killing action each night. The one with most kills dies. In a tie you flip a coin.
    Its a 20 player setup, so English needs to survive for 10 days.

    English have 10 actions, only night abilities:
    "Squeal" - Takes off one night kill. Can use this every night.
    "Run" - Takes off two night kills. Can only use once.
    "Saved by the bell" - Passive action, if you are the target of the kill for the night you will be saved, by killing one of your attackers. (You are chased by 3 killer clowns, you accidentally stumble and fall. Luckily you land on a gun which you somehow get to fire at one of the chasing clows. Said clown falls on top of you and you can fake your death towards the other clowns). Can only use once.
    "Pebble" - Can throw a pebble at target player, target player changes their kill target randomly. Can only use once.

    The mention of killer clowns gets you mod killed.
    Replaced with: The mention of night actions gets mod killed.
    Killer clowns wins if English dies.
    English wins if no clown lives.
    This is an anon game btw.
    Everyone's sig is a killer clown.
    They are all named Killer clown 1-20.
    You may only refer to each other as 1-20.
    Let the killing begin.

    I'm debating whether or not some of the killer clowns get some other actions besides kill, or a secondary action.
    Signature made by Sólsetur

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  • Shona wrote:

    Man, I feel like I missed something really special with Asylum XD Can we have a sequel? Return to the Asylum!
    Man, I had a blast running this with @Kae (who helped make it as enjoyable as it was). Even though it was run by us, I still feel like it was one of the best games I've seen on ZU. Not because we ran it, but because of how the participants played and acted. It was great. I think it was one of the only games where we got to the end of the game with four players - two townies, one third party and one mafia (or was it two thirds? I forget) and the town just caught the win. It was really impressive play by all.

    I do have something planned in the works, which may or may not turn out to be a spiritual successor to Asylum, but we'll see how it goes. :p I'm not sure I could ever top what Kae and I produced, I've always been pretty proud of that game lol.

    English wrote:

    Oh god

    No more clowns.

    Please, I beg of you.
    What's the matter, Dollface? :cookiemonster: (Weren't you the Clown's first victim? xD)

    Jaime Lannister wrote:

    I think it's up to Mike who's doing the spreadsheet but if any of the roles are something that is very similar to a normal role (e.g. paranoid cop, godfather) that would be nice. Otherwise I suppose we'd consider them unique roles not connected to traditional roles.
    In Asylum? Some of the roles were similar to or variants of standard roles, though an important note was that quite a few patient roles appeared as Vanilla to themselves but had secret abilities, aspects or twists to them. Let's see:

    - Doctor was a standard doc role
    - Nurse was a standard doc role, activated on Doc's death
    - Matron was a standard Godfather, with the (secret) additional power of silencing any patient who visited her
    - Curious Patient was a standard cop, though secretly insane with reversed reports
    - Porters were standard Mafia Goons
    - Janitor was a standard Serial Killer
    - Snitch and Paranoid Patient were both a Tracker/Watcher variant
    - Throttler was a standard night vig

    Happy to go through any (or all) other roles if anyone wants it.
  • I always go on about Asylum lol but I really can't praise it enough. It was legit one of the most STRESSFUL Mafia games I've seen to date, but the outcome was so fucking rewarding. It was also the most bizarre follow-up to Harry Potter, which was strong on lulz and ridiculousness due to AvaLiah GM combo, and then suddenly we had this claustrophobic, scary as fucking balls game right afterward. I don't think I've seen a game to date that even comes close to how well MarcKae did with the flavour for that, too, like it was genuinely terrifying to read/take part in. I remember that around that time my Photoshop was the poops so I couldn't draw all too often, and my tablet was on-and-off broken, but the mental imagery that Asylum gave me was so scary and inspiring that I went into MSPaint and ended up just using that to vent all my creative energy, and for me, that is one of the highest compliments I could give someone if what you created inspired me so much that I would resort to the most basic af digital art programme and use my broken tablet in order to get that creative energy out of me, then you really made something that just blew me the fuck away.

    Ah fuck. I hate that ZU ate it. Fuck fuck fuck. FUCK.

    Asylum was prob one of my better games, too, but now that'll just be a story I tell the grand kids one day / single tear.

    But yeah. Good times guys <3 <3 <3
  • Harry Potter and Asylum were my first two games of Mafia. Harry Potter is where the GAY code and "I am a Townie, I am not a Townie" come from. Interestingdrug was a diabolical genius in that game. Liah do you still have the comics you drew of Nortbert? I'll never forget when I was silenced and Tabby the Aura Cop saved my ass with Nortbert. But Interestingdrug still convinced the town to kill me and Kae AFTER DAYKILLING CALCIFER. ID has always had my attention since then in any game we play together.

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