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    • Miss Poe wrote:

      Yeah they're definitely family.

      I know, my last iguanas sickness dragged out and it was pure horror to live with that. Every day I expected to find him dead in a pool of blood.
      Tomorrow when I wake up I'm afraid to find Nelissa dead in a pool of brown slime.
      So there is a point where life isn't worth living. So I know it would be for the best for her sake, but when she's gone I'm left with only my own emotions.

      I also confess that I didn't think I would get her home alive today. So I cried non-stop for hours.

      Come on now, Jossan, you're better than this and I'm sure that if your pets could verbally communicated with you, they would express how unhappy seeing you this way makes them. Life is hard and it's unfortunately been dragging you down a lot lately, and I can understand how you must feel in this situations given the fact that the last time I seriously cried was when the fact that my last dog died finally sunk in, but it's better to cry than to hold it all in. Whatever happens, don't you dare give up on yourself, they wouldn't want that and none of your friends here do either. I know it may be easier said than done, but you need to persevere, I hope everything goes better than you expect and that you'll continue to live until things get better if they unfortunately don't. You're a good person, whether you agree with it or not, so take care of yourself no matter what and remember...while we may not be there physically, you do have friends here, you don't have to just feel completely alone if the walls start closing in on you. I confess that I hope you'll be alright, I'm sure a lot of us do.
    • Wow. I was gonna say that I confess that, as a Pokemon fan, before I became a huge fan of 5th gen (its region, Pokemon, characters, extras) about a year ago (after my mother bought me W1, and later on my sister bought me W2), I used to scoff at and mock 5th gen fans and make stupid jokes about them, and swear by 4th gen (I still love 4th gen, but 5th gen is now my favorite), and that I fell in love with 5th gen and my mind is definitely changed so I could care less what 5th gen haters say about me (and most of what they say about 5th gen is totally exaggerated, in fact the Pokemon are great (except for that aweful garbage Pokemon named Trubbish), the game is fun, and the characters are deep and wonderful, characters like Alder, N, and Colress (the GAME version only, NOT the anime version of those characters which was butchered by the idiots behind the current anime) are the reasons why the 5th gen was so much deeper than the others.

      I was also gonna say that I confess that, as one of the older fan from the original fanbase, I dumped the aweful current anime a long time ago in favor of the games and the Pokemon Adventures/Special manga (and of course, fanfictions based on the games and manga, which means no freaking Ash in them) for the following reasons (and like many older fans, I would much prefer a more mature anime based on the manga which is based off the games and has characters who GROW UP, AGE, HAVE CRUSHES, LOSE FAMILY MEMBERS, GO THROUGH TRIALS AND HARDSHIPS, AND FOR SOME OF THEM GET SERIOUSLY INJURED LIKE RED OR TEMPORARILY DIE LIKE STEVEN AND NORMAN, ETC): (She's telling it like it is)

      Now you know, why I as well as many older fans from the original fanbase dumped the current anime a long time ago, and why we favor the games and the manga instead.

      Thing is, freaking Ash Ketchum (a really aweful character who took like 50 episodes to catch 10 Pokemon (that's the guy who promised to be "the very best like no one ever was" but who never deliver), who lost countless league finales, who couldn't keep his old friends around (Misty, Brock, May, etc), who never really risk death to go against realistic terrorist organizations (Jessie and James are freaking buffoons and dumb incompetent villains that no one can take seriously*, nothing like the dangerous organized criminals from the manga), etc)... will still be ten and friendzoned by the time we're eighty, and not only did the idiots behind the current anime ruined several good characters from the games by turning them into tamper trantrum throwing, hysterical, verbally abusive, shallow girls (like Misty) or total womanizing jerks (like Brock and Alder), or generic evil mad scientists (like Colress) or mere fillers (like Blaine who is only there for one episode fo freaking Ash can get his badge, in the manga Blaine is a major character for the first two arcs who fight side by side with the main protagonists and he's badass), but they also don't care about the older fans from the original fanbase, all they care about is making money, Game Freak and Hidenori Kusaka (the author of the manga) care way more about the older fans from the original fanbase than the people behind the current anime ever did.

      But after reading this post about losing pets to serious illnesses, I guess my confessions and what kind of anime the older fans prefer pale by comparison. And I somewhat feel stupid for talking about video games and manga at times like this. I lost a cat last year and had to have him put down because he had renal failure (he couldn't eat, drink, and walk anymore, and he seemed so lost), it broke my heart to lose him but I couldn't just leave him to suffer, it would've been selfishness not love. My sister bought me another cat (one cat could never replace another, but I now have a new friend). She's about twelve months old now. She's black and white and her name is Kitty (a popular female name for cats, and there's the japanese anime "Hello Kitty/Harō Kiti").

      Hello Kitty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      *It is common now to use the term "Team Rocket Syndrome" when referring to dumb incompetent villains who always use the same stupid failed plans and traps and get their ass kicked by the same character every time. Though I prefer the term "Jessie and James syndrome". The problem is not Team Rocket as a collective which has the potential to be great villains, the problems is individials within the organization, like Jessie and James (who are in the current anime only, NOT in the games or manga) who are stupid, incompetent, far from scary, and cannot be taken seriously. These two buffoons could never scare a two-year-old, much less actual criminals. I swear, it's really that bad. And the idiots behind the current anime have no intention of redeeming these two and let these two reform themselves and "earn" their salvation (I love how the author of the manga reformed several of the former villains and had them rehabilitated after they went to the dark side and back and how they found healing and peace after all this time). So they made Jessie and James into useless, overused sellouts.
      Two must read redemption arcs/fanfics, this is the ending we all deserved (and my compliments to the authors):

      "Legend of Zelda: Breaking the cycle", by Assassin master ezio 91 <3 :yeppers: :cheers:

      "The Minish Magician", by EternalFluffy <3 :yeppers: :) :cheers:

      My FFN and AO3 pages (with my favorite fandoms, fanfictions, and ships): (My favorite fanfictions are in my "favorite stories" section) (My favorite fanfictions are bookmarked and recced)

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    • I confess that I will do just about anything for my friends.

      I just had to pick up my friend from the nearby hospital, I have some PTSD-like symptoms about hospitals due to my mother and grandmother but I stayed strong and got stuff done for the sake of helping my friend. Walking in to the building I didn't think I'd make it without a meltdown of sorts but I did.
    • I had planned to create a comic called "life with iguana".
      It was supposed to be based on me and Nelissa because so many fun, cute and weird things happened around her and I wanted to share it all. I had already thought out a strip about how she kept eating the carpet and I told her to stop. She did stop and looked very innocently at me, then as soon as I turned away she started eating the carpet again.
      I dealt with this scenario almost on a daily basis. I thought if I drew this in the right style it could be funny.
      I also wanted to share her obsession with my hair. As a baby she wanted to look at it and touch it all the time.
      And her sense of adventure. She loved to investigate closets.
      And how she was afraid of ridiculous things like plastic bags, santa claus and even flies.

      But now.... It's more like a knife in the heart. I can't make a comic about us because we're not a team anymore. I no longer have a life with an iguana. It would just be sad to me.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • I confess that I'm still so unsure about my sexuality that I have anxiety over it.

      I also confess that if I ever switched clans, I'd be forced to switch to Din because of my past misgivings.

      And I also confess that I don't know why I still put the subtitles on when watching The Wizard of Oz cause I know everything word for word.
      If it's wrong to dream of a world where we're together

      Then I don't ever want to be right.
    • I confess I had 2 meltdowns today. I was crying for Nelissa and screaming her name, as if she would come back to me if I yelled loudly enough.
      Other than that I feel shut down. I have cried and I do feel awful, but nowhere near as much as I should. Besides my meltdowns. At least a little bit came out during those.

      I'm worried that I'm bottling it all up. I also understand that my brain is protecting me from the trauma since so much has happened lately, but it still worries me. I should lay in the bed all day bawling my eyes out and not eat, but my eyes are dry most of the time. It's not normal to me. I hope I break down soon. It will only get worse as time passes by.
      "I remained too much inside my head and ended up loosing my mind"

      -Edgar Allan Poe
    • I confess that it gets on my nerve when people don't educate themselves and learn how to spell (they really have no excuse now because in our modern time, they have acess to the Internet even in public libraries and they can borrow books from public libraries for free, so they can educate themselves for little to no money thanks to modern day public libraries, I did it, they can do it, everyone can do it, it's cheap and not hard). And seriously, misspelling their as there? I facepalm every time I see that. Especially in fanfictions (I'm a big reader of fanfictions and I love reading good stories, I have FFN and AO3 reader accounts, I don't write and post fanfics because I've tried for years to write something decent and I suck at it, but I enjoy reading, reviewing, favoriting, bookmarking, reccing, etc, fanfictions, and I enjoy supporting my favorite authors via PM). I can only ignore this kind of mispelling when it's not too frequent and when the story and character/relationship development are really good. Some fanfictions I had to quit after two or three paragraph because it was so badly written with so many misspellings. I recently try to read a fanfiction and had to quit after just a few paragraphs because there was so many misspellings and it saddens me, because I had put it on my "mark for later" list and I had been drawn to this fic because the summary mentioned an interesting ship I had never thought of before (StrikingIceShipping, Bruno/Lorelei from the Pokemon Adventure manga) which aroused my curiosity, and I think that ship look cute, but the fanfiction itself is crap because it has so many misspellings.

      Not only that, I've never seen so many misspellings on the televised news captions everyday. And it's not just on KABC - it's on all the news stations. :/

      "When I graduated from high school... I couldn't go to college, so I went to the public library three days a week for 10 years." -- Ray Bradbury, author and library lover.


      "I spent three days a week for 10 years educating myself in the public library, and it's better than college. People should educate themselves - you can get a complete education for no money. At the end of 10 years, I had read every book in the library, and I'd written a thousand stories." -- Ray bradbury.


      "Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries." -- Anne Herbert.


      Amen! Keep preaching it!
      Two must read redemption arcs/fanfics, this is the ending we all deserved (and my compliments to the authors):

      "Legend of Zelda: Breaking the cycle", by Assassin master ezio 91 <3 :yeppers: :cheers:

      "The Minish Magician", by EternalFluffy <3 :yeppers: :) :cheers:

      My FFN and AO3 pages (with my favorite fandoms, fanfictions, and ships): (My favorite fanfictions are in my "favorite stories" section) (My favorite fanfictions are bookmarked and recced)
    • Zelluna wrote:

      Okami Takahashi wrote:

      I confess to actually being kind of scared that I've got a second job on the horizon now.
      I'm sure you'll do great! You're capable of handling many things at once, I'm certain after the stress of newness dies off you'll be happy you did it. I confess that I'm proud of you c:
      Is it okay if I confess that I love your avi? D:
    • I confess that I'm glad for my cough to be gone.
      it was stressing me out before because it had a huge impact on my singing
      not a whole lot of people listen to me actually...
      but it's something i enjoy
      so yeah it's important to me
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      akryylia wrote:

      fresh pineapple sucks because it tries to kill and eat you but when u put it on pizza it relaxes and becomes sweet and good and pure
    • I put this in the General Chit-Chat section, but figured it deserved a place here.


      Back in college, I went to a class that discussed American slavery and racism and the teacher gave us a bonus assignment to bring to her examples of racism in media. I wanted to print out a picture of Mr. Popo from Dragonball Z and tell her that this was from an American-made TV show and Mr. Popo was the servant of a godlike being just to see her reaction. >:] I didn't, but still...

      What if I had? The world will never know...

      "I'm the King of the Seas!" - Said every Orca Whale Ever

    • I confess I have some disgusting eating habits. If I'm too lazy to make a sandwich, I'll dice up the bread, meat, and cover it in cheese before heating it up in the microwave to make a deconstructed sandwich. Sometimes I'll put the chips on top and cover it in hot sauce.

      You'll be hearing my name someday, whenever people talk about heroes - Takua!