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    People who found Twilight Princess unfavorable, how do you feel about it now?
    • I really liked it. It was the first Zelda game I've ever played and it was very challenging, But I liked it. If I'm honest though, the first dungeon terrified me and I took a break from the game for several months. But I think it was a very good game. I don't care what you say, it's my opinion. Although I wouldn't advise it as a game to start with, it's much more difficult than Wind Waker.
      Ratings: 9.9999999999994/10.
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    • Twilight Princess is such a weird title for me. When I bought it I had already beaten OoT (and Master Quest), MM, WW, OracleSeries, LA, FSA, and TMC, so I have had a lot of experience with the harder less linear dungeon designs as well as more side quests. But the funny thing about this game is I've probably played it as much if not more than all the other Zelda games. I think it's because I want to like it. And now that TP HD is out I can say that it's grown on me a bit over the past 10 years and I respect it and love it for what it is.
    • Ah, Twilight Princess. It remains what it was: fan service. It aspired to be OoT for the GC. What it seemed to fail to understand is that OoT was only in small part considered a great game due to its formula - its innovation was more important, the game influenced the whole industry. And one really can't expect every game in a series to do that, but Twilight Princess just played it so safe, that it ended up being uninteresting. The wolf mechanic looked cool, but ended up being the weakest part of the game. Out of all the 3D console Zeldas it has aged the worst. The graphics, even in the HD version, are muddy and bland.

      Another considerable issue with Twilight Princess was the overworld. Yes, it was large, but it was largely empty. It ended up being, just like in OoT, a zone linking the important places of the game, only this time it was bigger, which made it worse. WindWaker's ocean, while fragmented, was an infinitely more interesting place to explore. In Skyward Sword the Zelda team gave up on the concept of an overworld altogether, making for a more consistent, better paced experience. Breath of the Wild looks to remedy that issue by finally providing a vast overworld that is also full of things to discover, putting an emphasis on exploration.

      Honestly, I'd never claim it is a bad game - it's not. When I played it, I enjoyed it. However, I'd have any other 3D console Zelda over it. I was hyped for it, I preordered it and frankly it blunted my interest in the Zelda series, so much so that it took me over 3 years after Skyward Sword's release to finally sit down and play it, even though I had it since release day.
    • When Twilight Princess came out I liked it but it represented a direction of the series that shies away from the core aspects of the Zelda series. The Overworld is completely railroaded, despite its overall size, you can only explore thin paths and relegated fields. There is nothing in the dungeons to stop you but puzzles, which makes progression all too easy. There aren't a lot of secrets to be found in the Overworld and the secrets that can be found are lackluster and not very well hidden. The enemy AI is less than impressive, especially when you consider most of the enemies throughout the game only do a quarter or a half heart damage. And last but not least, the player controls are clunky and slow. They're not even as smooth as the N64 controls, which were less than impressive in retrospect during the GCN era.

      Looking back 10 years later, I only think of the potential there could have been if the focus hadn't been railroaded so much toward dungeon design and the art style. I still like it as much as I did, but I've only replayed it twice and I don't have a whole lot of motivation to replay it. It just sounds boring to me since it's the same experience every time. I already know what happens in the game and I pretty much mastered how to do it with ease so I think to myself, "What's the point?"
    • i used to love it, but i just played it again for about the 6th time and i was irritated basically the entire time. people bitch about the field being empty but i don't notice that. i hate the horse, i hate the minigames,,,, there were just tons and tons and tons of moments that annoyed me to the point of saying 'wind waker is so much better' to myself over and over again.

      i mean, it's still zelda, and i'll play it again and again, but.... it's a pain in the ass game. pretty though :waggle: