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    • Hi there,

      I just dropped by to say hello to the vast Zelda Universe community. I've been a lurker of these forums for many years, mostly due to some of the discussions that have taken place here about the Zelda timeline (before it was a thing), theories of the races found throughout Hyrule's history, among other things.

      However, since the emergence of all this Breath of the Wild (BotW??) footage we've been seeing, I can't help but be awestruck by what I saw over the past few days, and felt an urge to come out of the shadows. As a person who grew up playing Zelda, seeing these bold yet seemingly polished mechanics and features added to a Zelda game intrigues me greatly. And so I'll be hanging here a lot more often until and after its eventual release.

      See you lot around I suppose!

      "Just look above you... If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it."

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    • Hey, welcome! It's always nice when lurkers are attracted to finally become part of the community! :)

      Yep, we're all pretty awestruck by the game BotW is turning out to be, which is a very very good one! Plenty of stuff to discuss and then a lot more once we finally have it in our hands, which I don't think can come soon enough for most people around here. :3 Enjoy yourself and if you have any questions or problems, can always shoot me or another member of staff a PM!