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    Breath of the Wild might be an Ocarina of Time sequel
    • Hi,

      I posted this theory on another topic, but I thing it deserves it own topic considering the size of the post:
      Here is the theory:

      I think we didn't have enough infos to find out where exactely BotW fits in the timeline. Then all the following assumption have to considered carefully.
      If just want to stress that even if HH is the present "canonical" timeline, if Nintendo want to ignore it, they will do it, if they want to modify it, they will do it. So I would not give that strength to HH content (espacially on details) that is not directly extracted from the games.
      Even the placement of the games do not really require HH, as all games involving the MS have an explicit placement with respect to OoT.

      But still, thanks to E3, we have some clues about BotW. First, let speak about the Korok ! Contrary to other people, I think this Korok proove that the game is not in the AT. Because it is obvious that plenty of people will make the connection Korok --> WW --> AT.
      What a shame if Nintendo put this info in a demo that is not supposed to spoil the scenario ;). Come on, they show us only one species (I do not count bokoblins) ... If the game is in the AT, shame on Nintendo ! Especially, because the "origin" of the Link in BotW is most likely going to be an important plot twist in the game.

      This Link has been sleeping for 100 years. What's the point to give such background story to Link ? Obviously, because it's not the first time we are playing this guy. So, most likely, we will play a Link from a previous Zelda game.
      But I will still discuss the possibility of a new incarnation at the end of this post (Even if I don't believe in it, we are speaking about theories ... let keep our minds open).
      Now the question is which Link will we play in BotW ? I think we can restrict the candidates to Links that used the MS (Lets try to forget that FS-based games are supposed to be in the same timeline than MS-based games ).
      So we have: Link-SS, Link-OoT, Link-WW, Link-TP, Link-ALttP, and Link-ALBW (and Link-TLoZ if you insist, but just because he fought Ganon and was the first Link).
      Thus, we need to find which one is the most likely :) .

      Since the E3, we have some informations:
      1) The game take place in Hyrule, not New Hyrule, this is clearly indicated by the ToT, Ganon, the mountain that seems to be the death mountain. So wa can safely start considering that this is Hyrule. Hopefully the next game (on 3DS ?) will be set in New Hyrule, this land deserve more devellopement, and is a good solution to propose new things.
      2) We saw the ToT of BotW, clearly it is the same ToT than the one from OoT, the design is far to similar. More important it is a decayed ToT. Either, the Temple has been restored before the begining of OoT, or this game is set some time after OoT.
      We saw the evolution of the ToT over the whole Zelda serie. It was known as the Sealed Temple in SS (most likely renamed ToT after the destruction of the Lanayru-ToT, considering that the Sealed Temple possess the only known remaining Gate of Time.), We saw the ToT in an advanced stage of decay in TP, we saw that the ToT have completely
      vanished in ALttP and ALBW, and it is not even mentioned in WW as the MS has been move to the Hyrule Castle (not the OoT one, but most likely the one rebuild after OoT)
      3) The main antagonist is probably Calamity-Ganon (interrestingly, it is not called Ganon ... I will discuss that at the end of this post), Ganon story begins with Ganondorf in OoT. He is killed in TP (with a quite unclear fate concerning the triforce and Ganondorf himself), He is killed in WW (apparently for good), he is defeated in ALttP, ALBW, and TLoZ (with a very unclear fate at the end of those games). But we have also at least another incarnation of Ganondorf/Ganon in FSA ... why the hell Nintendo tried to put together MS-based stories and FS-based stories on the same timeline is the best question ! I have nothing against MC-FS-FSA ... but this games do not fit at all where they are in the official timeline. So then, if we consider the HH timeline Ganondorf can have several incarnation, similarly to Zelda and Link.
      4) The castle is far away from the ToT, which seems more coherent with TP or ALttP location than with OoT one. The Old Man states that the ToT area is the place where the Hyrule kingdom has begin, which support the idea of the ToT being the Sealed Temple from SS, and the E3-demo-area is in fact the Sealed Grounds from SS. Then maybe we can expect some underground dungeon in this region (ruins of the Sky Keep) ?

      Conscequently, we can ruled out Link-WW, considering that on one side it will make no sense for the ToT to be there (whatever you unflood Hyrule or you consider the GDT and Koroks manage to restore the land) and for the MS to be in its pedestal instead of Ganon head. It will also make no sense for Link-WW to be sleeping in a Sheikah device, considering he sailed away from Hyrule with Tetra and her crew. Additionally, It would be very weird to have mention of Sheikah and Hylia so lately in the AT. If Nintendo makes that Timeline placement, It will be very hard to make it fit. It is probably the worth possibility.

      We can also remove Link-ALttP (and Link-ALBW) from the list, the ToT is completly destroyed by that time, it is very unlikely for this Temple to be rebuild with the exact architecture of ToT-OoT. Sheikah are nowhere to be found by the time of Link-ALttP and Link-ALBW, so having plenty of Sheikah-Tech so lately in the timeline would be quite disturbing.
      Note that the same arguments apply for Link-TLoZ, if someone want to consider him.

      Link-TP is also unlikely, especially because the ToT seems more decayed by the time of TP than the one from BotW. Thus it would also need to have been rebuild with the architecture of the ToT-OoT. Again, why would be Link-TP sleeping in a high-tech Sheikah device when the only remants of Sheikah is an old woman ? Also, TP was not a bug-success for the
      Zelda series (too bad, it's my favorite one), so it's unlikely that Nintendo pick that Link for another adventure (assuming we have already played Link-BotW in another game).

      Link-SS is unlikely, not impossible, but very unlikely.
      Some may consider the presence of Ganon as an indication that the game has to be placed after OoT. However similarly to Link and Zelda, Ganondorf can have multiple incarnation (FSA), thus a version of Ganon could exists before OoT.
      Some may consider that the "Korok" ruled out any timeline placement before OoT, as in OoT we have Kokiri, and korok evolved from Kokiri. Let think about it, why forest spirit look like Hylian child ? What is the point of that ? Because of Link, because they are hosting an Hylian child. Did the GDT shape the Kokiri in a way they will look like Hylian child, as the young Link ? Then, if Link is the cause of the Hylian-like shape of the kokiri, they may have been different before OoT, they may have been Korok-like, or even Deku-like. Assuming Kokiri/Korok evolved from Kikwis, it would make more sens for them to look more like a Korok than a Kokiri.
      It require that the ToT in BotW has been restored after BotW and before OoT. Thus, under this assumption, the ToT-OoT is a restored ToT-BotW, instead of ToT-BotW being a decayed ToT-OoT.
      But it seems weird to me, as Link-SS has most likely founded Hyrule alongside Zelda. Putting him into a sleep of 100 years seems not enough, considering that the castle seems to be at its TP or ALttP location and not at its OoT location, and SS took place a large amount of time before OoT. One can claims that the Castle moved several times, that's possible ... but it makes such timeline placement less-likely than a post-OoT one.

      Ok so, we have 1 remaining candidate : Link-OoT. In fact, since OoT, almost every Zelda game (MS-based) revolved around OoT : SS is a prequel, TP, WW, ALBW are sequels (even ALBW background story seems more related to OoT than ALttP, especially because Nintendo made the weird choice to add a split in the triforce after ALttP).
      So, we have our Link, but it's not the end :(. Because, for this Link there is stille two possibilities : Link-OoT-CT or Link-OoT-DT, note that there is no Link-OoT in the AT after the end of OoT.

      At that point it seems to me hard to separate which one is the most likely.

      1) On one side having Link-CT would be a good way to explain why the
      Hyrule castle has mooved between OoT and TP, considering that the castle
      should not have been destroyed (if we assumed that Ganondorf has been
      directly arrested and banned in the Twilight realm after Link return ).
      It would also be a good way to explain what the hell Ganondorf is doing
      between OoT ending and TP ? Why did he take so long to take control (Via
      Zant) of the Twilight realm ?
      Is Calamity-Ganon a conscequence of Ganondorf first attempt to escape Twilight realm ?
      On the other side, why and how get he into sleep after MM ?
      Additionally, it will be a complicated back-story, making the game hard
      to follow for player not familiar with OoT and TP stories. But who knows
      ... in a game where the story seems "optional", it is possible to give a
      lot of details for player who are interested by the global story, and
      let the possibility for rusher to just go directly hit the big-bad.

      2) Having Link-DT could be the perfect oportunity to fix the big
      plot-hole in HH timeline. Indeed, if the split between AT and CT is very
      well presented in OoT, the split between the DT and AT/CT comes
      literally from nowhere. Why the hell OoT is the only game for which one
      we have a "what-if" timeline split ? Having a Link-DT would be the
      perfect way to fix it, as the DT-AT/CT split could arise from the events
      of BotW.
      In that case Link-OoT has been defeated by Ganon at the end of of OoT,
      he is "resurrected/healed" in BotW, he defeat Ganon, but some
      "time-travels" (as it is common in Zelda) could allow Link-BotW to
      change the past and allow him to win at the end of OoT producing the
      timeline split DT-AT/CT , and then the timeline split AT-CT is produced
      by Zelda sending Link back in time as shown at the end of OoT.
      It makes also a lot of sens for Link-BotW to be Link-OoT-DT, especially
      all the "resurrection" stuff at the beginning of BotW. But then, why
      waiting so long to wake up Link ? Is-it the time required to "resurect"
      him ? If Calamity-Ganon is the cause of the decay of Hyrule,
      Calamity-Ganon should have been around for a while. If it is really
      Link-DT, then it means that somehow Ganon where sealed by the 7 sages, a
      new hyrule castle has been build, and then Ganon managed to escape in
      the form of Calamity-Ganon and have been trapped in the new hyrule
      castle (by who ? new incarnation of the 7 sages ? The OoT seven sages
      ?). The courtyards ruins (if it is really that) rulled out this
      possibility, as in the DT there should by ruins of Ganon's castle

      3) If not Link-OoT, I think that the only option that could make sense
      is a completely new Link incarnation. Then, due to the ToT design (and
      Death mountain), we still have to chose a Timeline placement around OoT.
      It open the oportunity for BotW to be in the AT before the flood. Maybe
      this incarnation of Link spend to much time swimming, hunting, and
      cooking, then he forgot to save Hyrule and the land get flooded by the
      godesses :). If it is a new Link, then from what we know the game can
      take place between : SS-OoT, OoT-WW, OoT-TP, or OoT-ALttP. Other
      placement would be too hard to make it fit with the ToT seen in BotW.
      But again, this option seems to me weird. Why making a plot mistery of
      Link-BotW origin, if it just to discover that he is just one more Hero
      of the legend without any relation to previous Link incarnation ?
      The only reason that makes sense to me to have a new Link is in the case
      of a pre-OoT story that introduce another Ganon incarnation, then the
      100 years night of Link of can be used to explore the evolution and
      history of the new Ganon incarnation.

      Last thing, that support the Link-OoT-DT hypothesis, is the Old Man. Who
      is this guy ? Up to now there no decisive clues, so what follow as to
      be considered completely hypothetic:
      For me, he is an aged Ganondorf (the OoT Ganondorf). Somehow in the DT
      Calamity-Ganon (Incarnation of Demise hatred) and Ganondorf (The Gerudo)
      may have been separated. Leading to the Calamity-Ganon (cloud shaped
      entity that look like Gannon) that will only appear in the Blue-pig form
      for the rest of the DT. Compared to the AT or CT where Ganon always go
      back to his "Gerudo form". Such a split could explain why in DT games we
      only have blue-pig Ganon and no Ganondorf at all.
      Then Ganondorf is the Old Man we see in the demo, trying either to help
      Link defeating Calamity-Ganon to correct his past mistakes, or trying to
      manipulate Link in order to size control over Calamity-Ganon to recover
      his power.
      Would be a such cool plot :).

      Cheers, congrats if you reach the end, I hope the reading was not too hard :).