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    Zelda Universe's Offical Role Play: Shattered Time
    • Shattered marble lay strewn about the room, chisels and sledgehammers laid to the side, thick white dust still hanging in the air. Not that it bothered Darius much. The Goron Patriarch strode down the gaping hole in the ancient temple’s floor, flanked by two coughing Hylians.

      “We found it...right where you said we would…” one said, looking up at the imposing figure. “But...what is it?”

      “A Timeshift Stone,” the Goron replied. “One of many...but considerably larger than most,, and far more valuable because of it.”

      The Hylian still seemed confused, but nodded slightly as they approached the large, crystal-like blue rock.

      “But why...what’s it for?” he asked, chuckling slightly. “Needed some new decoration for the Goron City?”

      The Goron chuckled, shaking his head.

      “No...nothing quite like that,” he said, reaching chiseled stone fingers to touch its surface. “I have...other plans.”

      Before the inquisitive Hylian could ask any more questions, webbed hands grabbed at the two men’s mouths as two Zora, covered in scaled armor, plunged fishbone daggers deep into their hearts, their muffled screams dying quickly as they were laid on the ground.

      “I want this stone ready for departure come sunrise,” Darius rumbled, beginning to move away as he shook his head slightly. “Your king is not known for his patience.”

      Legend of Zelda: Shattered Time

      Can't wait for Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wind? Come join the official Zelda roleplay of Zelda Universe, Legend of Zelda: Shattered Time. Roleplay as different races across different times coming together to save the world after the summoning ritual for the heroes of legend royally failed. Will these everyday warriors (although for some that term is used loosely) be able enough to stop the collapse of time itself, or will everything be destroyed.

      Only you will be able to determine Hyrule's fate.

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