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    Breath of the Wild's Timeline Placement Theories (SPOILERS) [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]
    • You know, I have considered that, but it makes more sense to put it at the end like Aonuma said.

      I agree about the tunic though. The downfall timeline IS the only one where tunics with yellow-striped hats and brown sleeves ever appear.

      I was originally gunning for a post-flood Hyrule, give the presence of Koroks and a massive Deku tree; perhaps the draining subplot from the sidequest in Wind Waker had succeeeded was my train of thought back then.
    • AllStarNemesis wrote:

      Yellow stripe on Tunic of the Wild.

      It's chartreuse. The Amiibo Tunic meant to represent the OG Link actually has a yellow stripe, this is just a light discolouration.

      Presence of Lynels.

      Before their appearance in Spirit Tracks, Hinox were a DT exclusive enemy as well; goes to show things can change. Aquatic Octoroks, Lizalfos, Chuchu have never appeared in the DT.

      I just don't think enemy presence has ever been a good argument.

      BOTW promo art being a call back to the OG LOZ.

      All you're proving here is thematic consistency.
      But TFH, FSA, MC, they all have the cell-shaded style and none of them are on the AT.
      Hell, FSA even has the Helmaroc King.
      There's artwork featuring Wolf Link as well.

      BOTW itself being an updated an reimagined world of the OG LOZ.

      I honestly think BOTW is just a remake of LOZ but with all the bells and whistles of Zelda lore that havd come since 1986.

      Now that part is just blatantly false. BotW's map is a chimera of various maps in the series, and bears very little resemblance to the LoZ map.
      Thematically it's a continuation of SS. Racewise it's a split between OoT and WW. Mechanically, it is completely original.

      This game, with some items, has more nods towards the OG LoZ, sure, and you could arguably recreate a lot of the original by using BotW assets, especially the Amiibo items.

      But honestly you could say the same about, IDK, Wind Waker.
      All the races are present, you can sail, glide, use Deku Leaves for puzzles, you got a big hammer, you can feed animals, Daphnes and Rhoam are very alike, Puppet Ganon's forms mirror Calamity Ganon's, there are storybooks in-game that mirror WW's intro.

      Or let's go TP. Famous landmarks like Zora's Domain and Death Mountain and Gerudo Desert, sprawling huge Hyrule Field with the very similar castle as a centerpiece, four guardians of the overworld in the shape of an animal, the ability to ride more than just a horse, large focus on horse exploration and horse combat, vast bridge over Lake Hylia, Dark Beast Ganon, Ganon as a floating head, Midna's Fused Shadow form looks like a Guardian, Master Sword is in a forest clearing.

      I can do this a few more times if you like.

      BotW was never made for any one timelime, and will never fit in one.

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    • Frankly, if there isn't any lore or culturally relevant ie Master Works, can't we just chalk up everything else to the "easter egg" category?

      You know what I can't find in Master Works...spectacle rock, Lulu lake, kaepora pass, etc. So I think that we should chalk these name locations to just being easter eggs.

      The Goron mountain is lore important because Master Works says that all the Gorons are former heroes.

      Medoh while not remembered in the least is part of BOTW lore.

      Arbitor's Ground is mentioned in the Master Works but the most it mentions is that it's unique to the Gerudo and that a Molduga is there.

      If it's not in the book, it's not important for timeline placement...whose with me?
    • Pretty much specially considering that BotW virtually is the 30th anniversary game. So it is normal for it to be filled with references.

      So if we are still trying to pinpoint a specific timeline. Doesn't the Master Works settle it into the DT or AT? The section about the Great Calamity and the Gerudo settle that OoT Ganondorf was the last Gerudo male to be born, per Gerudo records. But for the CT we know that males continued to be borned till atleast Ganondorf II and were warriors protecting the village.

      Gerudo FSA wrote:

      Once every 100 years, a special child is born unto my people. That child is destined to be the mighty guardian of the Gerudo and the desert. But this child, its heart grew twisted with every passing year. The child became a man who hungered for power at any price.

      What is the Forgotten Temple?: The Forgotten Temple
      A relation between Zelda and Taoism? The Legend of Zelda and Taoism
    • If we base things off lore

      1. Era of Myth is pretty much Ocarina of Time that led to the Adult Timelines

      2. The Divine Beast=Ruta and Noboris were named after the sages Ruto and Nabooru respectively. Implying that the origins of Rudania and Medoh are unknown, so at best we can just say that Darunia and Medlii were known of to someone.

      3. Ganon is in a cycle of being revived then sealed (singular event)

      4. There is a cycle of a hero and the princess working together to "repel Ganon".

      Culturally based


      1. Ruto is known as well as her fighting against an evil (Ganon) with the Hero and the Princess

      2. It is said that a Zora princess (Ruto) was in love with a Hylian Swordsman (Link)

      3. The Zora's Domain in BOTW was settled 10k years I guess that means that this isn't the Zora's Domain from OoT.


      -Goron Stone Memorial has Daruk, Gor Coron, Darmani, and Elder son.

      - I have yet to find anything lore important about the Rito, so maybe someone knows something about them that I don't.


      1. Ganondorf King of the Gerudo (OoT) is known

      2. There hasn't been another male Gerudo leader since Ganondorf.

      3. It is known that Ganondorf transformed into Demon Beast Ganon, was defeated by a hero with the Master Sword, and was sealed away by the princess and the sages.

      3. The Seven Sages (Heroines in the game) are known of.


      -the Ancient Monks were blessed with the "sight" of the goddess


      1. The Ancient Ceremony references the Hero of Skies, Hero of Time, Hero of Twilight, Hero of Winds, and Hero of Legends

      2. Every Princess has the blood of the goddess which is supposed to give her sacred powers such as sealing and premonitions.

      3. Epona and her song are known of

      4. Every Hero (alongside the princess) has the Master Sword when fighting Ganon
    • EnigmaFarce wrote:

      The section about the Great Calamity and the Gerudo settle that OoT Ganondorf was the last Gerudo male to be born, per Gerudo records.
      Where is this? I can't find it. If it's from part of the English version I don't have and we don't have translated here, could you post it for us?
      Yes I remember seeing it in the English version. If nobody has updated by the time I get home I'll find the section and post it.
    • I've done this one too many times not to wait for the Japanese. Being a bit more bold, I'd say it was never said if he actually became their "guardian" or whatever. On the countary;
      That child is destined to
      be the mighty guardian of
      the Gerudo and the desert.

      But this child, its heart
      grew twisted with every
      passing year.
      destined implies it hasn't happened yet. Of course, this isn't the japanese.