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Zelda Breath of the Wild: Official General Chat Thread [Beware: SPOILERS]
  • Lucretia wrote:

    Yeah but like

    in Oblivion your items pooped too. the better ones pooped less and okay that's fine

    but i doubt anyone missed that mechanic when in Skyrim none of your things pooped.

    I wanna run around with my spear all day and not have to worry about it pooping. I like the way it looks and is fun, stop pooping out on me!
    I'm kind of going with the presumption that you can probably upgrade weapons you find in the currently unseen towns or through some other means to up their durability in some way. So if you really want to not lose your awesome spear, go to town and upgrade that thing. Presumably there might be some way to replenish or fix it in the wild as well? It's a bit of hassle, but it's probably still doable.
  • ^ That would completely soothe my worries. There is probably A LOT we don't know about how weapon degradation works yet.

    Calypso wrote:

    btw to add a sense of realism like what if Link had a mechanic where he had to poop

    so if you had to poop then you can't concentrate as well and accuracy gets decreased

    and if you wait for too long to poop you ruin your clothes.
    *Eat spicy food
    *Poop fire arrows
  • I see some people mention how the Guardian's laser takes (for example) 8 hearts. And how that means you still need to be afraid of them late in the game.

    But you forget the stats on clothes. Your early clothes won't provide much protection. Put on armor and you definitely won't take 8 hearts' worth damage. :)
    And to be honest, this isn't new; Zelda has always had upgrades that made you stronger, just never RPG-like as here.

    Iroas wrote:

    ganon confirmed all over this thread. You people are disgusting for not using spoiler tags. I'm out.

    God. DAMNIT.
    Hey man, don't blame us.
    From what we've seen, the game tells you about Ganon in the first 30 minutes of gameplay. And the trailer showed the Master Sword, which generally means Ganon as well.

    Edit: added spoiler tags. For anyone wondering, the BBcode for this is [ truespoiler ].
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  • Zugioh wrote:

    I'm confused, did they confirm there would be no/minimal overworld music? If that's the case, that makes me kinda sad... I was hoping to get the feeling of walking into Hyrule Field and have that iconic powerful soundtrack playing in a newer , re imagined fashion.
    I hope the game has some kind of jukebox feature, like the radio stations in GTA. Imagine hearing updated versions of all your favorite Zelda songs.

    Eurogamer wrote:

    It also has a surprising survival focus, which Nintendo cleverly integrated as a conference theme by wowing everybody with the trailer and then cutting to 45 soul-shrivelling minutes of blather about Pokemon Sun and Moon instead.
    Rofl. :D

    By the way, will this Link be known as the Hero of the Wild?
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  • @Double A I was speaking of those games in a general sense, go and read the post again.

    But anyway, I think it's interesting that people (including at Nintendo) have been comparing Zelda1NES to the new Zelda. Before the recent reveal, in the last ZeldaU thread, I mentioned different times that I'd sooooo like to see Zelda 1 return to the scene in style and inspiration, and it looks like that may very well be true. Very excited to see the comparisons when the game comes out, because I love the original Zelda to this day

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  • ich Will wrote:

    (Sorry, something is acting up. I clearly saw duplicate posts and decided to delete them, but all of a sudden the duplicates had already disappeared and I was somehow deleting non-duplicates... (???)
    Bug or two or more mods clashing somehow I guess. Or maybe people were deleting their own duplicates.

    In any case, I've restored every post.)

    Anyway since it seems something of great importance happened a century before BotW, the Master Sword's current location in it doesn't really say much. Anything could've happened that would've changed its location.

    Still, I feel like we need to keep in mind that Nintendo might not necessarily be thinking all these details through, they focus on the gameplay first as far as I know
    Just came across this post of your now, and yeah, I dunno what would've happened and can only say that it sounds quite bizarre. lol Ah well though, to respond to what you suggest, I honestly did also consider that. Like, what if it is connected to the Wind Waker after all and a Link at a later point, perhaps even this Link who was asleep for so long, removed the sword from Ganondorf's Skull and returned it to its original resting place after both areas were surfaced and discovered in the area of the Great Sea? Maybe Ganondorf's body was then released and he was imprisoned for a time or he still remained petrified and was then relocated for safety measures even, and to be honest the fact that this Calamity Ganon seemed to enshroud the castle in a shadowy mist or whatever made me think of Phantom Ganon from the Wind Waker.

    There was also this image someone took and edited slightly to point out a key detail that seemed to point towards the Great Sea from the Wind Waker being mentioned, but in the end it really is all merely speculation either way, my guessed remain to lean towards a Child Timeline placement, though if you were to think all of that stuff about the moving of the Master Sword and Ganondorf's body it is possible that it may connect to the Wind Waker after all.

    Canyarion wrote:

    1. They could be placeholder models.
    2. Koroks may not have that much variation in appearance within their type.
    3. They might be the same, but in a different timeline.
    Well, I just went over why the Wind Waker Timeline could actually still have a connection in my response to Will above, but here was my other previous response to him that pointed out why it was also likely for them to be the same ones from a different timeline and for this new game to be placed on the Child Timeline.

    Lord Vain wrote:

    ich Will wrote:

    What the...

    Well, I'll say that they could just be the same characters from a different timeline. Still, this is definitely making me more likely to buy a TWW connection. Didn't really buy it at first.
    Well, me and tlozbj had established earlier in our debate that it's likely they could be the same ones either way, due to the Child Timeline and Wind Waker Timeline both technically involving the same Kokiri due to both branches originating from the end of Ocarina of Time. Given that the Master Sword is seen in the Temple of Time, it's implied to be the Child Timeline though, since otherwise it would either be in the basement of Hyrule Castle or embedded in the petrified Ganondorf's skull somewhere. :p
    There's just a lot of things to think about I guess. lol
  • Ok, after having gone over some of the info again, new timeline theory- which I've picked up from Vortexxy and Zeltik on YT- apologies if someone already posted it- there's been a FLOOD (heh heh heh) of new posts.

    Since the Korok already exist- what if- and this makes total sense now that I've thought about it at length, Breath of the Wild is a SEQUEL to Wind Waker, and subsequently the non-existent (sadly) Valley of the Flood)? This Link has been asleep for a century, Hyrule is in ruins, as is the Master Sword, being all rusty n crusty? It could have been removed from Ganondorf's forehead, and he could have unintentionally come back as a result of the seal being broken. The Link in question, may in fact have been the Hero of the Flood who had fallen in battle in absence of the Hero of Time

    Huzzah! Chalking up another point for the Hero of the Flood theory!

    Also, @Canyarion Great nickname for the new (old?) hero, but to me he's still the Hero of the Flood :p

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  • There is a problem with a WW sequel in Hyrule. Do we forget that Daphnes wished for the destruction of the land kf Hyrule itself.

    Hyrule Historia, page 129 wrote:

    The Ancient Kingdom Fades Away

    Suddenly, the king of Hyrule appeared and touched the Triforce before Ganondorf was able to. In a sonorous voice, the king declared his wish: "Wash away this ancient land of Hyrule! Let a ray of hope shine on the future of the world!!!"

    And also from that very same page

    "The curtain thus fell on the cyclical history of the sacred realm of Hyrule and the struggle for the Triforce"

    In other words, after WW, the story of Hyrule, there is nothing more there, Hyrule is gone and the curse has been broken, there js nothing to returned too, even if the flood retreded
  • I'm so happy with the game, I really didn't know if I would be disappointed again after being burned by SS, but it looks like they've really pulled it out of the bag this time and created the Zelda game many of us have been waiting for since WW.

    Here's my list of likes and mehs from what I've seen so far:

    * Huge, open world that feels solid, Link has weight in the environment (unlike xenoblade where you just kind of seem to float though the world)

    * Freedom to go where you want, seems nintendo listened to the fans who hated how linear SS was.
    * No annoying side character (yet?)

    * No patronizing tutorial

    * Customization, lots of weapons and armors. We can even change Link's hairstyle.

    * Cooking and campfires, love it. Feels very adventure-y.

    * Food for health, no recovery hearts, had to be done.

    * The theme. Post-apocalyptic Hyrule with a survival and magi-tech vibe? Yes please.

    * The guadians are cool, I like the idea of huge open-ended overworld battles. I hope there are other OP creatures out there we can fight too.

    :thumbdown: Mehs

    * The subtitle. It's ok, but yeah. Doesn't roll off the tongue. (this is a very minor gripe.)

    * I hope we can turn off the item names as you walk over them. Seeing "deku branch" pop up all the time when i'm out exploring is going to break my immersion.

    * The minimap, again I hope we can turn it off. It should be on the gamepad or in a menu. Maybe I don't want to know where i'm going.

    * Lack of music, I do like what they're trying to do, but I hope as we progress through the game we do get some bombastic zelda themes.

    * The shrines, they stick out of the environment like sore thumbs, and inside they're all themed the same. I hope there's some variation as we progress.

    * The fact Ganon's castle is just kind of there means he's unlikely to be a very subtle villain. Would've been nice to have Ganondorf, maybe a bit of intrigue/politics like they hinted at in OOT.

    O_O Wishes

    * I would LOVE some kind of homesteading mode. Imagine being able to develop your camp and build a small hut. We've seen you can wrangle horses, maybe you can have a few of them, breed them etc to create a superhorse? Maybe you can keep a bunch of different animals. (farming cuccos for meat and eggs would be awesome.) Maybe you can grow some crops.

    * Plenty of settlements of varied sizes.

    * Not all NPCs need to be super fleshed out, but it would be good if some had schedules and drama ala MM.

    *A flying mount or item, pleaaasseee! This world is practically begging for it.

    * Ooh, for the super mega collectors edition can we get a long blue tshirt that resembles Link's blue tunic, like the ones the nintendo staff have at the booth? That'd be awesome.

    Yeah that turned out kind of longer than I thought it would.
  • @Whimsical Regarding the pop ups when Link picks up an item, the box will pop up only once, and then it won't come again. That's what the Treehouse staff said at least.

    The reason why in the demo, the box kept popping up was because between each demo, they would go on a completely different file. We can notice in the footage than whenever Link picked up something, the box would come up once, and then it would not come up again during the rest of the current gameplay.

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