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Official Zelda Section Rules and Guidelines

  • The Official Zelda Section Rules and Guidelines Thread

    We gather here today to discuss and theorise about the beloved tales of a boy who ventures on an amazing journey to save his world or other worlds and of course, the Princess of Hyrule - Zelda. Not only that, but everything that happens in all of Link's adventures throughout the years. But one cannot do so without reading the rules of the Zelda section first!

    Posting Rules

    Keep spam on the light side. This is a common rule that covers all of the forums and sections in this site. Light posts and light spam are okay, just don't go overboard or too off topic. Moderators may take action if things get a bit too out of hand.

    Do not revive very old threads. Instead, make a new thread based on the same topic to keep our forums fresh. Threads that are more than six months old from the last post are considered dead for discussion, though there may be exceptions. Threads that are revived may be locked due to their age.

    Be aware of the [fun] and [serious] tags. These tags label threads that have slightly different rules than the norm. The [fun] tag is what it says, fun! Image-only posts, video-only posts, and a bit more spam than usual are allowed in threads with this tag. While this is very enjoyable, [fun] threads are still under the watch of moderators and will intervene if the general rules of the site are broken.

    The three rules below are specific to the [serious] tag:
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    Your post should usually be more than one sentence long. Making a short sentence that doesn't add to the conversation properly, such as "Zoras are cool!" will be treated as spam. Try to put some effort into your contributions to each thread. Spam, image, and video-only posts are not allowed in [serious] threads and may be deleted on sight.

    Your post should add to the thread's discussion, with a point and explanation. Other than what is mentioned above, don't post anything that doesn't contribute to the thread's subject. An example is if the thread is on about the race of the Kokiris and you post asking help how to get a certain item in a temple. It doesn't contribute. Continuous spam of posts that do not contribute will result in possible warnings or infractions by the Zelda moderators.

    Share the reasoning behind your opinion. Don't just share posts such as "I like the Master Sword". Please tell us why you like the Master Sword. Explanations are vital in big, serious discussions.

    Etiquette Guidelines

    Your posts should be legible. Not everyone here is a great speller or a master at the English language. However, basic grammar and punctuation is extremely helpful when it comes to being understood by others. Exercising good grammar is not only crucial, but it helps to get your point across in your posts in general. Failure to produce posts that cannot be understood by others may result in being deleted as spam.

    When asking a question, consider quoting the post you're asking about. This is extremely important when it comes to heavy discussions. It shows others in the discussion to see who you are replying to, instead of causing confusion.

    If you have any questions regarding these rules, please feel free to contact any of the Zelda moderators which include @Evran_Speer @Violetlight, @Dark Link Reigns and @HollowmanOfEoL or an Administrator.

    With that said, happy posting!

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