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    There's an app for that!
    • Maybe I can make this thread a thing, or maybe it will die, but I figure I may as well post anyway.

      So. I don't own a smartphone. I never have, either. I am, however, curious about what kinds of apps would be available on each platform. Basically, I made this thread to be a place where people can ask whether there is an app for a certain function, and even what the best app for a certain function would be. I (or a mod if they feel like it) could even list the most promising results in this OP.

      First requested function: Databases. While I don't doubt spreadsheets are a function many smartphone apps would have, I started wondering a couple of days ago as to whether there'd be an app for making and maintaining databases of information, able to be cross-referenced in ways spreadsheets would find considerably complex. In particular, the purpose I would use it for would be to catalogue my collection of cards in the TCG "Force of Will", including all face details and various personal ones such as how many I have, and what decks I use them in.

      Does anybody here know of an app for that (or be able to look one up; since I don't have a smartphone, it's somewhat difficult for me to do so)?
    • I'd imagine Google Sheets would be sufficient for what you'd want. You can use it both on a phone and PC with the Internet as your hub to share data.

      I like this thread. Better yet, I wouldn't mind seeing an archive of cool/useful apps collected
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