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    • Hey, all! It's been a while since we've had a proper thread here, but with E3 coming up, I think it's important that we do something. Maybe this can even help inspire you to contribute when all the information starts pouring out on June 14.

      Editing a wiki is one of the ways fans can express their love for a series. It's a labor of love to take the time to write something down to share with and help fellow fans. Yet something that I've noticed about being new to editing a Wiki is that it can be intimidating and often difficult to really find anything to do. If you're interested in helping out, we want to make that process easier. We're more than happy to work with you to help make Zelda Wiki as great of a resource as it can be. The purpose of this thread is to help facilitate discussion between members. Unsure about how to do something? Just ask! We'll be glad to point you in the right direction.

      In that vein of thought, each week we're going to be assembling a collection of articles that could use some help, and we can work to make these pages perfect together. These articles will fall into three main categories: stubs, sources needed, and articles needed. Here's a rundown of each and how you can help with it:

      Stubs are articles that really don't say enough about a subject. When you see a stub, there's likely a lot that you can write about it just from writing what you know from gameplay. If you're not sure what to write about them, others can help you by suggesting subject topics or events that could really help the page flourish.

      Sources are needed when there's a claim that might need a direct citation as evidence. Sometimes, pages just don't have any citations whatsoever, and those are super simple fixes. You can grab quotes directly from the game or from a text dump and source just about every sentence imaginable with our Cite template! This makes the article look credible and it's a great resource for fellow readers to view and compare the original work.

      Wanted articles are pages that we don't yet have, but nonetheless should! It might seem like a tall order to make a new page, but luckily, we have special guidelines designed to help give you a sense of what a quality page should contain. Follow them and you can't go wrong. :heart:

    • Week 1 | June 1, 2016

      Let's get this started with three of each type. I want to see how each develop as the week goes on, so feel free to pick a page and have at it! Remember, you're not alone. We're here to help you.

      1. Blacksmith's Wife (Completed by ‎JCiLee)
        • The "Hyrule" section needs some expansion. For a start, maybe adding something about her personality and how she treats Link throughout the beginning of the game would help?
      2. Treasure Hunter
        • Definitely any information on his locations would make this page outstanding.
      3. Hint Ghost
        • A table on the Hint Ghost locations as well as quotes of their hints would be much appreciated. If you needed an excuse to replay ALBW with the Hint Glasses on, you've found it.
      Sources needed:

      1. Outfit
        • The "Trivia" section mentions a typo for the Goron Garb. If you could grab a direct quote of that, the page would be fine.
      2. Faron Province
        • This is one of those articles that just lacks citations in general. I think covering the Skyward Sword section would be enough to remove the notice.
      3. Beetle (Item)
        • Another "in general" article, but the primary thing we need for it is the claim about it being made by the same company that created the LD-Series robots.
      Articles needed:

      1. Dungeon Bros
        • The guys who hang out in those dungeons where you have to use the Pegasus Boots to dash to the treasure. Talking to characters and writing down what they say before you write an article has always helped keep me focused. Also, their Hyrulean counterparts are the Racing Bros. Don't forget to look at the guide for Character pages if you need some guidance.
      2. Jim
        • The leader of the Bombers Gang can easily have his own page, rather than be tacked on with the Bombers as a whole. Luckily, you could probably get away with taking all the relevant info from the Bombers' page and rephrase it for Jim's.
      3. Racing Bros
        • The Racing Bros are the guys with whom you play Hyrule Hotfoot across the world. To differentiate it from the Hyrule Hotfoot page, you should focus more on the characters than the minigame. Something interesting is that their counterparts are the Dungeon Bros in Lorule.
      Alternatively, if you would like to pick from a full list of these, we have pages for that.
      Stubs | Sources | Wanted Articles
    • Great to see some well needed effort has hit some of these articles.

      The Blacksmith's Wife is much better, and I think we maybe able to remove the Stub template on the article. It seems we're missing her in game model though, so we'll have to look into getting that and adding it in.

      Still lots of room for improvements for anyone willing to jump in, and any questions and concerns can be a asked right here. Even if you have ideas for improving, but not sure how to execute those actions.
    • Many thanks to JCiLee‎ for pitching in.
      I totally didn't register in my mind that yesterday was Wednesday, so we have this week's set a day late. That's alright, though, as we still had plenty to do if people wanted to tackle things. I think we'll just store those away and maybe come back to them in future weeks. If they still need attention, we'll add them again. For now, I think it's fair to go down to a one-article-per setup. So, let's begin week two! :ghirahim:

      Week 2 | June 9, 2016

      Stub: Rusta
      • This page could really use more information about where he appears and what he talks about. We're missing everything related to the Stone of Trials segment, unfortunately.

      Source needed: Zelda's Letter
      • This page should actually be super easy to grab quotes for, as it's something early on. We could use some quotes from when the guard in Kakariko Village is reading it aloud and also his reaction to it.

      Article needed: Rupee Fairy
      • This page should be about the Fairies in Hyrule Warriors' Adventure Mode battles where there's a Rupee competition. There's a tutorial bit on them in-game if you need to source things.

      Alternatively, if you would like to pick from a full list of these, we have pages for that.
      Stubs | Sources | Wanted Articles
    • Not a bad three to choose from at all. Though Rusta could almost fit into two of our catagory choices, as there are currently no sources for him either. So there is a ton of things that could be added.

      Seeing how the Jim article was not made from last week, I might take a stab at that. I don't usually work on the text part of the Wiki, but it seems like an easy start to that kind of work. Unless anyone else wants to try their hand at article creation, because I most certainly wont stop anyone else. :3nod
    • Week 3 | August 3, 2016

      Stub: Tornado Rod
      • This page mostly needs a little reorganization and cleanup.
      Source needed: Fire Arrow (The Wind Waker section)
      • This could use a few more references, such as when the Fairy Queen tells Link to return later.
      Article needed:Cooking Pot
      • The object from Breath of the Wild that you cook things in, we could use a page covering this. Known locations would be excellent.
      Alternatively, if you would like to pick from a full list of these, we have pages for that.
      Stubs | Sources | Wanted Articles
    • Tony wrote:

      Article needed:Cooking Pot
      The object from Breath of the Wild that you cook things in, we could use a page covering this. Known locations would be excellent.
      If anyone is interested, I've spotted Cooking Pots in the Forest of Spirits, outside the ruined house beside the Hylia River, around the Bokoblin encampment where the Hylia River falls off the Great Plateau, and one outside the Woodcutter's Cabin.
    • Thank you for doing that, it's very much appreciated. I'm sure we can work out any further issues via the Cooking Pot talk page.

      If you're interested in doing any more, you're welcome to work on any of the pages I linked on the Cooking Pot page. "Fire (Object)" is going to need location information much like the Cooking Pots. If you're familiar with the layout of the Great Plateau, perhaps you could add those?

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