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Wii U for sale
  • If any of ZUsers live near Madison, Wisconsin, I have my Wii U listed for $200 on Craigslist.

    Wii U + Games and Associated Components

    I am willing to give a ZU member a discount, both because I like ZU members and because it is nice knowing a little about the person going into the transaction. So I'll go down to $170.00 for ZU members. It's a good deal for a console along with a nice cross section of Nintendo's best games.

    Contact me if interested.



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  • I'm kind of interested, since there are a couple of Wii U games I'm interested in, but with Nintendo basically giving up on the Wii U (which I'm assuming is why you're selling it to begin with :P ) I'm not sure yet. I also don't live anywhere near Wisconsin (I'm in Connecticut), and I dunno if you're willing to ship it (though if I decide I want it and you're willing to post it, I'm OK with paying the shipping cost assuming it's not too expensive).

    I'll think about it. If you're OK with shipping it, and I end up deciding I want a Wii U, I'll hit you up!
  • I wouldn't be willing to ship to a complete stranger, but I might be willing for someone on here. I would vastly prefer to give the customer and opportunity assess the product and condition in person, but if they're comfortable with it, we can make it work.

    I decided to sell once it was confirmed Zelda U is coming to NX. It does sort of suck to take the "hit" on all the digital software, but I'll probably end up repurchasing it again on the NX virtual console anyway. Because I'm a sucker.

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  • I'm nowhere near Wisconsin, as I currently reside in Arizona. However, I am interested in buying your Nintendo Wii U, good sir. I can pay through PayPal (easiest and most safest), in case you're wondering. However, if it's been sold already, then I guess I'm just late to the party.
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  • ZeldaGuardian (and everyone else):

    Sorry man, I just sold it tonight. I have to admit, I was surprised by the demand it garnered. I had about eight offers over the span of a couple of days, and I ultimately ended up selling it for $250.00. So for those who are disappointed about the Zelda delay, there should be a good market out there for you.

    I hereby request that the thread be closed so one is misled into thinking it is still for sale.