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Mafia XXIII: Ultimate Werewolf Mafia - END - Servant of Evil
  • Tonight is ZU game night. And everybody is finally getting a little tired of those counting games and games about the users above and below you. The community needs a new game to pick them up off their feet. English suggests Ultimate Werewolf, which has rules similar to Mafia so you hope you can catch on quick. After a resounding approval, English rushes off to prepare.

    Welcome to...
    Ultimate Werewolf Mafia

    • Certain channels are designated for talking about this game, including this thread. If you communicate with players outside of these mediums it can result in a modkill or worse punishment.
    • Do not quote, screenshot, or otherwise record anything that I say in PM. If you post any of these things you may be modkilled or worse. Paraphrasing is fine.
    • When voting a player to be lynched, use the tag [VOTE]player-name[/VOTE] to cast your vote. Bolding is highly encouraged but not required.
    • When unvoting, either to change your vote or to unvote entirely, use the tag [UNVOTE]player_name[/UNVOTE]. Again, bolding is encouraged but not required. Failure to properly unvote when changing votes will result in me intentionally failing to recognize that you changed your vote.
    • Please respect the rules of ZU while playing this game, as we are still on ZU while playing this game. Basically just don't be unnecessarily rude or mean.
    House Rules:
    • Do not say the word "Mason" in this thread, and do not heavily imply the Masons through description of their role. A person besides myself not participating in this game will monitor the thread, and any player caught breaking this house rule will be modkilled.
    • If you fail to cast a vote, your default vote is for "No Lynch" rather than for yourself.
    • If there is a tie between two or more players being lynched, the day will end with No Lynch rather than a coin flip.

    Villager Roles

    Apprentice Seer
    Ability: The night after the Seer dies, you will be informed that the Seer has been killed and you will inherit their ability. Each night you have this ability, you may investigate a player to find out if they are on the Villager team, the Werewolf team, or neither.
    GM notes: If the Seer is a Drunk and is killed before Night 3, the Apprentice Seer will still be told that the Seer has died and will gain their abilities.

    Ability: Each night, you may select a player to protect from all attacks made against them. You may not select yourself or the same player two nights in a row.
    GM note: The Bodyguard protects against both Werewolf AND Bloody Mary attacks. They will be informed that they protected their target but will not be informed of what type of attack.

    Ability: On Night 0, select a player to shoot with your arrow of love. English will randomly select a second player to be the first person they lay eyes on, making them the second lover. You will know who the lovers are. The win condition of the lovers is changed to "survive to the end of the game". If one lover dies, the other will also perish.
    GM notes: Lovers retain their original role ability and Werewolves or Masons can still talk at night. Cupid can be one of the lovers, either chosen by Cupid or randomly chosen. Lovers nor Cupid will be told the alignment of the lovers. A lover team of two Villagers can win with either Villagers or Werewolves. A lover team with one or more Werewolves can only win with the Werewolf team. If Cupid is the Drunk, Cupid will choose lovers on Night 3.

    Ability: At any time while you are alive, you may PM English the name of a player. Whenever you die, the last player you named will die as well.
    GM notes: If the Hunter is lynched, the Hunter's ability is able to kill the Prince even if the Prince has not been revealed.

    Ability: At the end of the night, you will be informed by English if either of your neighbors used a night ability during the night.
    GM notes: The Insomniac will not be informed of a difference between one neighbor or two neighbors waking up. "Neighbor" refers to the players adjacent to the Insomniac on the player list, skipping over dead roles so that the Insomniac will always have two neighbors. This ability applies to Night 0. This ability does not apply to Masons talking at night, but does apply to Werewolves talking at night if they make a kill.

    Ability: Any role who attempts to determine your alignment will see you as on the Werewolf team.
    GM notes: The Seer and the Apprentice Seer will see the Lycan as a Werewolf role.

    Ability: You may talk with the other Masons at night.
    GM notes: Players may not mention the word "Mason" during the day nor may they mention their existence at risk of being mod-killed. There are three Masons. If one of the Masons is the Drunk, that player will enter the Mason chat on Night 3 provided that they are still alive.

    Ability: During the day you may reveal yourself to be GM-confirmed as the Mayor. At that point, all of your votes against players in lynches count as two votes.
    GM notes: Official vote counts will show two votes from the Mayor after they use their ability.

    Ability: If you are lynched, you will be GM-confirmed to be the Prince and the day will end with No Lynch.
    GM notes: If the Prince is lynched later, after being GM-confirmed, the Prince will still die. If the Prince is lynched while as the Drunk, the Drunk will die.

    Ability: Each night you may investigate a player to find out if they are on the Villager team, the Werewolf team, or neither.
    GM notes: The Seer may make an investigation on Night 0. The Drunk and Bloody Mary are on neither team. Lovers will be shown as their original alignment.

    Ability: You have a one-shot night ability to cause trouble. If you cause trouble, on the next day the two players with the most votes at the end of the day will be lynched.
    GM notes: The players will be informed that the Troublemaker caused trouble at the start of the day. If the two players with the most votes have an equal number of votes, the day will end with no lynch.

    Village Idiot
    Ability: You may not vote to no lynch.
    GM notes: If the Village Idiot attempts to vote for no lynch, their vote will secretly count as a vote against the Village Idiot, although the vote count will say that they voted for no lynch. If the Village Idiot fails to vote, their vote will secretly count against themselves although the official vote count will report them voting for no lynch.

    Ability: None
    GM notes: There are 3 Villagers in the game plus a 4th Villager who starts the game with the Amulet of Protection. The Drunk cannot be a Villager.

    The Amulet of Protection
    Ability: Whoever owns the Amulet of Protection is unable to die. The owner of the Amulet of Protection must give away the Amulet to another player who has not yet received the Amulet each night.
    GM notes: The Amulet of Protection will be given away at the end of the night after all other night actions (except the Insomniac, who will be notified if a neighbor passed the amulet) and after the night kill(s). The Amulet of Protection applies during the night and day, so the holder cannot be lynched. If the holder of the Amulet is chosen to be lynched, the day will end with no lynch. If the holder of the Amulet is attacked by Bloody Mary after she is dead, the Amulet will be destroyed. If the Amulet is attempted to be passed to a (newly) dead player it will be randomly given to another player.

    Werewolf Roles

    Ability: On Night 0 you will be told who the Werewolves and Sorcerer are, but they will not know who you are.
    GM notes: The Minion will not be a part of the Werewolf chat until all of the Werewolves have died (even if one Werewolf was the Drunk). If all Werewolves and the Sorcerer are dead, the Minion can make the factional kill. If one of the Werewolf team roles is the Drunk, the Minion will still know who they are (the Minion will know that a Drunk Werewolf is a Werewolf and will know that a Drunk Sorcerer is a Sorcerer).

    Ability: The Sorcerer will be a part of the Werewolf chat. Each night you may investigate a player to find the Seer. If they are the Seer, you will learn that they are the Seer.
    GM notes: The Sorcerer may make an investigation on Night 0. The Sorcerer cannot find the Apprentice Seer until the original Seer dies. The Sorcerer is not a part of the vote for who the Werewolves kill.

    Ability: You may talk with the other Werewolves at night and decide as a group who will be killed.
    GM notes: If one of the Werewolves is the Drunk, that Werewolf will join the Werewolf chat on Night 3, provided they are still alive. The Werewolves will kill as a group rather than have one player execute the kill, and will need to vote on who to kill. If the decision is not unanimous then there will be no kill that night.

    Third Party

    Ability: You will learn what your true role is on Night 3.
    GM notes: One card that is not a vanilla villager is selected as the true role. If the player is alive on Night 3, they will learn what their new role is. A Drunk Mason or a Drunk Werewolf will enter their chat Night 3. A Drunk Cupid will choose a pair of lovers on Night 3 rather than Night 0. If the Drunk dies before Night 3, their true role will never be revealed.

    Bloody Mary
    Ability: If you receive the Amulet of Protection and you choose to pass it to nobody, the Amulet will be destroyed rather than passed to a random player. If you are killed, each night you may pick a player from the list. If that player does not receive the Amulet that night, they die. If they do receive the Amulet that night, the player will remain unharmed and instead the Amulet will be destroyed.
    GM notes: The list given to the dead Bloody Mary is a list of all players who have not yet received the Amulet (all players who could potentially receive the Amulet).

    Signature art by Liah ♥

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  • After everybody shuffles to the table and settles down, English excitedly pulls out the roles and decides on a deck for the game. The gleam in his eye tells you that even if you don't fully understand the roles or rules completely, the game will be interesting overall.

    1 Seer
    1 Apprentice Seer
    1 Bodyguard
    1 Cupid
    1 Hunter
    1 Insomniac
    1 Lycan
    3 Masons
    1 Mayor
    1 Prince
    1 Troublemaker
    1 Village Idiot
    3 Villagers

    1 Villager with the Amulet of Protection
    3 Werewolves
    1 Sorcerer
    1 Minion

    1 Bloody Mary
    1 Drunk

    He takes out the Villagers and the Drunk, shuffles the deck and removes a card and puts it to the side of the table. "This is going to be the Drunk's role" he comments. He adds in the cards he took out earlier and puts in a Narrator card. "Whoever is dealt the Narrator will be the GM for this game, but you should know enough about the rules to handle it fine if you get it." It does look like English is shuffling the deck strangely, and sure enough when all of the roles are passed out English reveals he has the Narrator card. It's probably for the best, since he understands the rules better than any of you.

    All of you close your eyes, and one by one English asks roles to open their eyes. The game is beginning.

    Important Information:
    • Seer and Sorcerer may make investigations Night 0
    • Masons and Werewolves may not talk Night 0

    Insomniac Triggers

    Actions that trigger Insomniac:
    • Anybody passing the Amulet of Protection
    • Apprentice Seer investigating a target after the Seer dies
    • Bodyguard protecting a target
    • Cupid creating lovers on Night 0
    • Drunk Cupid creating lovers on Night 3
    • Minion making a factional kill after the Werewolves and Sorcerer are dead
    • Seer investigating a target
    • Sorcerer investigating a target
    • Troublemaker making trouble
    • Werewolves attacking (if the Werewolves choose to attack, they all attack and all trigger the Insomniac)
    Actions that do not trigger the Insomniac:
    • Anybody learning their role on Night 0
    • Anybody with a day/passive action (Hunter, Lycan, Mayor, Prince, Village Idiot)
    • Bloody Mary making an attack
    • Drunk learning their true role
    • Masons talking at night
    • Minion learning who Werewolf companions are
    • Werewolves talking but not attacking

    Villager win condition: Eliminate all Werewolves

    Werewolf win condition: Start a day with the number of Werewolves equaling the number of non-Werewolves

    Bloody Mary win condition: Destroy the Amulet of Protection


    If there is any more information you wish to be displayed here, PM me or ask in the hub.
  • "Everybody, open your eyes" commands English, after finishing all of the setup and Night 0 actions.

    When you open your eyes, however, you are tucked into a bed stuffed with straw. The building you are housed inside of is a small single-room house, with a single window next to the door on the opposite side of the room. Where even are you?

    You hear English's voice speaking in your head. "The sun rises on the village of Zelda Universe. Today happens to be the first day of the harvest week, where the full moon shines for many nights in a row, allowing for many long harvest sessions. While this is normally a joyous time for the village, news of neighboring villages being destroyed by werewolf attacks brings a somber mood."

    It appears some magical nonsense brought you all into the fictional world Ultimate Werewolf is taking place in. Whatever English is doing to make this happen, it's pretty cool so far. You decide to head outside to experience this new world. It appears many of your neighbors have the same idea, leaving their similarly-structured houses slightly earlier or later than you. All of the houses are constructed in a circle surrounding a central gallows. To be more specific, it is constructed as a gallows, but looks to be mainly used as a platform for public declarations or gatherings. For some reason looking at it makes the whole world seem darker.

    It is not long until your attention and the attention of everybody is drawn to something in front of the steps to the gallows. "Oh no" you hear English say. "It appears that your town may become the next victim of werewolf attacks. English's corpse, torn apart with horrible scratches here and there, are evidence enough to make the whole town hold its breath.

    Display Spoiler

    English was the Narrator.

    It is apparent that there is only one thing to do to combat this threat: use the communal power of the noose to eliminate the werewolf threat before the entire village is destroyed."

    This hardly feels like a game anymore, although you assure yourself it is. Willing or not, the only way to get out is to end the game.

    Start of Day 1

    Signature art by Liah ♥

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  • In an effort to be novel for the sake of novelty, the Mafia HR department presents for your viewing please:

    People who usually complain about my opening posts being too damn long please feel free to skip to the 18 minute mark for the novel stuff. You will miss the fun parts.

    Good luck humans!
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  • I could fall asleep to that voice
    "Time passes, people move.... Like a rivers flow, it never ends... A childish mind will turn to noble ambition... Young love will become deep affection... The clear water's surface reflects growth..."

    Saving a link here: Mafia XI: Ace Attorney -- Night Four: Serial Killers and Serial Gamblers.

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  • Doesn't take a lot of effort to make a post stating you've visited the thread and to update us on your situation in the foreseeable future everyone. I've noted a few people haven't said hello yet. I know we're only an hour in but the sooner you all say hello, the sooner we can be a bit more serious about talking about what we're going to do today.

    Precommitting to a proper lynch of someone, as I always do.

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  • Jaime Lannister wrote:

    I'm inclined to agree with Mike, yer video is too long, ain't gonna watch. I've probably got about 250 things I'd rather do, give or take a couple.

    A pity; it was rather informative. Talked about some stuff which is particular to this game (that's what he wanted people to skip to 18:00 for).

    ...Although it's not like I can't sympathise, as I've got some things I need to do today as well (Not quite as many - just 4 things - but that's a bit more realistic. :P) And I wasn't able to get any of it done last night. *shrug*