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    Tournament 2016: Questions and Community Engagement
    • Tournament Sign-up Thread

      OK we're going into 2016, and anyone who has a tournament idea may enter. The ideal after all of the tournament sign-up thread is to allow community members - not just moderators - to run a tournament.

      The set-up for this thread is simple. It is to allow for people to pitch their ideas and in a month's time, allow for people to vote on whose idea they like the best. The winner will then be responsible for hosting the 2016 tournament.

      IMPORTANT NOTE: Since E3 is June 14-16, that's when the tournament sign-ups should start. With the expected influx of new members and activity, we should take advantage of this to attract new members to the board. As a result, your tournament should be good and ready to go by the beginning of June. That way we can build up hype leading up to E3.

      To sign up, simply post the following:


      [b]Type of Tournament:[/b]
      [b]General idea:[/b]

      Name: Name of the tournament. It can be a placeholder name or what you actually are going to call it.
      Partner(s): The people who will be running this with you. Your co-DMs for lack of a better word. While this isn't necessary, it is highly advised as running a tournament by yourself can be a challenge.

      Type of Tournament: Is it player vs player? A co-op? Something else entirely?
      General idea: You don't need to go into the specifics, but at least give us a pretty good idea of what to expect for the tournament. The more information you can provide, the better.
      Judging: How will judging be done? Knock-out? Best people of the group moving forward? Essentially give us an idea how people will move forward.

      Voting for the tournament will be the first week in May.

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    • Name: The Dying Sun's Bi-Megaannial Scavenger Hunt Extravaganza
      Partner(s): N/A
      Type of Tournament: Scavenger Hunt/Race
      General idea: Players are brought to the Dying Sun, the bar at the edge of time, to take place in an incredible Race style scavenger hunt across multiple worlds and dimensions, each with their own challenges and pitfalls. Once the player has located the object for that world, they can choose to share that victory with potential teammates or keep it for themselves. Players will be rewarded points for performance and the players with the most points will continue on to later rounds, but be warned, if you are one of the unlucky ones who lose a round, you will be pushed off the side of the Dying Sun into the yawning abyss, and who knows where you'll end up if you fall in there?
      Judging: Players will receive points based on their writing for the round, as well as receiving a slight point bonus for actually "winning" the round, ie, finding the Item for that challenge. Half of the players will move on after each round, while the other half will not. Because of this, it is entirely possible to find the item but still lose the round and not move on, if your writing getting it wasn't good enough to beat out the other players.
    • As we had no more people sign up, looks like Sam is going to be running the tournament. Sam I'll leave this thread open for a way for people to ask you questions and for you to flesh out what people should expect for the tournament. This is also a way for people to offer help and what not and express interest in joining.

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    • alAlright, so, let's get into this.

      I'm currently in the progress of finishing up the scenarios for the tournament, the number of which will vary depending on how many people join in and participate, although going by the number that joined the 2015 tournament I'm leaning towards three rounds, rounding up the numbers for Round 3 so 3 players compete to win the Grand Prize, unlimited access to the Dying Sun's V.I.P. Menu consisting of an ever-expanding list of magical alcoholic beverages, and even the opportunity to have a drink added to the menu with an effect of the winner's choice.

      The three rounds will take place on vary alternate dimensions, accessed through the Dome Door on the property. Every competitor will exist in the same world-space for every round, dropped off at the same starting point and given an object they must identify, locate and retrieve before the other players can. The round is won by touching the object in question, and you can share the points awarded for victory with as many people as you wish, whether you worked as a team or not.

      Victory overall in the end of the round is determined by a scoring rubric based on an average 60 point system. The breakdown is going to result in something akin to this:

      Character Writing: How in-character were you in the Round? - up to 15 points
      Character Interaction: Did you interact with the other characters (or give a believable, interesting reason why they don't?) - up to 10 points
      General Writing: How good was the writing itself? Was it relatively free of typos, understandable and well written? - up to 5 points.
      Creativity: How interesting and clever were your character's solutions to problems? Did they make sense, logically speaking? - 10 points
      Winning: Did you grab the item first, or were you given the victory alongside whoever did get it? - 20 points

      The half of the players with the lowest scores are disqualified and pushed into the yawning pit of time outside of the bar. Ties are determined first by whether or not the person was on the winning team. Touching the object is an automatic tiebreaker in the winner's favor. If neither people with the same score touched the object, then it will be determined using a randomizer I'll link after the judging.

      If you want to work together, go ahead. If you think the best solution for winning is to kill all the competition before the object is found, sure, do it. Anybody killed during rounds is brought back to life after the round ends.

      Any questions or suggestions?
    • Seems interesting... I want in.
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    • That's good to hear, but from the looks of it, you don't have any approved characters for the ToC section (or if you do, they're not listed in the Character Index for whatever reason?). It should be easy enough create a character and get them approved before the tournament begins. This guide gives a pretty good overview of how to do so, and as one of the section mods I'm more then willing to help you out however you need to. Just shoot a message by my wall or through private message if you have any and you can certainly be involved in the tournament.