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    Your favorite games that you played in 2015
    • I'm slow when it comes to new games so instead of making a Game of the Year thread I made this. This is about games you played in 2015, regardless of whether they were released in 2015 or before you were born. It's basically half a confessional "which parties were you late to" thread, half a retrospective "how was your gaming year" thread and you can be creative with how you answer that, me I like the top-10 format so I'm just going to talk about my ten favorite games that I played in 2015. I'm not going to include games that I will still be playing into 2016 (Xenoblade Chronicles X, Diablo 3), games that I've played before (Infamous 2, Mega Man 10, Velocity 2X) or remakes of games that I've played before (Wind Waker HD, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3) in my list. Those are just my personal rules, that's all. While I'm letting you choose your games as freely as you like, I will still ask you to write words and stuff about at least one of them so that it's interesting to read.

      1. Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut (2013, Playstation 3)

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      For me this became one of those special games where you can ignore all its various shortcomings, including the ones you've pointed out yourself and still place the game at the top of a list like this because the good stuff is simply that good. I'm a "gameplay before everything else" kind of guy and this game won me over mostly with things like story, characters and atmosphere. It's also a game I would put in the horror genre, so it's an unusual favorite for me in more than one way. You know a game has made a lasting impact on you when it's overwhelmingly difficult to quit playing even when there's nothing left to do in it anymore. It makes you feel sorry for whatever is the next game you're going to start playing. At the end of Deadly Premonition (maybe getting spoiler-ish a little?), I had to take an extra ride around town to make sure I had talked to everyone at least once before deciding that it's time to let this one go and move on to another game. Suddenly it was the most important thing in the world to hear what every single NPC would say about the endgame events and their thoughts in general before I was finally ready to leave, like I actually depended on their support to restore my emotional state of being. Earlier I said that's when you know you're playing something you will never forget, but now I think I saw it coming all along from the first half of the game.

      2. Rogue Legacy (2014, Playstation Vita)

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      Out of the three "just one more go" procedurally generated roguelike games that I've played and enjoyed, I'm going to put this above Spelunky and the Binding of Isaac because admittedly I like the feeling that you're actually making progress that is somewhat supported by the gameplay mechanics like experience points and resource sinks, instead of only being equipped with a new lesson of how the game works every time you try again. Maybe that makes this game belong in a different page from the other two and therefore even farther away from what a "pure" roguelike should be, and I'm fine with that. It was a fun ride all the way through and I'm not sure if I'm actually through with it yet. This is a game that really makes you want to become good at it, and while I'm obsessed with the idea of absolutely conquering this game, lately I haven't had the courage to play it because I'm not sure if there ever is a reachable end point to that line of thinking. I'm kind of afraid of the addictive nature of this game.

      3. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (2014, Nintendo Wii U)

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      Donkey Kong Country Returns blew my mind in a way that I wasn't expecting any sequel to ever top that, and my unpopular opinion is that this game only came close to doing it. It did deliver improvements on the presentation side of things though, like visuals and music. The real meat of the game is in the time trials though and if you compare them on that level, Tropical Freeze loses by several elegance points. There are some very uncomfortable "speedrun killers" that even the best players in the world have to match their pace to them, just look at how painful it gets in levels such as 3-2 and 3-K for examples. The ones in DKCR are not as many and not as unfortunate. I know I'm bringing up DKCR comparisons more than making this be exclusively about Tropical Freeze, which can be an argument about how this game didn't change things that much. I'm glad that people seem to be getting that this isn't an ordinary platformer (probably much of it thanks to the time trials being more social and community driven than before), I just wish people were saying that with me when I praised the same things about DKCR back then.

      4. Super Meat Boy (2010, Xbox 360)

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      Sometimes there's only one thing that can ruin a good game completely and it could be something as simple sounding as taking more than two seconds to die and try again. If this game had a cinematic death animation + ... now loading ... ... ... + respawn animation, it would never get away with being what it is. The best part is that the game understands it to the point that it's practically bragging about how it gets away with it at every opportunity. The result is the kind of level design that encourages you towards a rushing approach so it often feels like you're improvising your way through everything. If that's how you naturally play platformers, especially hard platformers, achieving things in this game is pure bliss. I understand it gets into trial & error territory every once in a while, which isn't really such a problem considering what I've been saying here. Failure can be important in learning how to play a game as long as you tone down the punishment side of failure. I will point at this game whenever I need to explain that with an example.

      My ranking will be getting a lot more arbitrary from here on.

      5. Pikmin 3 (2013, Nintendo Wii U)

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      This series gets better with each game if you ask me. I think this one hits the perfect balance between the comparatively easy simplicity of Pikmin the first and some of the more intense and brutal moments of Pikmin the second. It did get some panic out of me during most of the bosses, mostly in a good way though. I went ahead and completed everything in the story mode, yet for some reason I haven't even looked at the challenge modes.

      6. Braid (2008, Xbox 360)

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      What a brilliant little game. It introduces a central gameplay mechanic and squeezes a lot of juice out of it before mixing in new ideas as you play further into it. It's pretty to look at too. I quickly began to dismiss the writing as meaningless drivel, yet when I got to the final level I kind of regretted not paying enough attention because I noticed that the level referenced the storybooks quite openly. It seemed like there was something quite creative there and it was partially lost on me mostly because of my own fault. I completed the full game (as far as I know) on my first sitting and the solutions for some of the puzzles really made me feel like a genius.

      7. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (2014, Playstation 4)

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      Some games in the Assassin's Creed series and the Arkham Batman series are among my favorite AAA games of the last generation, and playing this game felt just comfortably similar to both with something original in there too. I loved running around and ruining everyone's day while completing missions which there were many. It was unfortunately a little too much on the easy side though and it started to fall apart at the very end where it kept building up the hype about facing the final boss for a while until tragically reducing the entire battle to quick time events. A sad end to a fun game. I've never been a Tolkien fan and while this game didn't make me one, I had a blast with most of it and I wouldn't mind a sequel.

      8. Mark of the Ninja (2012, Xbox 360)

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      This is one of the best stealth games I've ever played. It doesn't reduce everything to a waiting game and it always allows you to keep moving around, often making you a bit overpowered in your invisibility skills. You can strike fear into your enemies which is something not enough games let you do. I'm tempted to replay this and not kill anyone because that's always an option, although if you decide to be a lethal ninja there's still plenty of room to express yourself differently from other lethal ninja (I was delighted to see this game knows that the plural of ninja is ninja, because for some reason that's not as obvious to everyone). This is done without making the game confusing or directionless or turning it into an exploration based non-linear metroidvania.

      9. Infamous Second Son (2014, Playstation 4)

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      This game went by very quickly, not just because it's much shorter and simpler than I expected of an Infamous game, but also because I enjoyed my time with it. I was impressed by how balanced all the available powers were for the most part. Sure I guess the smoke was still my favorite if I really had to choose, but not because the others were weak or situational. Like I've done with the previous Infamous games, I will eventually replay this one with the opposite karmic alignment and I'm looking forward to seeing the full story.

      10. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (2014, Nintendo Wii U)

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      I went against what I promised myself five years ago and downloaded from Nintendo again. It was worth that to finally play this game. Everyone here probably already knows all about it so I don't have to describe what it is. It was interesting to see the first introductions to some items that I had once thought were new in Skyward Sword. I had a fun time playing this and it might be(come) my favorite handheld Zelda game. Playing it on a Wii U through the tv screen occasionally made me forget it was originally made for a portable device.

      I played many more great games than just that, but the rest will only get a mention below in no order because cutting it to 10 was already quite hard. Most of these probably would have made it somewhere among ranks 5-10, yet didn't for reasons that aren't rational enough to explain.

      Banjo-Tooie (2009, Xbox 360)
      Bastion (2011, Xbox 360)
      Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (2015, Nintendo Wii U)
      Contrast (2013, Playstation 4)
      Final Fantasy VII (2009, Playstation 3)
      Final Fantasy VIII (2009, Playstation 3)
      Grandia (2010, Playstation 3)
      Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (2011, Xbox 360)
      Mega Man X (2013, Nintendo Wii U)
      Papo & Yo (2012, Playstation 3)
      Portal: Still Alive (2008, Xbox 360)
      Shadow Complex (2009, Xbox 360)
      The Swapper (2014, Playstation 3)
    • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC
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      After 4 or more years for fans, this finally came out in English. Was it worth the wait? Mostly. To be entirely honest, I found the story a little more formulaic over the exposition-heavy first chapter. Not too detracting when the presentation and characters themselves are still quite enjoyable. The gameplay itself was also improved here and there with some new abilities and a wider scale on levelling. One thing for certain is that I'm actually interested to play other turn-based JRPGs after this one.

      Call of Juarez Gunslinger
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      This title really surprised me. It's a rather quick shooter with a very arcade feel to it, but an absolute blast for its good pace and charming story. The nifty skill tree system really helps to make it worth subsequent replays.

      Strider 2014
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      I still haven't played any of the old entries in this series, but I don't really feel the need. This is the only one styled as a Metroidvania and it's some of the most fun I've had in the genre since Super Metroid or Zero Mission.

      Wolfenstein: The New Order
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      Gameplay is solid, skill trees are fun. Stealth isn't completely useless at times. Very solid all around. Of all things to keep me hooked though, was the story. It's still pretty simple when laid out, but keeps you rather compelled to continue all the same. Also it presents a story-altering choice early on that is probably the most upsetting thing I've ever had to decide in a videogame.

      Killing Floor 2
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      This game is still a work in progress (Sharpshooter Perk when??) and the balance is rather questionable right now. It's still mostly Killing Floor and I'm at least invested enough to max out nearly every Perk already. I just hope it only gets better.

      Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure
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      An older title from Falcom and one of a kind from them. I guess I'd compare it to Legend of Zelda in some minor parts. Not really sure how to pin it down. It's a fun 3D platformer with some variety of combat moves, I guess. Works in a level-by-level basis with emphasis on smashing everything you can for points.

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      Wound up getting goaded into doing a co-op run of this. It's a very fun and tricky dungeon crawler. Not too long either.

      Axiom Verge
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      A Metroidvania, to the extent of the visuals heavily borrowing from Metroid and perhaps the latter's own influence of Alien. I preferred Strider for its faster pace, but this one has a greater emphasis on exploring every single nook and cranny for some extra goodies like a weapon upgrade.

      Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim
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      Glad to finally have this one in English officially. The later Ys games based on this one's style are arguably better, but I still had fun with this. It's probably one of the easiest due to stockable healing items. There's a new mode that offers removing that feature for extra challenge though, god help you.

      Freedom Planet
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      A Sonic-ish game that I honestly don't remember much of my time with. I'd have to go back to this one honestly. Wasn't really bad by any stretch, but I'd still probably wind up preferring Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

      Other stuff I played or tried this year:

      Brandish: The Dark Revenant
      Serious Sam 2
      Assassin's Creed III
      Shovel Knight
      Thief 2014

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    • Phffft haha, I was planning on making a thread just like this one, but I was waiting until the year was actually over. Guess I can still make a GOTY one.

      Aaaaaaaanyway, there's still some stuff I'm playing that I'll likely finish before the year's over (pretty much just Undertale at this point) so I'm not gonna post a list just yet. Either way, most of the games I played this year save for a couple exceptions were actually released either this year, or the previous one, so my list's gonna be a bit boring.
    • I also played the new Strider game and I was considering adding it to my honorable mentions list before remembering two unfortunate things about it: unskippable cutscenes between checkpoints and boss fights, and oversized dialogue boxes blocking the bottom of the screen during some of those boss fights. It was a great game otherwise, although I must give the year's metroidvania award to Shadow Complex instead. One of the cool things about Strider was when I discovered that you can actually do quadruple jumps. If you chain a vertical plasma catapult + jump + another jump, the plasma catapult will have another charge in that time. I never got tired of doing it.
    • This wasn't a big gaming year for me in the least. I believe these were the only games I played to any real extent (in order of playing as far as I can remember):

      Dragon Ball Xenoverse
      Mario Kart DS (Wii U VC release, I literally hadn't played the original in like nine years, as I lost it in a hotel on a band trip. Lol)
      Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer
      One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

      The Sims 3, too, I guess... But I've been playing that for years!

      Throwing aside TS3 and Mario Kart DS (really a 2005/2006 game for me): For the most part I was satisfied with what I played, but these are all light experiences, and nothing that would make my favorites. I mean, anime games and a spin-off. They're great for what they are, though.

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    • I only played one game that came out this year, and I thought it was crap.

      Favorites would include,

      Final Fantasy VI [SNES] [Played before, but not the SNES version]
      Street Fighter II [GEN] [Played before, but not for years]
      Soul Blade [PSX] [Played before, but not for years]
      Beyond Two Souls [PS3] [Played before]
      The Walking Dead Season Two [PS3] [Played before]
      Resident Evil 3 Nemesis [GCN] [Played before, but not for years]
      Silent Hill 3 [X360] [First time playing]
      WWF WrestleMania 2000 [N64] [Played before, but not for years]
      Metal Gear [PS2 through MGS3] [Played before, but not for years]
      Rush 2 Extreme Racing USA [N64] [First time playing]
      Xenogears [PSX] [First time playing]
      The Wolf Among Us [PC] [Played before]
      BattleTanx Global Assault [N64] [Played until it's no longer fun]
      BattleToads & Double Dragon [GEN] [Played before, but not for years]
      Crash Bandicoot 2 [PSX] [Played before, but not for years]
      Castlevania 64 [N64] [Played before, but not for years]
      Super Metroid [SNES] [First time playing]
      Chrono Trigger [SNES] [First time playing]
      Portal [PC] [First time playing]
      Eye Toy Play [PS2] [Played before, but not for years]

      All of these are reviews and were fun to play. Games I haven't played for years are ones that were a part of my childhood. It felt good to get to play Soul Blade again after all this time. Same for Battletoads & Double Dragon. I didn't grow up with a Super Nintendo so I missed a lot of games there. Playing Super Metroid and Chrono Trigger was long overdue.

      I have a preference for older games, as you can clearly see.
    • I like this idea. I'll just include games I've finished (where applicable).

      1. Life is Strange
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      Every episode contains at least one utterly blissful, serene, or tragically sad scene. One of the best games I've ever played. It's a rare example of "games being art".
      edit: The soundtrack is neat too.

      2. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
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      Considered the worst game in the BloodSouls series by many, I personally think it's the best. It took a while for me to adjust to the amount of enemies you have to deal with but when I finally got used to it and found weapons/movesets I liked it was fantastic.

      3. Bloodborne
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      The first Bloodsouls game I actually finished. More of an all out offense type of combat system compared to DS1 and DS2 due to there being no blocking. Not a fan of the framerate and input lag but it's a fantastic game otherwise.

      4. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
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      Hotline Miami.. 2. Not much to say really. Loved the first game so I loved the second one. The areas are more open so you're sort of forced to have your aim zoomed 24/7 and you often have to take things slower than usual but it worked for me.

      5. Forza Horizon 2
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      The best arcade racing game I've ever played. I lean towards sims since those are what I play on PC and this scratched my sim itch enough while still being a bit wacky and arcadey. Driving through vinyards, flying 50 feet in the air over a hill, etc. Madness lol.

      6. Dark Souls
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      The lack of quick travel hurt the game for me big time. The connected world thing didn't impress me, I'd rather a DSII/Bloodborne system. Still the combat is god-tier still so I really enjoyed it anyway.

      7. Rainbow Six Siege
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      Best new tactical shooter since.. Counter-Strike? Maybe.

      8. Batman: Arkham Knight
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      Batman.. in rain! Seriously though the rain. Loved how light reacted to it. Oh yeah, and it's Batman. Fun.

      9. Project Cars
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      Best new racing sim of 2015. The physics are not perfect but the career mode is exactly what I've wanted in a racing game for ages.

      10. Saints Row IV
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      Mindless fun. It was the first game I played from beginning to end with the Steam controller and it controlled wonderfully. Flying around was so fun.

      11. Sunset Overdrive
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      Mindless fun pt.2

      12. The Talos Principle
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      Best puzzle game since Portal.

      13. Killer Instinct (Xbox One)
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      I am so bad at fighting games but I've played it with friends a ton and we've enjoyed it so it makes my list

      14. Grow Home
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      Super short but enjoyable.

      15. The Unfinished Swan
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      I don't remember a ton about it to be honest other than it was fun.

      16. Far Cry 4
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      It liked it but I am getting tired of the Ubisoft open world formula. An easy platinum trophy though.

      17. Dirt Rally
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      So it turns out I don't like Rally driving. Great game but not my kind of thing.

      Ok I cheated with Life is Strange since I didn't actually finish it until 2016, but I did own Episode 1 in 2015 at least lol. I just like it too much.

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    • Ayen wrote:

      Playing Super Metroid and Chrono Trigger was long overdue.

      I was also very late with Super Metroid, well Metroid in general. It still became one of my favorite Super Nintendo games that I remember fondly although there are no childhood memories associated with it. That game and Majora's Mask make me nostalgic for when I was still 22 and playing my Nintendo Wii. Yeah it's weird.

      I'm ashamed of my Chrono Trigger virginity though, coupled with my lack of effort to do anything about it now that I can't use the "but it's not available in my region" excuse anymore. It might as well become my next white whale of video games that I've never played, filling a void that used to resemble Final Fantasy VII.
    • Traeh wrote:

      Ayen wrote:

      Playing Super Metroid and Chrono Trigger was long overdue.

      I was also very late with Super Metroid, well Metroid in general. It still became one of my favorite Super Nintendo games that I remember fondly although there are no childhood memories associated with it. That game and Majora's Mask make me nostalgic for when I was still 22 and playing my Nintendo Wii. Yeah it's weird.

      I'm ashamed of my Chrono Trigger virginity though, coupled with my lack of effort to do anything about it now that I can't use the "but it's not available in my region" excuse anymore. It might as well become my next white whale of video games that I've never played, filling a void that used to resemble Final Fantasy VII.

      I lost my save file after putting six hours into it and got discouraged from starting over at the beginning again. I don't seem to have too much luck with saves on old RPGs. Same thing happened when I played the original NES version of Final Fantasy.
    • Sardonic Pickle wrote:

      Dunno about games as a plural, but 2015 was the year I finally got my hands on Conker's Bad Fur Day on the N64. Which I've been wanting since I was a child. Finally found it, bought it and finished it.

      Amazing game.

      That was such a great game! I too never could play it until recently, but my favorite games of 2015 in no particular order are; Splatoon, Triforce Heroes, Fallout 4, Tomodachi Life, and Assassin's Creed Syndicate
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      Incomplete Currently playing Completed
    • BlackWolf_WhiteAngel wrote:

      Sardonic Pickle wrote:

      Dunno about games as a plural, but 2015 was the year I finally got my hands on Conker's Bad Fur Day on the N64. Which I've been wanting since I was a child. Finally found it, bought it and finished it.

      Amazing game.

      That was such a great game! I too never could play it until recently, but my favorite games of 2015 in no particular order are; Splatoon, Triforce Heroes, Fallout 4, Tomodachi Life, and Assassin's Creed Syndicate

      Splatoon! Of course, how could I forget? Awesome game, great multiplayer local and online :)
    • Mostly have just played the games I've been designing. Adventureland is a great game, it's online beta multiplayer that makes it easy to create your own adventure land together with friends, you intuitively create the map regions, themes, music, NPCs and scenarios using items you find around the land in dungeons, treasure chests, from NPCs and creatures, or dig up around the bare world and forests, and use specifically an element selection grade that makes mass region building intuitive for your character, and after building a bit of your region and characters they will start to come alive and have a mind of their own, evolving autonomously around your friends homes, integrating their personality, so you're constantly inviting friends into your unique adventures and paths. It uses a bit of evolution algorithm studied from 3DVCE. My friend has been busy in the past couple days, I just ran over to his northern region and the path going up to his home up the mountain has turned into an epic flourishing marshland with all kinds of quests going on, and there is a specific quest with this fisherman duck buddy of his by the diving pool. So far he has a lot to say about my friend that is actually quite accurate, but the NPC building mechanism doesn't require you to input text in order for this to happen. The NPCs asks questions and generate other new ideas about your friends and facts about the world you're in that may be true based on statistics, and some questions I need to answer him by solving specific mental puzzles and finding clues. Some of the puzzles my friend made along the way I never ever realized were puzzles when I was going through those areas, they were quite abstract and symbolic... New structures and characters appear from the personality you've inherently given your region, but in this adventurous evolution of a Zelda-like world it requires you to take care of your region (upkeep the flow of magic around the land) in order to keep it alive and flowing, by exploring around on your mounts and vehicles and helping out your characters, creating them new and better items and tools that they will use, you will frequently see characters moving from area to area building new regions and landscapes with them, or else if you don't take part in your world it will start to fade away. Its about making partnerships with your neighboring friends' regions and their NPCs too. Overall the game is about epic exploring and intuitive creation of overworld challenges, fun personalities, and imaginative explorable paths and adventures around your friends homes. We are putting a lot of work into the algorithm of generating personalities and stories because we want a very relateable and personal game, but one that makes it easy to build what you want. It pretty much Zelda for creative people. We have about 50 region themes up in the element generator right now, choose 5 element blocks, that's a total of 2,118,760 different types of regions you can make, and I've composed around 300 possible adventure songs so far (with 900 songs for filler right now.) Our design philosophy is making gameplay intuitive by doing all the logical thought for the player before hand, so I'm making sure every generated region theme and song really fits its elemental combination.

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    • Although it really is outdated and it really isn't new. I played the heck out of Oblivion last year, I think it's one of the most beautiful games I've ever played. And honestly, I like it much better than Skyrim (that said though, I don't like Skyrim at all really, ugly as hell and it was less of an RPG than any other game in the Elders Scrolls and Fallout series) It feels more alive than any other Bethesda game (Though I do prefer the gameplay of Fallout more cuz guns), and it really does bring out the feeling of adventure and "what could happen if I just went over there? there could be anything over there". Honestly that really is something games tend to have trouble doing for me, bringing out a sense of wonder and the feeling that sends chills down your spine that makes you think absolutely anything could happen. The dark brotherhood questline in this game might actually be my favorite thing bethesda has ever done.
    • On the Wii U, I spent last year largely playing multiplayer, such as Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Brothers and Splatoon. The online on the Wii U might not be on a par with other consoles, but it is much better than it was on the Wii.

      I have definitely found, this generation, that I've played my 3DS much more than my Wii U. I spent a lot of time on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, which is a nicely challenging game that I still haven't finished. There's a definite 'visual novel' feel about it, but the courtroom scenes are engaging and gripping. I also gave Etrian Odyssey: The Millennium Girl a good try, but it was very hard once the FOEs were encountered, and I managed to make the game virtually unwinnable by spending all my money healing. I must start a new file on it some time. The music is so relaxing and the graphics are very pretty.

      My favourite game, however, has to be Bravely Default, which I seem to recall finishing early last year. I loved the characters' backstories, the soundtrack, the challenging, turn-based combat and I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel, which I'm hoping to play next Saturday!

      'Always believe in yourself. Do this and no matter where you are, you will have nothing to fear.' - Baron Humbert von Gikkingen from 'The Cat Returns'


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