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    The Adoption Lodge (Newbies, look here!)

    • So you've stumbled upon Zelda Universe's Adoption Lodge! Mighty fine stumbling!

      This is the place where new members can be adopted by friendly, veteran members of our Community to help get familiarized with forum life here on ZU! They'll show you the ropes, where everything you need is or how to find it, invite you to some fun forum activities, and friendships are always made in the process!

      All of our Adopters are volunteers from the community who love to be involved in making sure every one of our Newbies are well looked after and welcomed, and will make sure not only do they have fun, but they'll be set up to become a prominent and friendly figure in our Community!

      Good question!

      And it's a very simple process! If a New member wishes to be adopted then all they need to do is simply post in this thread requesting as such. There's no formal sign-up form attached, nothing like that, just pipe up and announce you're looking to be Adopted!

      It won't take long for your request to be read by one of our friendly Adopters, who will then contact you to finalize it and you're off into the big wide world of ZU with your buddy in tow!

      A Newbie will post in this thread, requesting an Adopter!

      An Adopter will answer the Newbie in this thread, tagging them in the process.

      Newbie replies and accepts the offer.

      The Adopter will make a post announcing who they have Adopted.
      Note: We don't mind Newbies being Adopted in ways other than this thread e.g. via Visitor Messages on a profile, but this step (4) is mandatory for any Adopters; post in this thread to let us know!

      One of the very, very attractive Mods of the Newbie Board will confirm this and note it down in the Excel Document of Love and Warmth.

      You both have fun!

      Here are our lovely Adopters! Information about joining them is at the bottom of this very orange post.

      DLR's Bio
      Hey everyone! My name is Dustin. I'm 27 and have been playing videos games with my dad since I was 3 years old.In what little free time I have, I enjoy playing basketball, soccer, and disc golf.

      While I'm not a certified technician, I build and repair computers.I one day want to open my own business. I won't discuss too many details but it is in the video game industry.I've been a member of this wonderful community on ZU for a few years now and I thought it was time I gave back to something that gave me so much!

      If you are looking for help getting around or just someone to chat with, feel free to contact me. You can generally see me in the General Gaming/General Zelda/Serious Discussion Forums, although I do try to maintain a presence in a few others.

      Aurelia's Bio
      Hi my name is Aurelia, but you are more than welcomed to call me Aurrie. I have been part of this forum for a very long time, back in 2007, and I just enjoy being around with the members and the community since it is a fun place to be part of. I became an adopter back in 2011/2012 (I recently came back from my break of ZU) and I enjoy being part of the adoption team I just want to continue helping out you newbies.

      I do try to be active around many parts of the forums, so you could see me in many places of the site, depending on how my day goes since I am still a college student and plan on going back into having a job here soon.

      I promise I don't bite, and if you have a question about anything I am only a message away

      Flutter's Bio!
      Hi my name is Fluttershy, or Fluttz or Flutters as some have taken to calling me. I first joined this forum back when I was 13, and now I'm an adult doing college and stuff.

      I love music, video games, anime, the usual stuff. I want to learn to be a really good composer one day and maybe write music for video games. Ironically, despite my username, I'm not a huge fan of My Little Pony and I wouldn't consider myself a "brony." I was really into the show back in the day but the username just sort of stuck, so don't let that intimidate you.

      If you ever have any problems, I'm all ears. I love making new friends and having insightful conversations. I think we have a great forum here and I'd love to help show you the ropes~

      Hatsune Miku's Bio
      I'm the type of person that tries their best at things; Whether that be simple or difficult tasks, or making someone happy.

      Speaking of which; I love making people happy! Even though I don't smile much, I love seeing other people smiling happy.

      Fishing is my most favorite thing to do in the world. I'm always at peace when fishing.

      Sol's Bio
      Hey there I'm Solsetur, but plenty of people just call me Sol. So you do that too. I am Sol.

      A little bit about me: I am currently a freshmen in college, majoring in nursing. Biology will soon be the bane of my existence. I tend to play video games a lot in my spare time, though only certain ones. I am a sucker for open world games, like Fallout or Elder Scrolls, so if you want to talk games just mention one of those and we will be bff's. I'm also kind of a sports junkie. Not too big on football (American, that is), but I do keep up with it quite a bit regardless. I'm a huge fan of basketball (go Raptors and Pelicans!), and wrestling. Not "pro-wrestling". College and Olympic stuff -- I wrestled in high school, that's what I know, and I think watching it is awesome.

      You'll mostly find me around the forums in General Gaming or hiding in Din, though I do post in Zelda occasionally and I will probably try to post in GCC someday. I'm a pretty open book, nothing is off limits to me haha so if anyone has questions about me don't hesitate to ask~

      Final remarks: I like pancakes, ZU, and if you're nice I'll prob like you too.

      Katrielle's Bio
      Hi, I'm Wendolene and I'm one of the older members of the forum at the ripe old age of 32. I've been interested in video games since way back when the Master System was a thing, and have continued to be hooked ever since. I joined this forum back in 2013, I believe after being stuck with the Triforce quest on Wind Waker (!) and being directed by to this site by Google. I'm so glad I found it, as I have already made some lasting friendships. I mainly reside in Nayru, but since I'm now one of the Newbie Central moderators, together with @Orion, I've branched out a little to other areas of the forums, since as General Chit Chat and General Gaming.

      Anybody who is familiar with me will know that I am obsessed with cats! I'd probably be a crazy cat lady if circumstances allowed. Currently, I have a friendly ginger tom called Ollie, who I regularly post pictures of in the Scrapbook here! Apart from that, I have a passion for music. I used to play the piano and the clarinet many years ago, but I still enjoy listening to music, in particular rock and classical. I particularly enjoy Taylor Davis, as she combines two of my favourite hobbies: music and gaming. I'm also fanatical about Muse, having seen them 4 times.

      I'd echo what some others have said about what a great community we have here - we are generally a very friendly bunch and I'm always up for meeting new people. I'm here to help and answer any questions you may have, as well as welcome you to the forums and hopefully encourage you to post in the areas that interest you.

      I look forward to meeting you!

      DatRavenTho's Bio

      I am DatRavenTho, but you can just call me Raven or DRT, and I'm the newest addition to this whole adoption thingy ^^ I'm 21 and live in Strasbourg, France :3 Oui oui, baguette.

      I am basically a huge nerd : I love Dr Who, Homestuck, LOTR, Star Wars and a looooot more stuff, so feel free to come and tell me about your favourite geeky universe :3

      As part of the GLORIOUS Nayru Clan, I have vowed to help those in need at all cost... Like for real, they make you sign stuff with your own blood and all... I'm scared, pls send halp Q.Q So if you need anything, or if your feeling down or even if everything is fine, I may not provide useful and constructive advice, but I will always be here to listen :3

      Anyway, enjoy your stay my friend ! o/

      epicstorm's Bio

      Hi! I'm epicstar, or epic for short, and I'm all about having a good time on the forums! As true blue from Nayru, I joined the adoption team to try and make your first few weeks smoother then mine were lol.

      Anyways, I'll talk about pretty much anything, I'm a bit of a nerd, and I'm a farmhand small town in the middle of nowhere. It's great. But I'm just an all-around nice guy and I don't bite. So welcome to ZU, and I'll see you around!

      Lady Sunshine's Bio

      Hello and welcome to ZU! So a bit about me: My hobbies include a variety of things, such as video games, art, music, tv shows and nature. I love helping people out, and making new friends. I've been around ZU for a while now, and can definitely help you get started, especially when dealing with clan options, Zelda discussions, and community events. I'm active in ZU discussions outside of the site too, which is a great place to feel involved and connected to people around the world. I was adopted when I first joined the site, and it really helped me feel more included and less nervous about posting in the forums. I highly suggest checking out the newbie thread, as well as our general chit-chat forum for starters. So if you enjoy nerdy and high energy conversations, as well as meeting a variety of people, I'd be happy to show you around!

      Samuel's Bio

      My name's Sam (most members will remember me as The Dude)

      I was most active on ZU circa '12 - '13, but after a rather lengthy break I have returned.
      My area of interest on ZU has always been the clan community -
      organising events, hosting off-site activities & generally making a
      bunch of new friends for life.
      I also frequent the Artwork board - creativity is my passion and I would
      be more than happy to help any new members build an art thread, or help
      them design sigs and avys.

      I valued my time as an adopter a great deal in the past and look forward to helping anyway I can.

      EzloSpirit's Bio

      Hi, there! I'm EzloSpirit, but most people call me Ezlo! (You can also
      call me Eric, as that's my real name.) I first joined ZU over a decade
      ago, a week or so before my thirteenth birthday, after listening to the
      first episode of the community podcast by accident and finding it
      strangely fascinating. I became active about a year later, at which
      point I immersed myself in this magical community. I actually
      contributed to the podcast after it relaunched, and I stayed on board
      until its demise. I was an adopter for a long time, too; a moderator or
      two have spawned from under my wings, which makes me proud! And in 2012
      and 2013, I was the designated moderator for the Writing forum, which
      was a huge honor. I went on hiatus for five years after that, but I am
      back now to help out wherever I can, including getting new members
      acquainted with ZU!

      My interests include Zelda, Pokémon, Kirby, Dynasty Warriors, The Elder Scrolls, Red Faction: Guerrilla, and The Sims, as well as sci-fi TV (Doctor Who,
      in particular), anime, game music, writing fiction, reading fiction,
      studying foreign languages, cataloguing information, information
      technology, voice acting and narration, and cute things. I've also been
      an administrator over on Zelda Wiki since 2015.

      I love to help others, so if you have a question about anything, please
      don't hesitate to reach out to me! Other than that, I look forward to
      being your guide to the Universe—the Zelda Universe Forums,

      TruEdge's Bio

      Hello, I am TruEdge, but most people here call me Tru. I absolutely love helping people feel welcome as well as helping them understand how the site works. I'm an extremely active member of the community here and will pretty much always be available to help you. Now for a little about me. I love video games, cats, movies, tv, and spending time online. My favorite parts of this site are definitely Nayru and Forum Games, but I hang around the other boards too. I love goofing around and having fun. If you ever visit the forum game section you're in for a fun time with me lol. I try to do my best to make others happy here. I love my clan and the friends I've made here. Who knows, maybe you could be one of them someday?

      Skywing's Bio

      Hey there! I’m Skywing, but you can call me Sky if you want. I first joined ZU in July 2017 and quickly found it to be an amazing, friendly community where I’ve made some awesome friends, and I love being a part of it. My own adopter Aurelia was the first friend I made here, and really helped me to feel welcome, so I hope I can do the same for you.
      A little about me - I live in the UK and I love video games, especially Nintendo ones. The Zelda series is of course my favourite, my top three being Breath of the Wild, Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess. My username is based on Skyward Sword, which was my favourite at the time (before Breath of the Wild blew my mind!) I’m also really into Mario games, and from time to time I like to try something new. I also enjoy cycling and hanging out with friends (which generally involves video games or cycling anyway!) I love animals, especially cats, and currently have six cats, as well as five chickens and some tropical fish. I also enjoy cooking, and I’m a big Harry Potter fan.
      Anyway I don’t bite, I’m always happy to talk and make new friends, and I’d love to help you in any way I can. So feel free to chat, and ask me anything!

      RealmWings's Bio

      Hiya! I’m RealmWings, but you can call me Realm. I live in the United States, and I speak both English and German. I love games, movies and books (among other , mostly sci-fi and fantasy, but also nonfiction. Things I like include Ender’s Game, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Star Wars, Star Trek, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, Kpop, Zelda (duh), Overwatch, Mirror’s Edge, Marvel Comics, No Man’s Sky, Harry Potter, Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and much more.
      I am level 205 in Overwatch, and I main Pharah and Tracer.
      My favorite color is pink, and I think squirrels are the best.
      I play Volleyball, and I love making graphic art of all sorts. My favorite games of all time are Stardew Valley and Journey.
      I’m bisexual, and I love history and science.
      I’m pretty much everywhere on the site, so even If you aren’t my adoptee, feel free to drop by and talk any time!

      With your Adopters, there's some Milestones you can achieve (with their help!) we're sure will get you happy and well-versed with our Community here, and knowledgeable about everything ZU has to offer!
      Note: Nothing's compulsory, so don't panic if you don't want to do something! Every individual is just that, an individual, and we make sure everyone is catered to however they might need it!

      Meet your Adopter! They're there as more than just help!
      Complete your profile! Get yourself a great avatar and signature.

      Start a thread! Maybe it'll be an introduction thread, or anything else!
      Join a clan! There's no faster way to make friends!

      Take part in a forum activity! Be it Mafia, RP'ing, or the Forum Games!

      • Only approved adopters are allowed to adopt! If you want to become one, there's information if you keep scrolling down!
      • An adopter should only have 2 Adoptees at a time! This can be relaxed if the situation arises or at the discretion of the Adopter, but we want all Newbies to have an equal amount of focus from their Adopters! And we also want all our Adopters a fair chance to meet and help some interesting new faces!
      • Do not release a newbie until you know for certain that they are ready for the forums, have been inactive for at least 2 weeks, or have requested to be released!
      • If you change your username, please let one of the attractive Newbie Moderators know so that any confusion can be avoided and the Adoption Lodge can be properly updated!
      • All forum rules apply here. Don't go thinking otherwise! x

      So you want to be an Adopter?! Great!

      To apply, please send a PM/Conversation to @TruEdge67 or @RealmWings with the title "Adoption Application." And no, before you ask, there isn't any standard form to fill in; send us a message as short or long as you think and tell us why exactly you'd be a great Adopter!

      The only criteria, apart from being a friendly, active, and enthusiastic member of the community, is to have been a member for at least 3 months.

      After being accepted, or declined, you'll be contacted to confirm as such and with reasons if it is the latter. Please then be patient for the Adoption Lodge to be updated!


      :: makes the :3 face a lot ::

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    • ZeldaLink wrote:

      adopt me!
      even though I know the basics I'd like to know more about the forums, like clans, making signatures, and what not. :3nod

      I can take you if you like ;)

      AllaBlakeovna wrote:

      I don't need help with the forum aspect of this place; I'm good with forums. But does someone want to 'adopt' me as their friend? Pretty please? >_o

      Just send me a message if you ever in need of a friend to talk to, I am here and so are other members~

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