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  • I honestly found FE6 to be the weakest of the three GBA FEs. Not a bad game by any means, but it lacks the polish and variety in gameplay, and has inferior story/dialogue to the other ones. Granted, I haven't played it in over a decade, and the old translation patch was... eh. I've heard there's a new, better patch available; maybe I should try it and revisit the game.
  • Balance on FE6 is pretty bad (for example Miledy's bases are busted and Roy is the poster child of being absolute dead weight due to hilariously late promotion times), but I honestly liked its gameplay better than Sacred Stones at least (mainly because while that game has a lot of options it's so easy it doesn't even matter), and the game putting up some modicum of resistance without having to beat it on faceroll mode first is nice, even if a lot of it comes from low hit rates from your units (except Henning, **** him and his goddamned throne, he can go die in a fire oh god what were they thinking).

    Of course having to do the gaidens AND keep the weapons until extremely late into the game to get the true ending was a dick move, considering the damn things have limited durability and nothing tells you to keep them stored instead of using them IIRC.
  • Oh huh I just started my replay of FE6 the other day. My gf has never played and I haven't played it in ages, so we're trying to play it together. I do remember 6 being my least favorite of the GBA titles, but I'm hoping my overall opinion of it will be better now that I'll try to get the true ending. I also remember liking Raigh and Lugh so I'm excited to relearn why I did. I don't really remember anyone else from the cast though.
  • To be honest both Mystery of the Emblem and Binding Blade shouldn't even have 2 different "endings", as far as I can remember both don't properly end on the bad ending, they just stop. Sure the story isn't anything to write home about regardless but at least it gets a proper conclusion with the true ending.

    That aside, I want to finish Etrian Odyssey V since I'm on the last stratum, but lately I always end up doing random stuff in Warframe instead since I have only little windows of free time lately and I can't do short bursts of playtime on Etrian games, one full floor or two per sitting at the very least.
  • Taking a break from Tales of Vesperia for some Etrian Odyssey Nexus and...I'm not actually a fan of the fact that they brought back so many classes. In most EO games you have far fewer classes to choose from and so you can pretty much guarantee that whatever you pick will be viable, but with 19 classes (heavily skewed towards front-line classes) it's...really difficult. It's far too easy to create a party that, while viable, is really difficult to use.

    I think my party is viable, especially late-game when several of them synergize really well, but I feel like maybe it isn't and I'll throw 30 hours in only to find that they don't quite work. Even if that isn't the case, I'm continually second-guessing every decision I make, a problem I haven't had in any other EO game.

    Right now I'm running Front: Harbinger - Nightseeker - Pugilist; Back: Sovereign - Warpriest.

    That's 4/5ths of my party that can inflict ailments or binds, and which almost all gain benefits from attacking enemies with ailments. They're also all theoretically good choices for the front line, which is annoying. It's also a bit squishy, which is frustrating. My original lineup swapped the harbinger for a protector and the sovereign for a zodiac. I honestly might swap the protector back, but I hate to lose the harbinger's ailment ability. I suppose I could run them from the back row, but that'd seriously cut their damage potential. I suppose I could trade out the pugilist for the protector, but then I'd lose the ability to bind easily, which is really frustrating. I suppose I could do something by sub-classing someone into pugilist when that becomes available, but is that really worth it?...and on and on go my thoughts. It's...really annoying, honestly.

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  • I mean, maybe? But if I drop the pugilist I lose the ability to bind reasonably until the mid-game. Though if I have a protector then maybe I drop the sovereign and get a gunner to take its place? The problem then is that I lose the ability to do elemental attacks until the late game...

    But yeah, the protector is the only true tank (the hero can kinda do some tank-like stuff, and the landsknecht can at least use a shield, but right now I'm making do by having the sovereign buff defence. Also the only magic attacker is the zodiac, who is useless for general exploration due to how it eats TP.

    Honestly, using my sovereign to buff my front-line into a tank state is fine so far. My first lineup used a protector, but the problem is that it isn't single-target attacks that are a problem, it's boss-tier hits-everyone-for-all-the-health ones, which my pugilist is my best defence against at present. But swapping pugilist for a protector and sovereign for a gunner might work, that'd get me a few binds and a dedicated defender with taunt which is something at least...

    It just, it feels like they skewed really heavy to the front line. If they'd had a few more back-line classes making a party would be so much easier.

    Please Understand wrote:

    I started playing my first Atelier game, Atelier Sophie. It is fun so far, and I am sure it gets much more involved later down the road.
    Alright, gotta confess that I wouldn't have thought they'd be your jam.

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  • Just picked up Dragon Quest XI. Not bad, certainly a refreshing update on the slow progression from each entry (last I played was IX, ages ago). I kind of wanted another JRPG since I was getting really irritated with World of Final Fantasy since I'm stuck at this part where if I don't beat this minigame which is entirely determined by your luck and not any skill or strategy, I can't get a certain thing that if I skip now, I'm pretty sure I lose it forever.
  • I finally got around to playing the Bug Fables demo I downloaded over a year ago. If you haven't heard of it, Bug Fables is an independently-developed RPG intended as a spiritual successor to the first two Paper Mario games, centered around a world of anthropomorphic insects and other invertebrates.

    My reaction is mostly positive. The game hews pretty close to Paper Mario in graphics and gameplay. The characters are two-dimensional, while the environment is mostly three-dimensional and cel-shaded. It probably won't tax your hardware, but it looks nice and cute. As for gameplay, the biggest difference is that there are three main characters who fight together, instead of a main character and a switchable partner. Other than that, it's pretty similar, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    I get the feeling the action commands are slightly more difficult than in the Paper Mario games. For example, the game's equivalent of Tattle, Spy, is about three times as hard, as the action command is pretty much identical to Tattle except you have to do it three times from different angles.

    There are a few other slight differences. First Strikes work rather differently; instead of starting a battle with an attack, they stun the enemy, and entering a battle with a stunned enemy gives one character an extra turn. There is a guard, but no superguard.

    The writing isn't quite as good as in the Paper Mario games. To be fair, English isn't the developers' first language, and what they've provided is more than decent. It could just use some more polish before the final version. Also, the developers appear to be under the impression that beetles can't fly, which is not generally true.

    Overall, I'd encourage anyone who enjoyed the first two Paper Mario games to give it a shot.
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  • Please Understand wrote:

    John wrote:

    Alright, gotta confess that I wouldn't have thought they'd be your jam.
    I really enjoy crafting. The combat isn't very deep but that's nice as I can mostly just mash some buttons and get it over with. 10+ hours in now, loving it!
    Ah, makes sense.

    I've never been big on crafting, so when I tried the series I was left with a rather weak plot and cliche characters combined with a rather shallow combat system. They weren't bad, but they were...flat, not a lot of substance to most of it outside of the "making stuff" part, which, admittedly, has oodles of depth.

    The time limit in most of them also turned me off. I really don't like global countdown timers, even if they're generous. I can never shake the feeling that I'll make a save at a point where I've messed up so much that I simply can't win anymore and will have to start over. Even modern Persona games kinda provoke this, even though I know that they give you a chance to go back in time to a safe point and try the last week or so over again if you run out of time.

    Anyway, it's a yearly series (I think there are almost 20 entries by now? Though not all of them are in English) so if you enjoy Sophie there's a lot more where it came from.

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  • Sophie doesn't seem to have a time limit (?), I know not all games have one, but I am not sure, at least I haven't seen anything about a time limit in game, and also apparently some older games in the series had you fill weekly or monthly quotas as well or you would fail. That does sound a bit harsh, I think I prefer Atelier Sophie for sure it that's the case.

    I had a very hard time selecting one game in the series to start from, but since I started with this and I am enjoying it, I think I will continue with Atelier Firis which is the next one in this trilogy, and it seems to be just as good if not better.

    That said, initially I wanted to start from Rorona and play that entire trilogy, but the price is super steep for what is now several years old games. I might check those out when they drop in price significantly.
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  • The time limits seem to be tied to story reasons. I would be okay with them if the games were shorter, and maybe they are generous enough, I'm not sure to be honest, but I am sure they make the games less relaxing, and for a game that is so light hearted and based on farming materials and crafting, it actually seems kind of a bad idea. But again, if they are generous, it's not so bad.

    Looks like Firis does have TWO time limits, one on the first month (which seems easy to meet), and another one for the first year, but then no more. I will be trying that game next so I will let you know how it was, haha.
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