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What game(s) are you currently playing?
  • I picked up NSMBU Deluxe today. I played through the first two worlds with a friend, and I went through two or three more by myself. Multiplayer is as chaotic as it was in the Wii game. Nice.

    I didn't really notice this when I was looking at footage of the game before its Wii U launch (or even when I watched some more recently), but the game does indeed have some backdrops which are distinct from those found in NSMB Wii. Some of the worlds also have new themes. And that Super Acorn is a nitfy little powerup. As expected, I rather like this game.

    I don't know if it's because I haven't played a 'New' Mario game in a couple of years, but it feels harder than either the Wii or the 3DS game. The level design seems a little meaner. There are spots where my Mario instinct tells me to jump, and I find strategically placed lava or something. It's not on the level of The Lost Levels or anything, but it's noticeable.
  • I picked it up too, @Happy Person! My wife and I played through the first world last night. I agree that it feels tougher, but I'm not complaining! It feels like a healthy challenge. I think part of the difficult comes from the joy-cons too. At least for me. The lack of a d-pad introduces a noticeable lack of precision in movement, haha. Especially when wall-jumping. Been having a blast though, feels good to have a traditional Mario on the system. (Besides, you know, the arcade Mario Bros and the NES Mario Bros and Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros 3...)
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  • I've got the joy cons that came with it and a wired Pro Controller (That happens to be Mario-themed! It's red and has an 'M' on it. hehe). I let my gf play with the Pro Controller because it had a D-Pad while I used the joycon directional buttons. When I got home and resumed wasting my only off day on this, I swapped to the Pro Controller. It's a lot easier to maneuver with the D-Pad, but the game is still pretty challenging on its own.

    To others who are reading this and not familiar with the game, the challenge level is not on the level of Tropical Freeze or anything like that. It's just a good challenge -- I would compare it with the difficulty of maybe Super Mario Bros. 3.

    Addendum: Look at this!
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    There was one more pirahna plant here before I started. lol. The game is full of scenarios that are kinda tricky by 2D Mario standards.

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  • I am playing Cosmic Star Heroine on Steam. They should seriously release this game on Switch if they haven't yet. It is the perfect 16-bit style JRPG. The only thing lacking in it is the story, it is just super absurd. But at least it allows for great variety of enemies and locales. The gameplay is so good though, it might legitimately be my favorite combat in this type of game right up there with Chrono Trigger, and also has nice customization.
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  • Went ahead and Platinumed out Doom 2016. I did get the "Circle is Complete" trophy glitch which made me do it again (you have to do them during the campaign rather than backtrack). It wasn't too much of a hassle though.

    Completing "The UAC" on Ultra-Nightmare was annoying though. The UAC is surprisingly difficult, mostly due to the wide open area and ability for the imps to blend in with the dust and environment. Though not required, I was able to blow through "Resource Operations" surprisingly easy compared to the opening level.

    With that said, the game is relatively easy to Platinum as all the trophies are mostly just grinding out upgrades or collectibles if anything.
  • Going back to A Link Between Worlds after having taken a little break from it. Also playing Kid Icarus of Myths and Monsters and I'm considering picking up Super Mario Bros. 3 again too.
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  • I just finished A Way Out yesterday.

    I've never felt so fucking disconnected from my character in a game. The concept was amazing, but they completely dropped the ball with that final plot-twist. Player and character motivations become completely opposite. The narrative immediately stops being interactive. You're still playing, but you're not even in control of your actions anymore, and in the end one of the players was never in the same line with their character from the start, but they only realize that when the game ends.

    I honestly wish I hadn't played it to the end. I just feel like the game misses its own point.

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  • I'm back to HW:DE. It's my favorite game, so it was only a matter of time! Made substantial progress in Ganon's Fury this evening, and I beat the Demon King on the Master Quest Map after getting the last Sealed Weapon on the map. I'm miffed that I can't unlock Evil's Bane without unlocking all of the Lv.3 weapons, including the ones that were originally for DLC characters. Considering I am otherwise going in map order in Adventure Mode after unlocking all of the characters and all basic weapons, it's going to be a long time before I get to that point, much longer than in Legends. Oh, well! It'll make the game last even longer by incentivizing me!

    Fingers still crossed for an actual sequel down the road!

    Also saving up to get a bigger microSD card for my Switch so I can ultimately get Dynasty Warriors 8: Definitive Edition. I have it on Steam, and in fact I've put more hours into that than any other game on Steam, at about 300 hours, but I'd love to be able to play it on the go. I realize that doesn't really fit the topic of games I'm currently playing, but it's on my mind, especially since my senior project is on the novel DW is based on. Let me eat my cake!
  • Dropping DQ11, the platinum is not something I think is worth it at this point. The amount of time I'd have to put in to get these last few things is just.. fucking dumb. Add to that that certain battles feel designed to just be frustrating for no reason and I just find it more of a chore than anything. I just had a few of the major trophies left. Grind to level 99, finish the wheel of harma (fuck that last battle), get all the costumes, and then the final final final boss. It seemed like a fairly small list of things, but in reality I'd just be grinding for hours - whether that's literally grinding to level 99, grinding cash for items and such, or grinding against that fucking wheel of harma battle

    I'm going to pick AC: Origins back up so I can grab the story DLCs and finish them before I start Odyssey. Not sure if I'll start Odyssey or go back to Fallout 76 after I do that, but I enjoyed Origins well enough and I've heard good things about the DLC. One of them is just more of the base game which was fine, and then the second one is supposed to be fucking crazy and is glorious.