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    What game(s) are you currently playing?
    • Celeste is another one of those games that has a soundtrack that's so good I wanna buy and play the game for myself, and that's disregarding the visuals and art direction of the game, but I still have various games I need to finish, including Doom 2016, Hellblade Senua, Metal Gear Rising, Resident Evil 7, and Danganronpa 1. I installed Tomb Raider 2013, since it has been on my Steam backlog for ages, but I've never played it, and I like the idea of going surviving as some hardened woman who becomes a badass.
    • Ultra Moon. Well I'm not currently playing it but I'm currently watching it. A walkthrough/let's play playlist made by Voltsy and posted on Youtube.

      Some of you might have read my past posts about what I think about Sun & Moon. Chances are I'll very likely have the same opinion about Ultra Sun & Moon. Some of the Pokes' designs are atrocious or so plain it's not even funny, I can't seem to care about these Alolan Pokes (except for Golidopod 'cause I love Bug-types and this one seem to be the only good Bug-type that gen, and also Rockruff and its evos because I have a soft spot for canine (and feline) Pokes, and also Kommo-o because it's really cool and nearly as great as Haxorus which is my favorite Dragon-type, also Kommo-o is a rarity because it's the only Dragon/Fighting dual type so far, and I must admit that Stufful/Bewear is really cute, so yeah, there's only like three Alolan Pokes that I really like). I personally believe that the story and plot is not all that great compared to that of the 5th gen games (and 5th gen still remain my favorite).

      I love the S&M/US&UM characters (the main protags, Hau, Lillie, the trial captains which are pretty much the ''gym leaders'' of Alola except in Alola you get Z-crystals instead of badges, the Kahunas (especially Nanu, and he has many fans too), etc, etc), but I don't like the games and their systems. I just can't seem to care about them. But I must admit that I love the soundtrack, the music is nice (I especially love the Opening or Introduction, ''Pony wilds'' with its feeling of adventure, Hometown music, Iki Town (Night), Hau'oli City (Day), Route 2, Trainer Battle music, Gladion Encounter theme, Mallie City (both Day and Night), route 10, Seafolk Village (both Day and Night), and Solgaleo & Lunala Battle music). The only reason I'm watching a Walkthrough/Let's Play of Ultra Moon (and previously watched one of the original Moon game) i[media]s because I want to know the story and backstory OF THE CHARACTERS AND THE REGION (I love and care about THE CHARACTERS). It helps me to understand and follow when I read canon material in fanfictions, and I do read a lot of fanfics of various fandoms, reading good fanfics and novels is one of my favorite hobbies. Personally I think the stories and plots of many of the fanfics are better than the story and plot of S&M/US&UM.

      I just started watching the Ultra Moon walkthrough/let's play playlist (I started watching yesterday), I'm at part 5. But I've read a lot about the game. I was awefully disappointed when I heard about Rainbow Team Rocket. You have got to be kidding me. Game Freak just doesn't know what to come up with and they are rehashing old villanous teams. This is getting so old. We had Team Rocket in Red, Blue and Yellow which are 1st gen games, Gold and Silver which are 2nd gen games, and then, HeartGold, and SoulSilver which are 4th gen games and happening several years after Gold and Silver. Third gen, fourth gen, fifth gen and sixth gen all had new and original villainous teams. And now, in US&UM they give us fucking Team Rocket again. Doesn't Game Freak get just how freakin' old this is getting? They got their ass kicked by Red and Gold. And now Giovanni is back because Game Freak is too lazy to create another new original villainous team (like we got in third gen, fourth gen, fifth gen, and sixth gen aka X & Y). Audible sigh. I find 7th gen (S&M/US&UM) disappointing in tha regard.

      Game Freak really need to stop bringing back Team Rocket or the video game franchise will become just as bad and rehashed as the lame current anime (whose stupid and boring protag is still perpetually freakin' ten years old, still friendzoned, still getting badges merely for trying because they feel sorry for him, still incapable of remembering after 17 fucking episodes what a Koffing is, didn't catch more than like 5% of all +900 Pokemon while the stupid theme song continue with its empty promise that loser Ketchum is gonna catch 'em all which is where is fucking last name come from a play word on catch 'em all, and who just can't hold a candle to the video game and Pokemon Adventures manga protags, I along with many other older Pokemon fans have given up on the current lame rehashed same old same old anime a long time ago and we can't stand Ash Ketchum, we'd love to see him replaced or see an anime with the video game or Pokemon Adventure manga protags).

      I love the S&M/US&UM characters and I ship some of them together. Sun (male protag)/Lillie (Shiningsunshipping), Gladion/Hau (Cutebonesshipping), and Kukui/Burnet (Eternalhoneymoonshipping) are among my favorite Alola ships. But that's about it. The characters and the story of the region is about all I care about in the Alola games.

      I don't own a 3DS and I won't own one any time soon. I can't afford one and my sister who know has two children to feed, clothe, and send to daycare/school can't really afford to buy me or anyone else expensive gifts anymore. And even if I could afford a 3DS, I wouldn't buy one, I wouldn't want one. I'm content with my DS Lite and with my 5th and 4th gen games (White, White 2, Diamond, and Soulsilver). Also, I was told a few years back by someone here on ZU who owned a 3DS that the 3DS is a lame piece of crap that's not worth buying, that when you play DS games on the 3DS you can't use sleep mode, and that even with the batteries fully charged you only have for about ten minutes of battery juice, and that the 3DS is a Nintendo scam (a scam is a fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt to obtain money or something else of value). You pay a lot of money for a 3DS and that's what you get, ten minutes of battery juice every time, no sleep mode for DS games, and the loading/waiting time is frustrating (I've seen how in Pokemon battles in S&M/US&UM it sometimes take several seconds and even minutes for the wild Pokemon or your Pokemon to make its move after it's been selected, you'd think the 3DS would be more performant and advanced than the DS Lite but I've never experience this loading/waiting time in Pokemon battles in any of my DS games/console. Anyhow, I find the 3DS to be very much lacking and disappointing. I'm not interested in owning one.

      I'm watching a walkthrough/let's play of Ultra Moon just like I watched one of Moon and I do so for the reasons I mentionned in the second and fifth paragraphs.

      Also, I think Voltsy is good at making walkthrough/let's plays for Pokemon games.

      You can watch the playlist for his Ultra Moon walkthrough/let's play here:

      And that's the playlist for his Moon walkthrough/let's play:

      I watched the Moon walkthrough/let's play playlist last year, and I'm currently watching the Ultra Moon walkthrough/let's play playlist. I'm at part 5 now.

      Also, if you're interested, he has walkthrough/let's play playlists for Red (probably 3DS), Yellow 3DS, Gold 3DS, Crystal 3DS, SoulSilver, Platinum, White 2, and also X and Z (definitely 3DS).
      Two must read redemption arcs/fanfics, this is the ending we all deserved (and my compliments to the authors):

      "Legend of Zelda: Breaking the cycle", by Assassin master ezio 91 <3 :yeppers: :cheers:

      "The Minish Magician", by EternalFluffy <3 :yeppers: :) :cheers:

      My FFN and AO3 pages (with my favorite fandoms, fanfictions, and ships): (My favorite fanfictions are in my "favorite stories" section) (My favorite fanfictions are bookmarked and recced)

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    • @Mozly Alice

      Prophesy of Pendor? That sounds pretty cool actually! Is it a mod on top of vanilla or is it an original world?

      Also, fair warning about Gekokujo. Never start near Kyoto. The military deserters in that area are absolutely murderous when you're first getting started. Also, be careful if you ever see monks. They use guns. The effects that guns have on your troops in game is fairly true to the period - one shot and that's about it.

      It's good that you're getting into the rhythm of training and developing your soldiers now. Gekokujo really rewards this, with really decent "trees" for unit advancement. (A tip about that - if you're willing to baby them until they get armor, the peasant women eventually* (it takes a really long time) become elite female mercenaries that are on par with some of the best units of the game.)
    • I'm currently playing Pokémon Yellow. I was confident I would never play it again when it was released on the Virtual Console, but after Crystal was released recently, something made me change my mind. The game is not as bad as I remembered, but I really hate the very limited amount of items you can carry with you...

      I'm looking forward to playing Crystal again, because of the GS ball event and the way shininess works with breeding in generation II.
    • Played a lot of Cities: Skylines during a free week event on steam. I've known for a long time it'd be a game I'd like but I knew it'd be a huge time sink for me. (I ended up spending 26 hours in it within about three or four days)

      I could've gotten it on sale but I really shouldn't be putting more time in a game like this right now, lol. But here's some pics of one of the cities I made if anybody's interested

    • I've been everywhere in the Nintendo franchise. Just in the last month I finished collecting all 900 Korok seeds, played and beat Xenoblade Chronicles 2, started up a brand new Animal Crossing Town and got it fully upgrades on main street, and just last night I beat my first 2D metroid (Samus Returns). Not sure if maybe I want to go back to Mario Odyssey for a while or go do some finishing up in Xenoblade and BotW. Any thoughts?
    • I've playing tons of Okami on my computer. I was worried that after playing the game three or four times now, that I'd be bored of it. Nope. I fucking love this game. It's so good.

      It kills me that there aren't more games like it too. (Haven't played Okamiden nor do I intend to). I feel like I'm walking/running in a painting when I play this game. I can only think of another game that gives me a similar feeling and that's Wind Waker, (though in that one I feel more like I'm a character in a cartoon).
    • So I finally beat Okami (again). And my god it was a blast, it also made me really sad because the ending is a cliffhanger.

      Okami spoilers

      Waka :
      Ha ha ha ha ha... That tickles! Down! Heel! You're going to lick me to death! Well, Amaterasu! Time to embark to even stormier seas! Making the world a better place is never easy! You must return to the Celestial Plain and set things in order. Only then can you usher in a new age of peace in the mortal world. Our journey is far from over, ma cherie!

      We'll never have a proper sequel, and I refuse to acknowledge Okamiden.

      In my perfect world, Platinum Games would get the IP. And play around with the ideas of the "series."
    • Danganronpa is pretty good. My one true gripe is the terrible aiming during the trials, but other than that, I like how freaking crazy it is. I feel like at the end I'll probably hate everyone lol but I really like Chihiro and Kyoko. The mini games during the trials are kind of silly, but they were fine, and I'm mainly in it to see what crazy shit happens next, and to see how these characters turn out. I liked Bakuya for how cold and cynical he was towards the scenario, but now I can't say I like him because reasons the second trial .

      Also bought Steins;Gate on Steam on sale, since it has great reviews by critics and gamers. I've never watched the anime or anything, but it's kind of funny that Mass Effect got me into this stuff. I remember the hot pile of garbage that was ME: Andromeda making me wonder if you took out all of the padding and shooting and stuff, even from the original trilogy, and concentrated mainly on the story, interacting with characters, and possibly gaining romantic bonds. It was after playing the Persona games and what I've played of the Danganronpas that I realized that Mass Effect as a series is basically a western VN or "interactive story," if you will, with shooting and planet exploring added in. I never realized how much I attract to interesting stories and characters in games until lately.

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    • I've also been playing Danganronpa, and finished it last night. It's fun.

      Gonna rank my favorite characters, I guess

      1. Kyoko Kirigiri: Just overall, I love both her design and her character. She looks so professional, and acts in a similar manner. And despite her not being very expressive, she still manages to convey emotion fairly well.

      2. Sakura Oogami: Despite her appearance, she's incredibly nice and fun to hang out with. It didn't take very long for me to start trusting her.

      3. Togami I guess. I know he's an ass but he's cute and that's very important. Not even gonna try to justify it.
    • I finally got into playing the new Doom. I was gonna play it over the winter break but it took up way too much space on my SSD, so I only glimpsed into it to show off my new PC. Now that I've got a 2TB passport I've been giving it more attention. (I don't run games off of it but it lets me juggle various games whenever I'm in the mood for certain ones in particular)

      It's great and all but it's too intense for me to stick to for more than an hour or two at a time, lol