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    • I'm so excited to see Batman fight Parademons, that scene in the JL trailer that showed him hit the ground with those things all around is what has me so hyped. I can't wait to see JL.

      I really, really hope that Jared Leto will appear in The Batman when it releases. I want to see him fight Batman! I love Leto's version of the Joker, you don't want no beef? You don't want no beeeefff...

      Excited for Gotham City Sirens and Batgirl as well. If only they would make a Batwoman movie! Her comics are great! She fights all the supernatural villians, which makes her really awesome.

      Suicide Squad was awesome in my opinion, the 2nd one is gonna rock! More Deadshot, more Joker, and more Captain Boomerang please.

      Ugh, DC is so good. I still need to pick up a copy of Man of Steel and Wonder Woman. I love how the DCEU is turning out. They really have picked the best actors for these roles.
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    • The Justice League -

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      Actually really enjoyed it. Objectively, a bad film. But everything that showed promise in BvS was brought back tenfold in this release, and as a result the issues are much less of a distraction. I was aware of issues while i watched - wonder woman's objectification, poor pacing, overuse of cgi (and poor cgi). But it didn't stop me actually enjoying the film this time round, soooo. I'm wholeheartedly recommending this to other people.

      Negatives as i mentioned above starting with CGI. I always took issue with Cyborg's design, like everyone. Overdesign to the maximum lmao. It looks better in motion than in stills, but still it's pretty poor. End of the film hinted at a significant redesign though, which i think will make him much less of an eyesore.
      The other main cgi issues were obvious reshoots by whedon. For example, a lot of superman scenes were redone i believe because they changed the direction of the dceu in post production, making Justice League a standalone film comparative to it's original concept. Henry Cavill has a moustache for his role in Mission Impossible 6, so they cgi'd it out. It means in some scenes dispersed through the film, he looks like Arnie in Terminator: Salvation lmao. V distracting because naturally makes him look more menacing and discomforting.

      I'm not the best person to compare Wonder Woman and TJL's interpretation because i simply don't have the time, but from what i saw the change in director is so obvious. In Wonder Woman, I finished the film thinking 'wow, gal gadot is absolutely beautiful'. In TJL i was thinking 'wow she has a great ass'. Cause 50% of the shots featuring her pan from her ass to the shot. Only 50%, cause the other bloody half starts on her chest. It's entirely unnecessary and distracting when you take the only female lead in the film and give her duality as 'you are both a feminist icon and a magnet for the male gaze'. Regardless, gal gadot was good and if i didn't love her already, she recently held her contract ransom in the current hollywood scandal.

      Pacing was again an issue, not much to say about that though. Most noticeable in the start as it brings characters together. I think i was actually quite surprised by Snyder here though - he's talented in cinematography and yet didn't use basic techniques like using colour to identify characters which hurt it. Like. Damn dude you're better than this.

      Other stuff - this film could remove lois and it would be exactly the same. Martha was the emotional weight in the revival scenes, she got one of the biggest laughs in the film and lois just kinda. Eh. Her biggest impact was the opening scenes where she's pawing at the empty pillow in her bed.

      Steppenwolfe sucked. I think it's fine here, the film had enough going on that an interesting villain wasn't necessary, and he did have some good points

      'i bought the bank' dude no like you're rich but nobody is richer than banks unless you're a government. Maybe Dr Doom or Panther could buy a bank. Maybe.

      what was the point of the russian family. They were essentially a plot hole. These bugs hunt and feast on fear. Except for this family. They were presumably present to give us a similar feeling of fear and give us an emotional connection to the films events similar to Bruce Wayne's perspective on the battle in metropolis. It failed pretty hard lol, i couldn't give a shit about those characters.

      The good -

      I really enjoyed this film lol. It had charisma, it had some great shots, great set design and i think snyder knows better now how to use some of his characters. Any issues i had with batman being unlike his comic counterpart are completely redeemed here. The scene where diana fixes his arm is more important than it lets on - batman is human. I mean he should be dead, but at the very least every time he goes out the front door with his new friends leaves him broken and bleeding. He hides this from the group, and he's willing to let himself die if it means superman comes back. Like. I think they've figured out what to do with him - for the most part.
      All we're missing now is his baller detective skills both in hunting people down, and in outwitting much stronger opponents. To that point i don't think Batman v Superman counts, he didn't outwit superman so much as superman was pulling every punch and then suddenly was introduced to kryptonite. Like, it's too cheap and not what i was looking for.

      Superman. Holy shit. I liked pretty muc everything about him in this film. His absence was powerful, but his presence was even more so. The scene where he fights the justice league might be one of my favourite scenes in any superhero film. When barry gets scared because he notices he's being watched? i can't think of that shot without getting chills. Not to mention his headbutt dick waving contest with diana. Then at the end with steppenwolfe. He is so aggressively powerful and i think it's brilliant to watch because the last two films saw him fighting other people with the same powers, it was underwhelming. That said i hope it's toned down in future films a little. I think they'll avoid this with Darkseid in that being reborn with the motherbox means he will be influenced or something, and they will have to fight supes again. It also makes the otehr characters a little too pointless if superman is so vastly powerful in comparison.

      and fucking. Holy goddamn shit. 'Do you bleed'. i can't appropriately describe how that line made me feel without breaking zu rules.

      This also ties in with the new characters. They all kinda suck. In a good way. Aquaman is just a dumb frat boy who doesn't really know how to fight beyond being skilled with his trident and being better than people. I'm of the belief Barry's lightning is blue because he is using his powers improperly, plus he's never been in a fight until the very end. Cyborg spends most of the film discovering shit about his new body, and admits he can't control it.
      They all have so much room to grow, and it's very exciting. I can't wait to see more of them all, and see how they improve. Flash in particular lol, because even tho he's a shitty flash rn he's still very powerful and synder knows exactly how to make him feel fast. Compare to CW's Flash where barry spends most of every season feeling really slow - cinematography matters guys. Sound too.

      Also Flash's character is really different nad people dislike it, but i can dig it. It's fine, especially as long as you pretend he's wally west rather than barry lol. I'm excited to see where his solo film goes, i think it has major potential after seeing him in this. Ezra Miller did a bangup job imo, he made his own character.

      Cyborg i don't have much to say about - he's not like teen titans cyborg but we did get a booyah! near the end and he was slowly progressing through his anxiety/complex with the film, so hopefully in a couple films we will get to see a much more comfortable cyborg.
      Aquaman similarly i don't have much to say about, but jason mamoa predictably fitted the role very well.

      One of my favourite things in BvS was the cinematography. Specifically, how the film felt like pages from a comic book. This felt even moreso with that, and it was more subtle to boot. Most notably were Steppenwolfe's fight scenes - his axe left a blur of glowing motion which felt straight out of a comic book, and i mean i can't study it but it feels like every blow from Superman left behind shockwaves and mirror images. Flash too had a lot of visible motion in his powers. It's exciting to look at.

      Other good

      The laughing scene between cyborg and superman was beautiful

      so was the scene with martha and superman

      superman fucking smiled for once

      slade motherfucking wilson.

      also maybe luthor is going to be more luthor from now on, i especially think they hinted at this by making his decoy laugh like joker lol. It's as explicit as they're going to get regarding their mistakes with the character previously.

      the film felt more... comical? in a good way. Supes and diana doing a lil combo to break steppenwolfe's axe for example, feels like something straight out the comics. plus i think this was the debut of freezing breath.

      digging up a dead superman scene
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      The Russian family are almost certainly a Whedon addition. The major problem people complained about with previous DC movies was that they didn’t seem to care about civilian casualties. Avengers 1 and 2 featured climaxes that centred not on just a battle but on the Avengers going out of their way to save people. They also had bunches of fanservice scenes to service the “who would win” rivalries between Thor and Hulk, Hulk and Hulkbuster, “who’s worthy of lifting Thor’s hammer” etc. The Russian family stuff gave Superman an excuse to stop in the middle of a fight to go save civilians like the Superman we all know love and have waited to see, and race the Flash while doing so.
    • ah i totally forgot to talk about juxtaposition between what is whedon and what is synder, because at some moments it feels like you're watching two different films lmao.

      This is a video by one of my fav youtubers(v good for learning about cinematography or studying your fav films) about the film, and i think he is really accurate overall if uh. Quite cynical. But all his videos are inherently cynical, nature of a critic i guess.

      why would trump support the vikings

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    • justice league, short n sweet review

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      it was bad lmao. like piss-poor plot, crammed in backstories, terribad dialogue (like the scene with lane and sup went like "... what was it like to die?" "oh shit yeah it was--" "NVM THAT IM SO SORRY I WAS DEPRESSED U DIED" "wat no, its my fault i died or something" "martha's here" "U CAL'D MY MOM??? U DA BST" i legit lol'd because wtf was this scene even xD), like it was a big mess of aslkdjflksfj hahaha.

      that said

      i enjoyed it! im not even saying that like i did with batsup movie where i just laughed and laughed at how terrible it was. i had fun! idk man seeing them all stand together is just so epic af and the fangirl in me squees sooooo hard. im always gonna see the justice league as more iconic than the avengers, i know that, and just some of the group shots were just food to my inner fangirls heart and soul.

      i kinda jumped in my seat at seeing the green lantern stuff in the flashback of the war heh. looooved wonderwoman.

      also can i just say that seeing aquaman stab a man with a trident hundreds of feet in the air and then ride the corpse down to the ground like a surfboard absolutely made my fucking evening???

      all in all, its a hot mess and i loved it! :cool:
    • It was good, not great. I'm just very thankful that the DCEU's obsession with trying to recreate the Avengers with their own rushed ensemble films is over for the time being, as the franchise now is poised to prioritize solo superhero outings for a couple years. It's what the DCEU needed to do all along.

      I mean, like Malia noted, it's got a lot of problems. But it's also got plenty that's enjoyable.

      This was the summary from my review that I wrote -

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      Justice League succeeds because of its cast’s likability and chemistry, and fails because it doesn’t have the opportunity to fully explore all of their backgrounds. It ultimately squanders the grandeur that could have been from this first time team up of the DCEU’s heroes, having not illuminated why many of them behave the way that they do, but they darn sure are fun to watch when together. If nothing else, the film charts a promising course for the DCEU. With a brightened tone and a gang of potential-laden superheroes, Justice League nudges us toward a more competent future for the franchise than what it began with.

      + A terrific cast of heroes, all of whom fans should be looking forward to seeing more of in future films

      + Finds a sweet spot with its tone, being either serious or funny when the scene calls for it

      + Sets up so much potential for the world building and conflicts of eventual stories set in the DCEU

      — Too many of the charactersare thrust into the spotlight before having their backgrounds properly explored

      — With just so much going on at once, the conflict with Steppenwolf never has the opportunity to expand beyond a by the numbers “good guys vs. bad guys” scenario

      — Some visuals aren’t so clean on screen, particularly a few moments of questionable CGI
    • JL does seem to be less hated universally compared to BvS but that could just be me less interested in it compared to how I was for BvS. I think my interest cooled when I found out they weren't going for Darkseid as the main villain and seemed uninterested in establishing him as the big bad. Blame Marvel and constantly reminding us Thanos is out there for 10+ movies I guess. (Plus my fanboying is being consumed by the Last Jedi atm)
      Maybe guys can clarify for me, are all the movies going forward their own separate universes now? Because that kind of ruins the inner connecting I did like them establishing up to now.
    • @Darth_Phoenix nobody really knows what WB’s plan is going forward. Word is that WB don’t even know until they see how JL does and how audiences respond to Snyder’s stuff versus Whedon’s stuff.

      My non-spoiler opinions:

      Steppenwolf looked bad and was boring. He was just so boring. He had no real personality. And the CGI for him was so bad that you were at all times painfully aware that you were looking at a special effect. The fact that the plot revolved around him meant that the plot had no personality.

      Some of the dialogue scenes were amazingly bad, the one Liah pointed out was a prime example. It’s a case of “you can type this shit George but you sure can’t say it”. Attack of the Clones levels of bad.

      The introductory scenes were fantastic and bought enough goodwill early on that I was able to tolerate the badness. That first scene with the video interviewing Superman was gold, the Superman we’ve been waiting for. That first scene with Batman felt like it was taken straight out of the animated series. That first scene with Wonder Woman was dashingly heroic and action packed.

      AND THEY USE THE DANNY ELFMAN BATMAN THEME! Not in a subtle way. Blatantly. According to the credits they also used John Williams’s Superman theme but I didn’t notice it. Like I know it’s a reboot and everyone wants to put their own spin on the characters but if John Williams or Danny Elfman write theme tunes for your characters, those are your characters’s theme tunes forever. I like Wonder Woman’s theme tune too, even if it’s significantly more simplistic than the others.

      Spoilery opinions:
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      The entire Justice League fighting Superman was great, especially Superman versus Flash and Superman versus Wonder Woman. Aquaman’s confession was funny, and Cyborg has piqued my interest; there’s a story there. Bruce needling Diana about Steve Trevor was also a good moment, and his admission that Clark was more human than him.

      The movie’s big success is that we finally like the heroes, they’re interesting and charismatic and heroic and funny. Also Batman doesn’t murder anybody, yay!

      All in all, it’s kinda weird how drastically the movie swings between brilliant and terrible, but I guess that’s to be expected when you switch directors halfway through. I’m certainly inclined to go see more of the DC universe now if they can just focus on what worked.
    • LeoBravo wrote:

      Some of the dialogue scenes were amazingly bad, the one Liah pointed out was a prime example. It’s a case of “you can type this shit George but you sure can’t say it”. Attack of the Clones levels of bad.

      Spoilery opinions:
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      The entire Justice League fighting Superman was great, especially Superman versus Flash and Superman versus Wonder Woman. Aquaman’s confession was funny, and Cyborg has piqued my interest; there’s a story there. Bruce needling Diana about Steve Trevor was also a good moment, and his admission that Clark was more human than him.

      Display Spoiler

      The film ultimately tried to cram what should have been five movies' worth of buildup into it's opening thirty minutes, and it just collapsed in on itself.

      To me, there's no greater example of what the movie (and the DCEU, as a whole) did wrong than the contrast between the scenes where Bruce needles Diana about Steve Trevor, and when Mera sort of chides Aquaman for being so indifferent to his royal status. The former is poignant and can actually resonate with the audience because we've seen what they're talking about. We empathize with Diana over that, having witnessed it (and for some of us softy fanboys, almost had a man cry).

      The latter is just a waste of time because there's no context behind it, whatsoever. Having not seen Aquaman's background, we have no way to know why he's as rebellious as he is. Even if you're a comic book fan and are familiar with the character, this is a unique iteration; he's bound to have some backstory that's unique to him that we can't simply assume. For someone watching this who is a casual fan or a newcomer, that conversation will be utterly lost on them.
    • There really should have been an Aquaman movie before Justice League. I can accept individual heroes coming in without much introduction, but throwing that "Oh by the way Atlantis is real" thing at us seems like a questionable decision.

      I also feel like there was a lot of Cyborg material that got cut. His origin story was connected to the motherboxes, but once he joined the team, he didn't seem any more important the the Flash. There were hints of a plot about him learning to control his armor and struggling not to become something he wouldn't recognize, but it didn't really go anywhere. Maybe it was just setup for sequels.

      Keep in mind that I'm not very well-versed in DC lore, so I didn't know most of these things going in. I do however watch the Flash CW show, so I'm perfectly happy just treating this as an alternate reality and accepting that there will be some version of the Flash there, and the scant introduction he got doesn't bother me personally.

      The movie just seemed so determined to focus on the main 3 that the other 3 were treated more like useful tools than teammates.
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    • Is it too soon to call it a day for DC? Henry Cavill is no longer Superman.

      Gal Gadot is at least controversial in my friend groups and beyond Wonder Woman who else could bring an audience at this point? If the Shazam film didn't look so promising, I would completely count them out. Even then it only looks so good by comparison to the rest of the movies.
    • His agent has denied the report. Said that WB may elaborate soon.

      The current leadership of the DCEU is completely different from what made the Man of Steel-Justice League line of films, so we shouldn't be surprised if they shake up a lot of things.

      Still, Wonder Woman is obviously a lock for them, and I think both Aquaman and Shazam! have a ton of potential. I also expect really good things from The Batman, maybe even the same for the Flash solo movie.

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    • Saw Aquaman yesterday.

      No real spoilers, but if you want to go in completely blind, don’t look.

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      This is the best DC movie since Wonderwoman.
      This does not say much, since all since WW has been pretty bad...
      And this movie does not come close to WW.

      The trailer made it look really awesome.
      The movie itself took a completely other turn.
      It was so full of cheese I am now lactose intolerant.

      But like the last 30 mins? 20 mins? If we exclude the very ending, is totally awesome.
    • Just saw Aquaman, thought it was a riot. A couple parts are crazy corny, but it's very well shot and wildly ambitious. If your average superhero movie is an MMA fighter's jab, this is a flying cartwheel kick. This feels like high fantasy, sci-fi, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, a Jules Verne novel, and a little bit of anime all rolled into one.

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    • I finally saw Wonder Woman last weekend. I liked it, although it was more violent than I expected.

      Yesterday I watched Justice League. Wow, I'm amazed by how well they managed to mess it up.

      The first half was way too boring. I don't understand why we were watching Batman hunt a regular burglar while he should have been hunting aliens. And why did we see Wonder Woman take out some boring terrorists that had nothing to do with the plot? What Marvel does well is tie everything together. This just seemed messy and time consuming.

      Some comments about the characters:
      • I actually really liked The Flash. I didn't watch the series, so I can't compare anything. This kid was just hilarious.
      • Superman, meh. It felt like he was so strong that they had to do everything to 'keep him away'. Dead most of the time. Aggressive when revived. And when he finally does join the fight, he immediately leaves to save some civilians. They had to do that, because the enemy was no match for him. Boring.
      • Wonder Woman was just awkward in this movie. Lots of chest and booty shots. And slow cute smiles in the middle of fighting scenes. At least they tried to give her a story with the leadership thing.
      • Cyborg was becoming an interesting character, it just took too long. I couldn't care less for him in the first half. It's also quite a coincidence that he was recently created with the DC tessaract, just in time to join the JL.
      • Batman was done pretty well. Apart from the bad storybuilding.
      • Aquaman, uh ok... 'In the land of fire, the king of the sea is... pretty much useless.' This guy was not useful at all. He had one water scene and later I think he killed a few aliens.
      • The villain looked soooo fake. Like a bad video game. His lines were so cheesy. One example: our heroes take their Batplane to the bad guy. In the next shot, Steppenwolf looks and says “Let them come!” Next shot, our heroes jump out of the Batplane. What kind of boring anti-climactic scene is that? You’d expect him to show some personality. “Hah! It’s this world’s heroes again. Don’t think other planets had heroes? Don’t you know I killed them all? You are merely delaying the inevitable.” That’s just from the top of my head, you’d assume actual writes could come up with something better than “Let them come.”
      The movie tried so hard to have climactic moments. Like when Aquaman shows up. Or when Superman shows up. But I didn't care. I wanted to feel something, I wished I could cheer. But I didn't, because the buildup and the timing were so bad. Or the lines were so bad. It also didn't help that all these voices sounded alike, so I never knew who exactly was speaking.

      All in all, it was enjoyable, but it should have been so much more. The actors were fine, the action was fun, but they messed up the the story buildup.
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