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    • Because if Abyss's post had spoilers, you better believe that mine does, as well.

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      Abyss Master wrote:

      To be honest, what it really needed was to be what it was originally pitched to us as being - Batman versus Superman, and nothing more than that. The movie only became convoluted and inaccessible to newbies when they decided to cram all this Justice League stuff in there, and Batman's weird-as-all-fuck dream sequences.

      If anything is to be learned from this misstep, it should be that you can't do your Expanded Universe worldbuilding in such drastic leaps. It always ends up being sloppy and careless. Much as DC wants to catch up to Marvel's success and get their Justice League going, at this rate they're only providing examples of how not to do it.

      A part 1 and 2 probably would have gone a long way.

      Frankly I hope not. The fight with Doomsday was chaotic, at times confusing and ultimately tiresome. They establish pretty early that he's indestructible, and the only thing that can really stop him is the kryptonite spear, so I'm just sitting there waiting until the point where they fetch it and use it. And while that part is pretty sweet, all the in-between just becomes white noise.

      Compare that to the Hulkbuster scene from Age of Ultron, where we get an epic showdown that manages to be entertaining every step of the way, firstly because we're not told up-front what will stop the rampaging beast (in this case the Hulk), and secondly because it uses far more creativity and humor in its execution. Or take the battle of New York from the first Avengers movie, where the titular heroes are facing off against a seemingly endless invasion force. Now here, the heroes do figure out how to stop the fight (close the portal), but the action up to that point is still entertaining and exciting, in large part because we get to see the heroes fight and do so in such a way that lets them shine.

      See, if anything is "white noise", I think it's actually the Hulkbuster scene in Age of Ultron.

      Because it was basically an antagonist setting off Hulk into a rampage, leaving the other superheroes to subdue him, and despite success at such, the collateral damage is great, and the team has something of a falling out sequence following it.

      Where have I seen that before?

      The fight with Doomsday was a perfect showcase for how the Trinity brings their own sets of skills to battle. Batman is typically going to be the most tactical of the group, utilizing his gadgets and ingenuity to hold off even other-worldly threats. Superman is direct and brutish, sometimes to a fault. Wonder Woman is a combination of the two; despite her own physical prowess, she's very clever in battle. She believes in precision and technique being employed in unison with raw strength. Prior to Supe's killing blow, Wonder Woman easily has the most success of the three at combating Doomsday, and it's because she looks for ways around his defenses rather than just trying to overwhelm him.

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    • I liked the movie. I wasn't expecting much, and was pleasantly surprised at what I saw. I honestly thought it redeemed Superman as a character after how MoS went about introducing him to the public. Now for what I didn't like:

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      Lex isn't Lex. He's more like The Joker in this movie than Lex Luthor. He rubbed me wrong from beginning to end and this entire cast choice was dumb from the word go. Yeah, he looks great bald, but since when did prisons shave your fucking head? And even when he's bald he still acts more like a loony than businessman Lex Luthor. How did this guy ever get in the position he's in?

      I honestly didn't expect them to pull a 'Death of Superman' storyarc near the end there. I mean, I should have, it's fucking Doomsday that was advertised, but can you say too soon? The main mistake this movie makes is the same one The Amazing Spider-Man 2 made, too many cooks. They add a game changer like 'Death of Superman' near the end just like TMAS2 added Gwen's death near the end. Guys, stop adding notorious comic book storylines near the end of your movies if you're not going to based the entire film around that angle. It's ridiculous.

      That said, I'm excited at the idea of Darkseid being in the next movie.

      I also saw a trailer of Suicide Squad during this and I'm seriously starting to get behind that film. It looks like it might actually be fun.
    • Just got home from movie. Man oh man, that was a magical ride. Honestly, it was pretty bad xD, but it was also fun! Some of the fights were dope, and I actually like the cast for the movie a lot. But I'll be honest; I was laughing a ridic amount throughout the movie xDD because lmaaooooo some shit was just so DUMB xDD. Alright here we go:

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      So what was up with those whack-ass dreams in the movie. Like seriously, in Batman's dream the soldiers he's fighting have Superman logos on their arms, like they are Nazis, but they are Superman Nazis. And the dream of the monster thing that came out of his mom's grave. And the bats lifting him out of the hole in fell in. Like holy shit, Bruce, what the fuck are you doing before you go to bed LMAO.

      And Lex! He's charismatic, not demented xDD But he was going all Dark Knight's Joker in there xD It's like when Depp became Wonka xD

      And straight-up, Wonder Woman was my fave part of the film--when she joined the fight. Before that, her purpose in the movie was literally finding a photo and returning Batman's usb or whatever the fuck back to him. And then she was gonna fly away. But then she decided she wanted to be a bad-ass instead. Good life choice. Best life choice. Because she was fucking great. Oh, and I like the part where Bruce got all intimidating with her. I was like lol she'll kick your ass, bruh, sit down LOL

      The scene where I laughed the most was when Batman realised he and Superman's mom had the same name. It was like GO NOW, SON OF MARTHA, AND LIVE YOUR LIFE. I mean, shit, the next time I get into a fight with someone, I'm gonna make sure their mom's name isn't my mom's name, otherwise what if I accidentally murder someone who will become my friend due to this star-aligned bond. I mean, I was WONDERING why they were making such a big deal about of her name with Bruce's dad's dying breathy whisper of MAAARTTTHHAAAA, and then showing off her name in that fucked up dream on the grave. But then it was made suddenly clear that it was because this would be what bonded Superman and Batman. Martha. If the whole world had Martha as their moms names, can you imagine how peaceful this world would be???? Shiiieeeet.

      And then there were some just some super-lol plot things, like Batman chasing down the Kryptonite despite putting his tracker on it, and Superman randomly turning up in that scene to sexually stare down Batman as he crashed the Batmobile, or the a m p l e amounts of times we had to be reminded "IT'S OKAY, IT WAS UNINHABITED!" "THE AREA WAS CLEARED!" "IT WAS EVACUATED!!!" so that, you know, our heroes aren't fucking killing innocent people in this huge-ass city that has literally hundreds of thousands of people living in it so what are the chances that some huge part of the city is suddenly empty? xD Oh my god, and when Superman got nuked and was floating in space, and then his eyes suddenly flared because sun and the dramatic music that played when it happened xDD, oh my gooooooddddd lmaoooooo, this movie! Amazing.

      Sorry, still reeling from Martha is our mom. Goddamn LMAO.

      And Jesus Christ, all the slow-mos and a lot of the time for the most unnecessary things. Like I imagine if I applied that to my RL I'd walk downstairs to make breakfast, and when I'm pouring the milk into my cereal, suddenly it goes SLOOOWWW and dramatic, and zoom in close-up of the milk splashing and one drop hitting the table like SPLOOOOSH.


      Which reminds me, I lol'd when Batman rescued Sup's ma and was like "I'm a friend" Orly. You beat the shit out of him, almost killed him, and then found out your moms have the same name, and now you're friends. Bruh, you spent like 2 years or something hating on this fucker, but now he's your BFF because MARTHA.



      Okay shit I liked. Fight scenes were cool. Wonder Woman was GREEAAAT in the final fight. Henry Cavill is hot like good lord, but my super-crush belongs to Gal Gadot ;3 ;3 ;3. I was "awh" that Clark went back to his mom when he was troubled (I mean, even though that was basically to remind us she exists so that when she's abducted later, we're not like wat oh yeeaaahhh). Has Zimmer is gr8 as usual. Was interesting to see the destruction of Metropolis from Bruce's POV. Ooh, seeing other JL peeps made me squeeeeee, especially Momoa as Aquaman. Dude looks dope as hell! (I also whispered to Brandon, when Lois was stuck in the water, that it'd be cool if Aquaman appeared suddenly and gave her the spear lmao). Gimme my Wonderwoman movie. Give it to me now.

      I'm sure there's other stuff. But I forget and I need to go and check on some stuff for Mafia on ZU so lol better wrap this up.

      Movie at its worst: 2/10
      Movie at its best: 6/10, 7 if I'm feeling generous
      Hilarity factor whether it was intentional or not: 10/10

      I don't think it's as bad as the critics have been saying, though truthfully, I have a godawful troll sense of humour xD. Brandon came out of the movie absolutely perplexed as to what he had sat through. As for me, I high fived the guy who tears tickets and when he asked me how I found the movie, I said "I'm a better person for it. I feel my life's journey is starting to make sense."


    • Probably opening a can of worms but I didn't think the movie was as bad as critics are saying.
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      -Really liked it when people put the Metropolis fight in with the Bruce scenes from this movie. I recognized parts from Man of Steel.
      -Batfleck nailed it. Way more than I thought he was. I don't really think he killed anybody outright, it was more cases of "cause the guy shooting at me to shoot the other guy. Only time he really outright did was the Knightmare stuff.
      - Sad I saw the screenshot of Darkseid's Omega symbol. Ruined the moment for me.
      - Eisenburg over did it. He was like some weird mix of Riddled and Joker as opposed to a menacing Lex.
      - Ok if Lex figured out Clark like Lois did I'm Man of Steel I can buy that. How'd he figure out who Batman was?
      -Loved Diana's look of disgust when Lex was talking about Prometheus.
      - Batman cheated plain and simple. Which I enjoyed.I'm a Batfan all the way and I fully expected the fight to turn out like it did. Could've been longer.
      - I'd completely forgotten about the Martha connection.
      - I think Doomsday isn't new in Kryptonian history. The computer flat out warns Lex against doing what he's about to do. Its a nice way to connect things with established comic continuity.
      - I assume Lex heard about Darkseid through the Kryptonian library. Otherwise it makes no sense.
      - Death of Superman was well done but was anticlimatic when you know he'll be back for the next movies. At least we've got time to let him being dead stick before JL comes out.
      - Fully expected Doomsday to come bursting out of the rubble while Bats and WW just awkwardly stood there. They lingered on it too long.
      - How did they convince the feds to let them bury Clark in Smallville?
      - Ending with the tracking down of metahumans had a very Avengers feel to it.
      - Fully expected Clark to pull an Undertaker and punch out of the coffin. Again they lingered too long.

      Sure there were plot holes but I don't think it really deserved all the hate. I'd definitely see it again.
    • It's nowhere near as bad as the critics are making it out to be, or the majority of people on the internet, really, but it is what it is. I enjoyed it and didn't feel like I wasted any time or money.

      But it sounds like they're backtracking on Lex being Lex, and instead he's Lex Junior.

      Un huh.
    • I think it completely deserves the critical panning. I wouldn't give it higher than a 5/10. For comic book fans, I see why people enjoyed it. But as a film, it's pretty bad and there's no going around that.

      ​Affleck was the best thing in it. I'll be happy if he indeed makes his own solo film. He's a better director than Snyder, that's for sure. I'm so tired of all this Michael Bay-esque shit.
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      Yeah, he's in the movie. They even have him listed on the IMBD page. They certainly aren't wasting any time getting to those crossovers.

      I'm starting to like the new trailers I'm seeing for the movie. Man, it'd be funny if this ends up being better received than their big blockbuster last month.
    • john_marston wrote:

      Affleck was the best thing in it. I'll be happy if he indeed makes his own solo film. He's a better director than Snyder, that's for sure. I'm so tired of all this Michael Bay-esque shit.

      Yeah, Affleck is an awesome Director! Hopefully it wouldn't be too much of a work-load for him but if he can star, write, and direct a Batman movie I'll be pretty damn excited. :3 I'd expect some pretty incredible things out of that.

      pls ben
      :: makes the :3 face a lot ::

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    • Affleck clearly has a real attachment to the role; he's genuinely passionate about Batman and DC's superhero universe. That means a lot when you're taking on a task like this. I didn't get that same sense of passion from, say, Henry Cavill.

      The guy has proven that he can endure both directing and acting at the same time with such greats like The Town and Argo. I've got faith that he'll do Batman right with this.

      I wish he had gotten this chance, earlier. Could have lead to DC and Warner Bros. breaking their inexplicable affinity for Snyder and inspired them to put a better director behind the camera for their major movie entries.

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