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    The Darkness of Death
    • The city of Soria was a small metropolitan area in Washington which had sprung up in the past ... 20 years maybe? Allison Carcture didn't know. Despite living in the city for the past four years, wandering the streets, the buildings seemed to be new to her each night. The streets rearranged themselves into new maps, despite never once moving, and if Allison Carcture had any sense of memory at all, she perhaps would have had more luck.

      But she didn't; at least not when it came to trivial things such as directions and knowing where things were. However, certain other things did keep to her memory.

      Like the fact there have been women who have been disappearing for the past three months. About 21 women have gone missing thus far; not a single one had shown up. Search efforts had gone out and even with the city on high alert, a woman still disappeared once a week. It was causing a sense of fear and distrust to settle in the city. No sane woman - no sane person - was able to be found out in the city after dark. Even those with connections to less desired parts of society had scurried off into hiding.

      Except Allison Carcture, a homeless teenager who slept on the streets.

      Each day the sun would set, Allison would stir, prowling the streets almost as if she were looking for something, somebody. Some in the homeless community whispered the odd girl was behind the attacks. After all, it was said, the scent of death lingered on her very being.

      It wasn't like they were totally wrong in that regard to be fair.

      What they were wrong in was Allison Carcture was not the one who was behind the disappearances of the women. However, as worn down boots glided across the dewy grass, dull brown eyes flickering around the sprawling city.

      Come out, come out wherever you are.

      :heart: Rinn “Arwyn” Nailo drawn by Liah :heart:
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