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Nintendo's next hardware: the NX - The reveal actually happened!
  • What could it be?
    Is it a handheld? Is it a console? Is it Superman???

    Enjoy speculating. We could also post rumors and news articles here.

    Personally I'm hoping it will be the next home console, with enough power to surpass the PS4. If it comes with a controller that's also a handheld system, sure why not.
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  • We already have a thread dedicated to discussing the NX: The Lack of ZeldaU news is driving me crazy

    But I'll post in here too. :3nod

    In my opinion, I think "NX" is more of an umbrella term rather than an individual name for a single product; "NX" is the codename for a brand new Nintendo ecosystem, a family of products which will utilize similar systems in order to have meaningful and more intricate interactions between one another to drive sales of them all (a handheld and a console), together, and I'd hope go further than simply one playing the games of another. I do not think it will be a hybrid of a handheld and console; I do believe that would be a mistake and not a very desirable product. We'd get an under-powered console or an over-priced handheld, and I'd prefer each remain as their own entity and can be as good as they can possibly be, tied together by systems which don't limit the potential quality of any individual product.

    But like how Microsoft is trying to build an ecosystem with everything running Windows 10, to not only enhance user experience across platforms but keep the processes simple for developers, I think that's Nintendo's plan too. Like, they could easily have a console which could support playing handheld games; combine this with in-house save syncing and you could be out playing Pokemon on the handheld, get home and have the save-files automatically sync up and instantly pick up where you left off on the big screen with a controller, enhanced graphics, etc. That's just one thing that could be done and I can see something like that being a desirable product to have for a Nintendo fan, and keeping the products connected but still apart ensures neither are held back by the other and doesn't diminish the attractiveness and prospect of simply owning one or the other.

    This is not some incredible, innovative, never-before-seen thing, but I do believe it'd work well with how Nintendo's going these days; the PS4 and Vita can do similar things, to a point, but who has a PS4 and a Vita? Or, I guess I could shorten that to just "Who has a Vita?" :3nod

    So naturally this is all just speculation going off rumours and interviews, and I may be missing some crucial information to make this completely incorrect, but from what I know that's what I think we'll be hearing about in time. I still don't think the hybrid idea will ring true.
  • I'm fully expecting the NX to be a console/handheld hybrid. They already said that it wouldn't be just a simple replacement. And it just makes sense after the Wii U. Imagine if you could actually take the Wii U gamepad off your house and continue playing outside without having to buy two different systems.

    I think that's where they're gonna go next, or at least somewhere similar. The only downside is that it wouldn't leave much room for a graphical jump (if there is one at all) but hey, this is Nintendo. They already tried playing catch-up with the Wii U and kinda failed miserably at it. I wouldn't be surprised if they just stop trying.

    Also wouldn't be surprised at something that also works as a smartphone considering they're finally getting into the mobile gaming industry. Or maybe even all three?

    Mercedes wrote:

    Or, I guess I could shorten that to just "Who has a Vita?" :3nod

    Funny question when you consider that the Vita has sold more units than the Wii U.

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  • If it's a hybrid, would it be possible to just buy the 'home deck', if you don't want the handheld? And what if you only want the handheld?

    I don't know about this whole thing. When the Wii U was suffering, people were saying that Nintendo should just have made a console without the Upad. And then focus on making good games. That actually sounded like it could work.
    Then now there's this new idea of a hybrid, that sounds like it's going to be more complex than the Wii U and also cost a lot more. :/
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  • Most interesting thing I've read about the NX so far...

    "Specifically, one software demo included with the kit crunches so many polygons that it’s currently impossible to run at 60fps using a current-generation Intel (we’re assuming a Core i7 Skylake) CPU and a nearly top-of-the-line graphics card (no specifics provided, but they probably used a single graphics card)."

    Now I understand that the actual hardware uses a lot of tricks to speed things up that won't be in place on a typical PC. But I also don't remember hearing anything about the Wii U devkit maxing out anybodies PC.

    Nintendo NX Dev-Kit Suggests It's More Powerful Than PS4
  • VitamLink92 wrote:

    The NX will be a hybrid! It's Nintendo at long last dream come true! Don't deny it. Honestly those who do, I assure you that Nintendo is facepalming a lot reading posts by people deny such idea, not only that, but I'm also sure that they probably even get angry at those people.

    I agree. When I first heard about the hybrid console idea, I was sceptical, but now, there's evidence right in front of us. Now, I don't know about Zelda U and if it's going to be on the NX, but if it is, I can't wait to see how Nintendo will make it work! I mean, I'm still a little skeptical, but all the links you provided in the Zelda U thread I'd say make it a 95% possibility that it will indeed be a hybrid.

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  • When I first heard of the NX and Iwata was saying that he announced the NX just to state that Nintendo was still in the dedicated console market and not leaving it due to phone apps/games I thought it was going to be a phone thingy.
    My sarcastic brain may I underline was the doing of this.

    I have no idea what it will be now, although it is very tempting with the rumors of a hybrid. It even sounds like Nintendo to try to find a new gimmick that will revolutionize the gaming industry.

    In light of all rumors, we really don't know to a 100% certain degree what we will the NX. But I do hope there will be a home console dedicated to a tv, if it has a gimmick of a handheld as the controll that will be fine. Just hope its not a phone or just another handheld or something like it. I want a home console. Hope I get it. :)
  • By the way it's really sounding, it sounds like we're getting the following.

    1. A Nintendo Console
    2. A Nintendo Handheld
    3. A Nintendo Tablet
    4? A Nintendo something else

    Meaning, SOLD separately!
    Nintendo makes profit off of the games, well if you make different consoles which can run the same game, you sell more games.
  • VitamLink92 wrote:

    The NX will be a hybrid! It's Nintendo at long last dream come true! Don't deny it. Honestly those who do, I assure you that Nintendo is facepalming a lot reading posts by people deny such idea, not only that, but I'm also sure that they probably even get angry at those people.

    Sorry, I had to.
    "Can't post that on a Christian forum."

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  • Ah, the speculation... I think Nintendo said they wanted to get into the mobile gaming market, so the NX is probably going to be something brand new for them. I've heard a few people grumble about "what if Zelda U becomes Zelda NX," but that's just ridiculous. The U's not quite at the end of its lifetime yet, and Nintendo never said they were replacing it. In any case, I'm curious what this will be like. If I'm right, I get the distinct feeling that Nintendo's "too late" to break into this market, but I guess their profit margin will speak for itself.
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  • I wanted to make an NX thread, but then I found out I already had.

    Please Understand wrote:

    Nintendo are just accumulating strength to blow their marketing load on the NX. There's no point in marketing the Wii U anymore, it's a lost cause. I swear it could have had a better fate if they didn't give up so quickly though - they never tried to revive the thing.
    This is pretty much Nintendo's last chance to not be degraded to a mobile and third-party developer. They need to come in with guns blazing.

    - stronger hardware than PS4
    - Zelda UX, new 3D Mario, Pikmin 4, Splatoon 2, Hyrule Warriors 2, Metroid... preferably at or soon after launch
    - Affordable upgrades to must-have U games, like SSB4, Mario Kart 8, Mario Maker
    - A My Nintendo program that carries over your stuff from the 3DS and Wii U and lets you upgrade your U games when available.
    - hardware that's easy to port to, because we need the big guys aboard for this

    If it's indeed a hybrid, that's fine, I've gotten used to the idea. It might be easier for handheld gamers to jump to console. And the console will get more games, even though they won't all look as pretty as you might wish.

    As for third party games that I want:
    - Blizzard's Overwatch would be a great game for the console. It looks like such a fun shooter, a perfect match for Nintendo.
    - How about another Star Wars game? Rogue Leader did really well as a launch game on the GameCube.
    - The new Monster Hunter. If it's indeed a hybrid, it's a dead given that we'll get this on the NX.

    I mentioned upgraded Wii U games: a lot of time, money and love went into a few U games, but they didn't end up selling very well. They could get a second life if they were re-released for the NX, for a small price, with some upgrades.
    - Super Smash Bros 4 with all the DLC
    - Super Mario Maker
    - Mario Kart 8?

    It could work. I think. I hope. I fear for Nintendo's future if the NX doesn't work out.
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  • One thing that I would personally like, was if all of the VC games currently on the Wii U would immediately become available for the NX at launch, instead of having to wait months for another re-port. Unlike the transition between Wii and Wii U. I mean that's probably just wishful thinking, but it felt so ridiculous having to wait months for the same games already on the Wii VC to be re-ported to the Wii U, when they could have just used that time porting other games not yet included.

    I would also love it if both Wii and Wii U were cross-compatible with the NX, instead of just the previous generation console. Who knows, Wii could happen. Hell I'd love it even more if it were compatible with GCN game discs, but that's a lot of wishful thinking to ask for.

    Granted, none of this would save the NX, but it's something that would personally make me happier.
  • Please Understand wrote:

    I think they should drop backwards compatibility because it inflates the price for no reason.

    HollowmanOfEoL wrote:

    I believe they will drop the backwards compatibility of physical media, but go on the VC route instead.
    These I agree. I've never liked my console containing crap in it that it doesn't have to. And I don't like having it restart to a different mode either. It's my obsessive compulsive disorder at it's best (worst)

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