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    • The Zelda Wiki General Chit-Chat Thread

      With every board comes a thread for general chatter, this thread is for the general discussion of the site's Zelda Wiki project. Pretty much anything related to the Wiki can be discussed about here. Anything from asking for help, Wiki questions, giving little suggestions or updates or even just sharing an interesting edit you made. Anything related to the Zelda Wiki can be talked about here.

      Just keep in mind these simple things:
      • All ZU forum rules apply here.
      • Keep spam to a minimum; no video or picture-only posts, or short, tiny posts. If you've got something to share, add commentary with it! We'd love to hear your thoughts.
      • Be nice. Everyone, editors and forum-goers alike, are welcome. We're all here because of our interest in knowledge surrounding the Zelda series.
      It's probably a good idea to start discussions on more extensive subjects like planned projects or specific requests, it is probably a good idea to start its own thread in the board.

      I'll get us started. It's been a little slow lately because of technical issues on the forum, but now that things are stable, we should be ready to come back in full swing. Also, something noteworthy that I've done recently is that I made it so all the Costumes in Tri Force Heroes link to the Costume page, in the appropriate section. Similarly, all the new Materials in Tri Force Heroes and Materials in Hyrule Warriors link to the Material page too. This should make it a lot more reader-friendly for when people try to search names.

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    • Oh, we now have maps embedded into the Hyrule Warriors stage infoboxes! I wanted to point that out forever ago, but I forgot to mention it.

      I'm super proud of that, so go check it out. You can even move your mouse over a Keep to see it's name. I'm planning on making multiple versions for each Scenario, but that's a long-term goal.

      I'm pretty stoked for this year's E3, and I'll be making a thread the day before on it so we can discuss what articles we'll likely need to edit. That way, we as a community will be prepared for most of what they're likely going to throw at us.
    • E3 is tomorrow and I did the honor of making a list of potential articles that we're going to need to get to ASAP. I figure these have a good chance of being relevant to the new footage coming tomorrow, and it'll be useful if anyone wants to help cover that. If you think I'm missing any, let me know.

      Greater Likelihood:
      Hyrule Field
      Death Mountain
      Great Bridge of Hylia
      Lake Hylia
      Magic Meter
      Vault (as an ability)
      Eye Symbol
      "Tower" (we may have to move the present page to "Tower (The Shadow Prince)"

      Lesser likelihood:
      Bridge of Eldin
      Eldin Volcano
      Lake Floria
      Goat (behavioral patterns, significance)
      Horse (behavioral patterns)
      Heart (potentially starting out with X number)