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    Zelda Wiki Idea: Health for monsters?
    • Basically, I recently looked into the Zelda Wiki, and I noticed that no enemies have their health listed. We might want to add this, and it can be calculated like this: :scholar:
      1. Find an item that will damage Link as well as enemies, such as bombs.
      2. Find out how much damage that item does to Link.
      3. See how many hits it will take to kill an enemy with that item, and multiply it by the amount of damage that item does.
      4. For a shortcut, you can then find out how much damage other weapons do by hitting the enemy with a weapon, and seeing how many hits it will take to kill it with said weapon.

      For example, in OoT, I set a bomb next to Link and found out that it deals a half heart of damage. Then I threw bombs at a Red Tektite and found out that it takes two hits to kill it with bombs. So, the Red Tektite has one heart.

      It also takes two hits to kill it with the Master Sword, so the Master Sword deals a half heart of damage. The Giant's Knife/Biggoron sword kills it in one hit, so it does one heart of damage. For enemies with a lot of health, I can jump-attack them with the Biggoron sword to deal two hearts of damage per hit, finding their health more easily. For accuracy, you can use deku sticks (1:heart: per jump attack) and the kokiri sword (1/4:heart: per normal stab) as Child Link to find the exact health.

      This could take a lot of time, but, like everything else, it can be added piece by piece, by many people.

      Thanks! :looney: -Zarlem
    • We actually have something similar to that concept: Weapon Strength. That would effectively go in tandem with what you're suggesting, so you're welcome to get it started by making a sandbox and using this thread to collaborate with others who are interested.

      Someone among the staff mentioned that your method isn't quite right as bombs actually do the most damage in some games. So I think it's better to start with what's confirmed to be the weakest weapon (typically the starting sword) for calculating base damage/health. Thanks for suggesting it, by the way. It's a big undertaking, but it's definitely within the realm of potential.
    • It's possible, but that requires extensive know-how of the inner mechanics of each game that not a lot of people have. Programming is a whole other thing than sprite or model ripping. I suppose some people at TCRF might be able to look into that, but that's all assumption on my part. It's easier to do comparative research by testing all weapons.

      Fortunately it's possible to do in BotW. The Sheikah Slate's Scope can display enemy HP values.

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    • Most official guides don't even have a dedicated enemy section, let alone HP amounts. It's not really something that the guide writers would be able to figure out anyway, since they do not have access to the game's data.

      HP values are something that are extremely difficult to locate in games like these. We have old games out there that hackers still haven't been able to fully crack.
    • This would be really cool if it can be figured out, but it there are a lot of different variables between games that make this a difficult project.

      Weapon strengths don't always affect enemies the same way. You can one hit kill a dodongo with an arrow in Twilight Princess, but arrows don't hurt them at all in other games. Pols Voice are sometimes killed by sound and other times immune to it (TLOZ). It seems like it would be very hard to choose a single weapon to use as a starting point when there will be some enemies immune to it or weak to it.
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