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    [Spoiler-Free] BotW: Media Blackout (READ OP BEFORE POSTING)
    • MVS wrote:

      Reyn Time wrote:

      Welp, it's looking like I won't be able to get the Switch+BoTW till a little more then a month after launch. I'm kinda salty about that, but it's not too bad. It's nothing compared to the 4 or more years that I've waited for this game
      I'm still pretty spoiler free and I plan on keeping it that way. its gonna be extra rough to do that once the game comes out, but I'll manage. I'll probably just abandon the Internet completely until I can get the game.
      Dude, I really don't want to sprinkle salt on the wounds, but damn... that sounds just unbearable and awful. The wait would be one thing, but considering rest of the community will get their hands on the game sounds a lot worse. Youtube will be a very unsafe place, and other places also... but especially youtube I think. Props and respect if you manage to keep yourself spoilerfree the whole time. Sounds really tough. Are you sure you just can't borrow someone's Wii U or something? Perhaps Zelda will be very hard to get for the Wii U though. I generally really think that the Switch-version is the way to go, but if you are really skeptical towards the Switch or you have to wait for over one f**king month, the Wii U-option seems quite attractive.
      By the way... why can you not get the Switch + Zelda at launch or somewhat later? Guess it was sold out right? Can't you just import it from somewhere else where the next delivery comes much sooner?
      I can't get it this month mainly due to money. My house is on the market right now and won't get sold for a little while, and that's where all my money is gonna come from. Most spare money went into renovating it.
      I do have a Wii U, but its actually broken as of right now. It's gonna cost around $100 at least to fix and at that point I'd rather spend the money on a Switch. I plan to get a Switch anyway for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Splatoon 2 as well. and since I've waited so long for this game, I'd rather get the superior version, even if the difference is just graphics and framerate.
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    • Curious to see how accurate these previews pan out to be. I feel like everyone is going to have rose-colored glasses for at the first month or so of playing the game. Myself included. I've always loved Zelda games on release and usually it isn't till I've nearly beaten the game that I start to have any sort of criticism. But you know, that just goes to show that Zelda games draw you in so much that you don't initially notice any flaws. I'll wear my rose-colored glasses with pride; I've waited 5 years to wear them.

      @Reyn Time that still really sucks. Sorry to hear that. I'd make some friends who own Wii U's/Switches. Godspeed for the next month.
    • Just because reviewers love a game doesn't mean that the wider audience will feel the same. I enjoyed SS, but I still felt disappointed overall. From reading reviews I expected to be blown away, but upon playing SS it felt like "just another Zelda game" rather than a revelation.

      On the whole I just want to play the game and make my own mind up, instead of being swayed by journalists' opinions.
    • Only a week left eh?

      I'm finally starting to get that itching, burning sensation of anticipation coursing through my body.

      Either that or I got a rash.

      I'm planning on making a thread to commemorate our first deaths in the game. How long it took before first death, where it look place, how death occurred. What do you think? I think it'll be fun seeing where everyone first dies.
    • I've got a feeling that my first death is probably either going to be falling off of something inadvertently, on account of an initial period of getting used to Link being able to jump on command, or being attacked by a Bokoblin as I get used to the combat controlls. I kinda have a tendency to start losing health and then freaking out..which is pretty funny if I then run away, get chased by said enemy and end up dying anyway. That has happened to me so many times in past games it's just ridiculous xD.

      We should definitely have a thread for deaths though I think. Do you think there would be required spoiler tags for potential spoilers we might post, or no? Just thought I would check if it does get made :) .
    • Khao wrote:

      So I actually have better internet than I expected, lol. Still will ignore social media 100%, but I can hang out in this thread for a bit longer. So previews are showing up, huh? Spoilers or not, I'm not gonna read any of them. I want nothing but my own expectations from here onwarda.
      Nah you made a goodbye post, you have to stay out of the thread now. Can't play with our feels.

      Tremjam wrote:

      Just because reviewers love a game doesn't mean that the wider audience will feel the same. I enjoyed SS, but I still felt disappointed overall. From reading reviews I expected to be blown away, but upon playing SS it felt like "just another Zelda game" rather than a revelation.

      On the whole I just want to play the game and make my own mind up, instead of being swayed by journalists' opinions.
      Agreed, unfortunately for us though the review score is very easy to stumble upon. I expect to see it somewhere by accident. I don't care if someone finds that to be unreasonable, I don't want to see it lol.

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    • @Feranel All of the Gamexplain-crew are huge Zeldafans, especially André I think, but also the other two as well. I don't think anyone of them actually preferred Mario over Zelda at launch, it was more like what they actually thought during that whole confusing period with the "leaks" that claimed Zelda to be delayed and Mario at launch... and such. At a brief period I also thought that to be the case... not necessarily that Mario would be the launch-game, but that Zelda wouldn't have been, as you can see in my signature.

      @Reyn Time Ah ok I understand. Sorry to hear that, hopefully it will go your way in the end. And yes, my second most anticipated title is Xenoblade Chronicles 2, I am so glad that it goes back to the spirit of the original. I really wasn't a fan of X, but in hindsight I can really respect it for what it was (just because I now know that they didn't abandon the style of the original).

      And it is sick how I consider Super Mario Odyssey as the third most anticipated game in 2017, when 1) I am not that big of a gamer in general, 2) That is only 2017 and 3) I am REALLY hyped for Super Mario Odyssey... it is exactly how I would wish a new Mario would go. I have longed for a sandbox-Mario for SOOO long. Super Mario Galaxies are fine I guess, but I always wanted a sandbox-Mario with a lot of freedom and diverse environments and especially mysterious places. Jolly Roger's Bay gave just that mysterious feeling which overwhelmed me as a child... I actually got a tiny bit depressed because how gloomy, mysterious, dark and "un-Mario"-it felt to my young sensitive mind... but that "depression" was a GOOD thing even if it sounds strange. A game that affects you like that has done something really right. And with "depressed" I don't mean it as "this is *f**king boring I want to kill myself" but rather "this is a really sad and gloomy place". And when I saw that forest in the Odyssey trailer it felt like Lost Woods from the Majora's Mask's intro and gave me like that kind of mysterious Jolly Roger-vibe. I am really excited for the worlds in Super Mario Odyssey.

      But damn, I really looks forward to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and I really hope that Monolith Soft takes their sweet ass time with that. I rather have it in 2019 if they feel like the game can get better. Monolith Soft can do amazing things, and those things must not be rushed.

      But yeah, BotW is my number one priority right now, without a single doubt.
    • @linkthezora

      I've heard reports that Gamestop will have extra least at their midnight release stores.


      While I know that the Gamexplain crew is hype for BotW and they're huge Nintendo fans...I don't think Zelda is their favorite franchise. I'm pretty sure Andre has made many comments about how much he loves Mario games, even more than Zelda. Not that it's a big deal, but I just don't think most people that are reviewing the system and the game right now are going to be as big of Zelda fans as those of us on this site...some of them sure, but not most.
    • I've been so consumed by the thought of Breath of the Wild that I've only just really started considering what I do afterwards. I hadn't been paying much attention to any other Switch titles, but there are some real gems coming pretty soon. Especially on the eshop.

      Rime looks gorgeous and seems quite Zelda-esque but with no combat and I suspect that it will be my next purchase for the switch. I'm also quite excited for Snake Pass though, which seems to be going largely unnoticed. Relaxed platforming with an inventive concept and a retro feel. Lovely :DD

      They're not eshop titles as well which makes price point less of an issue, but perhaps means that I will need to invest in an SD sooner than expected
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    • Peanutbuttergamer and HMK have Zelda...I would say they are hardcore fans of the series.

      Slowly but surely I'm regaining some of the hype I lost when that April 2016 delay happened. Just a week now.

      Sad thing is...the weekend it comes out, I've got to work and study :nonono: I'm getting it on release, but I may or may not have to put it on hold, depending on how I manage to get ahead of things.

      Being a non-youtuber adult is hard
    • @Ryano It isn't impossible that I have mixed it all up, which could be the case since you are that persistent hahaha. In which case, they are all big fans of the series... and that was the main point I think. But I who normally isn't that much into Mario, am very hyped for Odyssey... that says a lot. I really have fate in Odyssey and I think that game can be even more liked/loved in the series than the Galaxy-games (which I thought almost was impossible). But at the same time, it is waaay to early to tell. But looking at the attention it got during and after the Switch-presentation, that really bodes well.
    • Okay..... I know I said I was gone from this thread, but after signing out of my YouTube account & clearing my history, I remembered one of my favourite old LPer's I used to watch many years ago,

      Right now, Chuggaaconroy is LP'ing Skyward Sword. For anyone who's bored/not sure what to do with their time, you should really check out his videos. He's very informative, really entertaining to watch & has great commentary.

      It's a great way to pass time, still keep Zelda in your mind, plus not be spoiled by anything this new world will have to offer.
      It's also great for people who haven't played Skyward Sword/haven't had an opportunity to play it but wanted to check it out.

      Here's Episode 1 of Skyward Sword.

      His Majora's Mask Playthrough Is also super entertaining to watch. Especially when he gets to the dog racing/betting section. Lost my shit that entire episode.

      Anyway, I hope everyone's been doing well in their spoiler-free lives. Thankfully for me it's still been all good since I've left.
      This is the home stretch, dudes & girls. We're officially 1 week away, (Or even less, now).
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