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    What's your favorite moment of Ocarina of Time?
    • Every Sheik scene. He/she's such a iconic character with brilliant speeches (and on your first playthrough, a mysterious aura about him/her too).

      Meeting Ganondorf for the first time at the drawbridge. As a child, this terrified me as it was so unexpected; encountering the primary antagonist (and obviously final boss) so soon in the game was just overwhelming. You finally see what you're up against.

      My favourite moment, however, is learning the Requiem of Spirit. There's a sense of finality about it, being the last temple and the last sage. Both Sheik and Kaepora Gaebora are featured in the same scene and you know this is symbolic of the merging of adult and child and realising what this temple is all about.
    • My favorite moments in no particular order were:

      Darunia dancing to Saria's Song and then later when the Gorons offer Link a hug.

      Getting swallowed by Lord Jabu Jabu. I remember being super surprised and entertained at a dungeon being inside him.

      Bongo Bongo breaking out of the well. I felt it gave a deeper meaning to defeating him in the Shadow Temple, considering you and Sheik both get your butts kicked at first by him.

      Twinrova's Boss Battle and subsequently watching them ascend to the heavens, bickering about their age. They had a lot of personality.

      Wearing the skull mask in front of the deku scrubs. They just get so excited - it's adorable!
    • My favorite moment would be once you get all 3 spiritual stones. I like how you get the Ocarina of Time finally, get the master sword, get told you aged 7 years and now Ganondorf has taken over Hyrule because of you, and now you get into the interesting part (Not that the first 3 dungeons weren't interesting, but this is better, in my opinion, since you can ride epona and get to harder dungeons with better items).
    • Heavy nostalgia here, with this being the first Zelda game I finished (my brother was VERY protective with his golden Zelda 1 cartridge), but the title screen. I think it sets the tone for the game really well, with a nice balance of mystery, adventure, and even a bit of eeriness, which I think are all very effectively hit throughout the game as well. As I mentioned before, it's also just super nostalgic to me, but it sometimes still gives me chills.

      This might seem weird, but I always loved Link's reactions to Ruto coming on to he always seemed shocked or even afraid. I laughed so much as a kid when you'd teleport out of Jabbu Jabbu and she was leaning in towards Link's face and he screamed and fell in.

      On a more serious note, I really love the Forest, Shadow, and Spirit Temples. One of the game's great strengtha is in setting atmospheres and moods in each location and I think those three dungeons really exemplify that.
    • Some favorite moments

      The scene where the 3 spiritual stones display in the temple of light and the door of time opening.

      Forest Temple ping pong with the boss
      Twinrova battle
      Shadow / Spirit temple for the ambiances / musics they have
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    • Looool, a few. This game hitting me in my most impressionable stage, I have a lot of these moments.

      My top three are, however; after beating the Forest Temple and awakening Saria ("Saria will always be your friend" indeed ;_; so many feelings, lol )

      When the people of Hyrule celebrate in the ending, and the Sages look by. It just brings home the fact that the nightmare they lived in is over (for now, anyway, lmfao x"D ) even if not everything's perfect.

      Aaaand, when Link and Zelda gather at the courtyard at the end of the game, for the same reasons as the above poster <3
    • The dungeons immediately jump out at me mainly the Forest Temple and Shadow Temple but all of them I love.

      Another fond memory is getting the Sun Song on a rainy day in real life. I remember having to go out with my parents afterwards and the sun breaking out of the clouds and it just added to the atmosphere so I've told myself I want a rainy day playing Breath of the Wild.

      Waking up really early with a good childhood friend and finishing Lord Jabu Jabu, getting the final spiritual stone. Going to the temple of time and becoming an adult was a big surprise to us, that's another one.

      It's my favourite game of all time so I have loads of memories of this game so I have plenty more but it's just hard picking them, the ones I have really stood out though.

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    • Hard to pick just one. Off the top of my head, some moments that stick out.

      -Reentering Kokiri Forest as an adult and immediately being greeted with a Giant Deku Baba. It's a small detail that I think was put their intentionally for symbolism.

      -Escaping Lon Lon Ranch with Epona. Also leaping across Geurdo Valley.

      -Running along the narrow path to earn the Megaton Hammer. Also using the hammer to pound a pillar and drop several floors into the room where you meet Darunia in the Fire Temple.

      -Boarding the Viking ship in the Shadow Temple. As I got older, I realized this was probably an allusion to the River Styx from Greek mythology.

      -Following the sounds of the Forest to reach the Sacred Forest Meadow as a child. Then using your memory from the past to find your way back as an adult.

      -Following the Poe through the treacherous Haunted Wasteland, particularly to the tune of the Gerudo Valley Music.

      -The rapid fire of awesome and memorable puzzles from the Forest Temple: Twisted hallways, falling ceilings, huge rotating walls, and paintings that came to life. Still the most thematically cohesive and atmospheric dungeon in the series.

      -The light reflecting puzzles in the Spirit Temple (which were still fresh and novel at the time); playing half the dungeon as a child and half as an adult; Iron Knuckles and Twinrova.

      -The Windmill Hut time travel paradox set-piece.

      -The seamless integration of music and game-play woven throughout.

      -The entire BGS trading sequence. Very satisfying--and with a terrific reward.

      What a great and timeless game. Still the best for at least another month.

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    • Running up the long flight of stairs to get to the final room in Ganon's Castle.

      It's such a mundane moment compared to everything else prior and what followed, but it was the atmosphere and anticipation of the battle ahead that excited me.

      Keep in mind that my first experiences with OoT were as a viewer, not a player. I was watching a friend play through the game in '98, and with limited access to internet and spoilers. I had no idea what lurked ahead.

      Like FrozenDragon, I was at the impressionable stage when I experienced these moments for the first time, though unlike him I was able to play the game within months of it being released #humblebrag
    • the scene were impa and zelda escape from ganondorf

      This was the only Zelda Game that i played without spoilers so every other zelda i played i knew what would happen (looking at you Links Awakening :argh: ) so picture this Im 12 and i got every single spiritual stone im just walking over to hyrule market thinking "wait until i show zelda the stones i wonder what she will say" when suddenly BANG it gets dark out and it starts raining when there goes zelda running out of the gates