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    Pounding like drums, it seemed like the rain would never end. Water rolled off the rocks and collected at the bottom as it slowly consumed the world. It had to be the tears of the goddesses - after all there had been no salt water in Hyrule prior to this horrible flood but now ... it seemed that fresh water was becoming a finite source. Hana honestly wondered if there would be any fresh water left at the top of the mountains, or the goddesses simply intended to kill them all and start fresh.

    Sitting in the caves as she scaled the mountains, she had seen many races fall to their deaths, slipping on the wet rocks and falling to their death below. Sometimes the water would become red but it would be washed out by the torrential downpour within seconds. Other people died of hypothermia and of illnesses - not everybody were the Zora who thrived on being wet 24/7. Hana herself came close a couple of times but she had used a few red potions to supplement her health. She only had two left now - she needed to make them last.

    However, lying on her back, staring up into the blue sky it was impossible to believe that it was an angry grey for two weeks. There wasn't much grass to cushion her, and water still clung tightly to her bronze skin, but the sun felt good. It honestly was like a fever dream, and if her body didn't ache and her stomach didn't loudly protest from the lack of food it had - a common occurence these last two weeks - she thought she had died and joined the goddesses and her sisters.

    Fortunately it seemed she was alive. Or unfortunately, however you looked at it.

    Hana's head lolled to the side as her chest moved up in down with her breaths as she tried to ascertain where she had ended up fleeing to. It was impossible to see in the storm, but now that she was awake and light for the first time was illuminating things ... it didn't seem like much. There was a large area and a cliff which seemed to drop down. Well she assumed it was a cliff - there was no water hungrily lapping at the shore although further down she though she caught a shimmering glimpse of the damned substance and ... the sound of a waterfall.

    Groaning, she rolled over to her belly and pushed herself up, stumbling as she walked over to the side and looked down.

    Below her there was a rather large lake - a lake since it was surrounded by land on all sides. There was rolling hills and some actual grass and shrubbery. No trees however, and some smaller plateaus. However, what really caught her interest was the fact there was four other bodies.

    Are they dead? the Gerudo thought biting her thumb worriedly. She was too high up to tell. She had some rope though so ... Right, I need to find something to tie this thing to and go down and investigate.

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  • Kempe's entire body felt like a sore, his muscles tired and exhausted from the journey up this forsaken mountain. The rain had seemed like it would never end, and part of the former Zoran warrior had almost let go of the slick surface. Better to be consumed by this oblivion and return to the water then to struggle onwards, it had said. For what would be left for any who survived?

    For the two weeks of climbing and raging storm, he'd heard some of the people scaling up the monolith talk of the goddesses. They said they'd prayed for the hero, and this had been the Golden Ones response, that the gods wanted to wipe them off the planet and start over.

    As the sun's light finally hit the desolate rock he'd dragged himself onto, he started to get the feeling they were right. It was empty...terribly empty, with no large greenery at all.

    Kempe pulled himself more inwards, half of his body submerged in the churning water of the newly created ocean. His arms were screaming, but he managed to pull himself all the way onto what would later be referred to as the southern shore.

    He'd made it to the top. That was all that mattered for now. Starving to death would need to wait.
  • It was warm. Warm and strangely quiet. Was it the sun he felt? Could the sun really be so warm so high up in the mountains? Then again, these weren't exactly the mountains any more...

    This thought alone was enough to warrant a weak laugh. The action hurt, and yet it felt good. The Captain clenched his hands, the sharp pain of splinters made his grip loosen immediately as the blood warmed his cold fingers. Slowly but surely every ache and pain began to make itself known, and yet all Rauruma the Red could think to do was laugh.

    It started low and quiet but, as his dry salty throat cleared, the sound soon began to ring on the flat shore where he sat. The pain was immense, but it just felt right. The thought of having survived the past few nights. The very end of the world. The pain was more than immense, but more than anything it was a reminder. A reminder that he was alive. Tears began to flow, clearing up the salt covered eyes he refused to open as the sun on his face was enough to bring him joy. The mixture of feelings. The sure elation, the pain with out description, the whole experience was just to much for the hardened sailor to process.

    They drifted through his mind. The dead bodies he saw floating as he clung for dear life on the raft that remained as his ship was tossed and smashed by all manner of debris. There was an echoed silence he heard as his laugh died down and the flow of tears began to slow. The warm sun gave way to a cold wind as this silence was with out a doubt the most terrifying thing he had experience this whole time.

    He laid there refusing to move for a bit longer before he slowly pulled his hands up and began picking the splinters out one by one. Inches long, some of them, he never once opened his eyes to look though. He just gingerly felt about and disposed of them. His body remained stiff and in pain. All he could think about was the bodies, and how he was alive.
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  • It was hard, finding something to attach her rope to. And Gerudo weren't exactly known for their swimming abilities. In the end she used one of her precious arrows and tied the rope to it, pounded it into the ground and prayed the goddesses that the rope wouldn't snap and she didn't fall to her death.

    Luckily it seemed the goddesses were still in a prayer answering mood and the Gerudo was able to propel herself down the side of the cliff. Sliding down the embankment, she stopped at the first body she saw only to note it wasn't moving. Lifeless - how cruel was it to get to land only to die upon reaching the goal? The second body, however, was still alive.

    The chest heaved upon and down slowly, yet it moved. While her hands - protected by her gauntlets - gripped her glaive tightly, she reminded herself this poor sod was in the same situation as her and using the wooden butt of her weapon, she gently prodded at the body.

    "Oi. You alive?"

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  • Kempe groaned as he was hit by something in the shoulder, turning slowly and painfully to see a Gerudo standing above him.

    "Oi. You alive?"

    The Zora's fists quickly clenched as he quickly tried to push himself off the ground.

    "Yes. so I'd appreciate it if you don't try to loot me," he growled weakly, moving his hand up to make sure his wooden mask was still on. Good. She wouldn't know he was a Zora, then.

    Prepared to draw his fin-swords and attack if need be, the disgraced Zora sized the Gerudo up. She looked capable, a warrior like most of her kind. Definitely a threat if she tried to start something. He'd need to keep an eye on her.
  • "Like you would have anything good on you," came the snarky remark. "Besides, if I wanted to loot you, I would kill you first."

    However, the Gerudo did make a mental note to rob the bodies of the dead who washed up on the shore when she was done finding survivors. After all, they were the goddesses now. They had no needs for their earthly things.

    Shouldering her glaive, she looked down the length of the beach. There were still some other bodies which needed to be looked at. More than two should have survived, and with the way grateful over here was breathing, Hana wouldn't be surprised if he died within a week.

    "We should look for other survivors. There is no way we can survive on this island if we don't work together."

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    Rakshael: if I know one thing about Ruki, it's that she'll prove you wrong just for the sake of saying she did it
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  • Chaith laid there motionless in salt water soaked clothing. He could only think of the desperation of people trying to escape the flood. How he made it up the mountain without slipping, drowning, or getting impaled - he himself didn't know.

    Eventually he had the courage to sit up, completely ignoring everything going on around him. No, instead Chaith was locked onto the horizon. Whether or not there are other peaks like this one with survivors of the flood. Sighing, he reached into his pockets and checked his pants for anything and remembered he bought a pocket knife. He pulled it out, half examining it, and half lost in thought on whether or not his family survived.

    Chaith decided to stand up, and as a result stumbled his way to standing up straight, and as he looked around the land before him he discovered shapes and figures off in the distance.
    “Pirates are evil? The Marines are righteous? These terms have always changed throughout the course of history! Kids who have never seen peace and kids who have never seen war have different values! Those who stand at the top determine what's wrong and what's right! This very place is neutral ground! Justice will prevail, you say? But of course it will! Whoever wins this war becomes justice!”

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  • An hour or so must have passed in the quiet time that the tired Captain laid there upon those cold shores, under the warm sun above. He picked his hands clean of splinters before he even ever opened his eyes. And even upon this first stinging moment in which he took in the light around him, it would still be some time before actually attempted to move.

    But, eventually...he did. His body now predominantly splinter free and his hands, though stained red, no longer bleeding; the Captain's first action upon pulling himself onto his feet was to uncork his "sailor's" Lon Lon milk and take a heavy swig. The dairy had long since gone bad, but the alcohol still offered the burn he sought. The yet unbalanced man chuckled, haphazardly wiping the trickle off his cheek, considering the dire stomach pains he'd be feeling by tonight.

    His walk was...more of a stagger. He continued to nurse his spoiled milk, bemoaning how soon he'd be left with out ale. Goodness, how long would it be till he saw ale again? The thought broke his heart, if only just a little. Hardly a serious thought in his head, the Captain was certainly no fool, nor was he near close enough to drunk in his opinion. But the important thing was, the more he could distract himself, the clearer his head would stay.

    Woah...wait nevermind... That couldn't be what he thought it was...was it? The Captain reinspected the label of his milk, reassuring himself of its low alcohol content. Thinking back, certainly he couldn't have been the only survivor. Fate was cruel, no doubt, but surely there would be those more fit to survive than a simple river rat. Still, the moving shadows of people at the far side of the shore struck the quickening sailor as surreal. His staggering soon turned full jog, but little more as ale suppressed pain shot right back up his legs. Has he heaved and hobbled, stretching muscles that had been through enough already, the shadows soon took shape. There was no doubt to be had now. People.
  • Kempe's glare continued to bore through the holes in his mask, not sure whether to trust the Gerudo. There was no way she wasn't going to be trouble later, but she did have a point. Others might have survived, and until he was sure there was somebody else who could help him out, she was the only help he had.

    Keeping his blades sheathed but mentally preparing himself to strike if need be, he nodded his head towards a shape fast approaching, a man from the looks of it.

    "Looks like we've got somebody else," he said, motioning towards the figure. "Try to not scare him off, if you can."