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General Chit Chat: Rules, Guidelines and Prefix System 2.0

  • General Chit Chat Guidelines

    Hello everyone!

    The purpose of this thread is to give a quick summary of the General Chit Chat. It is also here to explain the rules, give general guidelines to the board, and to explain the prefix tag system.
    All of this information can be found in the expandable spoilers below.
    Please take a minute to read through this!

    If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions (and we always love suggestions!), feel free to contact a General Chit Chat moderator! At the present time, that would be either @Winnie or @Windra.

    Summary of General Chit Chat and it's Sub Boards

    General Chit Chat: This board is really the place for any general topic that doesn't fit in one of our more specific boards. As a few examples, threads such as "What Pleases You?", "What Did You Dream Last Night?" and other general topic such as these fit in this board.

    Generally in GCC we encourage threads that offer a discussion. For this it is beneficial that you write an Opening Post (OP) that allows the ball to roll. It doesn't have to be lengthy as long as you feel it can start a discussion! As you can see in the above post, we have prefixes that you are welcome to use. They also give you an idea as to how you should post in GCC.

    Creating threads is fantastic and we are glad to see you creating threads and maintaining activity on the board. The more original the topic of the thread is, the better! It's usually better to aim for something new rather than copying a "trend" that exists in currently active threads.

    In addition, we ask you that use common sense in the number of threads you make: please don't make pointless threads excessively either. Too many threads might bury the others and that way they might not receive the attention they'd deserve. Feel free to PM a GCC mod if you are unsure whether or not a topic warrants its own thread, especially if you have recently created other threads.

    So that this doesn't become an issue, we have a General Chit-Chat thread among the stickied threads in which quick, small topics that don't warrant a thread of their own can take place, and you can easily socialize with your fellow GCCers and chit-chat to your heart's content. This is the epicenter of our chit-chatter community. Keep in mind that posts that contain pictures/videos only are not welcome there and will be consistently deleted - as real conversations get drowned by them and we don't want that to happen! It's a little corner for us to discuss and chit-chat, so let's keep it that way.

    Moreover, threads that are not really about discussing things, but rather playing all sort of light-hearted forum games (e.g. "Association games") do not belong in GCC! Their place is in the Forum Games section of ZU. That's where random pictures and videos are better to go as well.
    Prefix System

    If you look at a thread in General Chit Chat, you're going to see a tag that says either "Serious" "Normal" or "Fun". This is a quick indicator for you to tell what the tone of the thread is, and the style of moderating that will be found within. We thought it was a good idea to have this distinction to help members and mods know how to behave in any given GCC Thread. General Chit Chat has a very wide range of threads, so identifying them with these tags makes life a little bit easier.

    The following is a brief explanation of each of these tags and how they will be moderated:

    This tag tells you basically anything goes. This is about as lax as ZU is going to get. Relax and have some fun in these threads! Just remember that ZU Rules such as trolling, flaming, adult content, etc still apply, so please keep that in mind!

    This tag tells you that this is a normal thread with no real tweaks to the standard ZU rules. Some spam will be tolerated, but excessive spam will not. Please try to stay on topic in these threads as they're created with good discussion in mind!

    This tag tells you that the content in the thread is going to be of a serious nature, and because of that, it will be moderated much more tightly. No spam is allowed in these threads, and we ask that you please stay on topic and be respectful of the topic within.

    To add these prefixes, simply click the button above where you enter the thread title and it will give you a drop down list to pick from. If you're unsure which one to use, don't sweat it! It's not absolutely necessary to add these tags! That said, we do really like it when they're used!

    You're always free to ask a General Chit Chat moderator for advice on which tag to use. Alternatively, we can just add it later once we read over the thread.

    Thank you for reading and happy posting!

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