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  • The mountain range of Lhûg Orod was a rather inhospitable place. More commonly referred to as "The Ring of Fire," Lhûg Orod is made up of dormant and active volcanoes. The last eruption from any of them was 20 years ago, far away from the country of Terra whose border it protects. All the same Terran citizens nervously keep an eye on the mountains, watching, waiting for an eruption.

    These mountains also protect something else besides borders. Although commonly scoffed off as an urban legend, a clan of dragons live in the heart of the Ring of Fire. More commonly referred to as the Lingwiloke clan, they used to welcome humans into their abode until an incident 700 years ago. Now they aggressively protect their territory and anyone who gets too close never returns.

    However, even before the Lingwiloke cut all ties with the humans, relations were tense at best. Desiring to use their power against their rival nation of Sora, the Terrans crafted one of their Holy Knights to deal with the dragons and bend them to their will. However, like most Holy Knights they have been lost to history.

    However, lately the gears of fate have been spinning and a traveler who does not belong in this world finds herself at the base of the mountains in the Ghost Town of Terra.

    Shelmar looks something straight out of a Western filmset … that had decayed into a casual safety hazard. The buildings are made out of timber, and it isn't uncommon to find rotted floors or steps in them. The most well cared for building, unsurprisingly, is the bar which sold any type of alcoholic beverages it could fine, which was mostly moonshine. It had been a bar and inn years ago, but when the people stopped coming the inn faded out of use and now its only used as storage for the bar. The only people who sleep there at night are the drunkards and the dead.

    At the edge of town lived a young woman with her mother. The home was a rather run down shack. The door was casually leaning against the outer frame of the house, a thick plume of smoke sneaking out along with the scent of cooking meat. Squinting through the smoke, a net covered the doorway as to keep out the bugs and other poisonous creatures which roamed the ghost town.

    It was this woman who would be instrumental in finding the lost weapon. The wheels of fates inch forward.

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  • On the outskirts of the ghost town, a figure was kicking up dust, slowly walking toward the small settlement and looking for help. It appeared to be a rather tall woman, with long platinum hair and a fair complexion, slightly red from the unforgiving sun. Silvery swirls framed her eyes, though they were covered by her overgrown and unkempt hair. The woman herself was overall unkept, nursing a days-old injury that she had received from a rather unpleasant fall off of a hill. Her mouth was dry, having been devoid of water for a while.

    Reaching the center of town, she collapsed, unable to continue moving. She hoped that there were people around to find her, because she didn't want to die. Now quite yet. She needed to learn more about the stories of the old dragon clan.


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  • Levina Ryder normally had all the ingredients for dinner before starting to cook. However with the kitchen in a disarray as pots and pans littered the already dirty floor, she realized she had run out of fucking thyme.

    It wasn't like she needed it for the meal, it would just taste like crap. When you lived in destitution, you clung to what little pleasures you got. Such pleasures included not eating bland meat.

    Kicking a kettle to the side, she stomped over to the stove and checked how much more fuel she would need.

    Not for the first time she wished the old mine was a coal one and not a silver one. Of course silver could get them out of this shitty town, but with mom's illness how quickly would any funds she would find last? Night's latest check came in the mail two weeks ago and while a quarter of it went to keeping mom alive from her illness, half of it went to keeping them both alive.

    Looks like I should grab some fuel while I'm out, she thought ruefully, taking the kettle off the stove while she ran her errands. Unlike the rest of Terra, as a Ghost Town Shelmar hadn't been blessed with electricity.

    "Ma, I'm running out into town!" she yelled poking her head into the other room. A soft, weak croak of, "be safe baby," came from a small figure wrapped in blankets on the couch.

    Grabbing the flintlock her deadbeat father left to her to protect herself even though even though he beat them ever since coming back from the war, she walked out of the house and down the dusty path into town.

    A king brown snake slithered across her path as she made her way down the hill into the "town." Calling it a slum would be an insult to slums everywhere.

    It was unusually quiet for the ghost town. Passing by she could see women with tired eyes watching over some screaming children running around naked and the occasional old man sitting in front of his porch. What was conspicuously missing, however, was the cat calls and demands for her services.

    The reason why soon became apparent as she approached the center of town.

    Men were standing in a tight circle around something, pushing and shoving each other as they tried to get closer.

    One man was waving a large, ornate claymore around hollering at some of the younger males to keep "their filthy hands off his booty." A boy of about 16 was dancing away from the blade, clutching on to a rather large satchel for dear life, although judging by the large lacerations across his chest he already received, that may very well be its price.

    Inching closer, her heart dropped into the pits of her stomach as she saw what the fuss was about. Lying prone and unconscious in the dirt was a young girl about the same age as herself.

    She was beautiful if not exotic with her silvery markings on her face which accented her blonde hair nicely. She was muscular and had pointed ears - a most queer trait.

    Of course the men around her were more interested in other parts of her - most notably her breasts. Her leather vest had been unceremoniously ripped off and the cotton shirt didn't fare much better. It seemed they were trying to make her as naked as the day she was born.

    Raising her flintlock pistol, she fired off a single shot into the horny mess causing the swearing, heavy pants and grunts and rush to public nudity stop in its tracks at the crack of a gun. After a pause, a figure dropped to the floor, a pool of blood began to leak from his head. Levy recognized him as one of her clients, Emiel, who never saw the need to toss her a few coins her way for her services.

    With everyone's eyes on her she calmly but quickly loaded her gun again.

    "Step away from the girl," she said cheerfully. "Unless you want me to kill you too."

    There was glares, but eyes were flickering back and forth as they tried to figure out what to do. Killing a woman wasn't a crime, but neither was a woman killing others. They had numbers on their side but Levy had an object which can instantly kill them.

    "Cunt," one muttered stepping away. The others after a moment, deciding it wasn't worth it, moved away as well. They had other chances to get them back, rushing to their deaths was stupid.

    Levy grabbed the girl's arms and began to drag her unceremoniously back to her shack.

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  • The woman awoke a few hours later, lying with her eyes closed for a few minutes. She had been sure she was dead when she had just breached consciousness, but after a quick mental check she realized that she was just fine, although her arms and shoulders hurt, as well as her abdomen. Opening her eyes, her gaze was met by a wooden slab in front of her. She blinked, and looked around, realizing she was in a house. Bunk beds.

    She sighed in relief, glad that someone had found her. She sat up, looking down at her clothing and frowning. Her shirt had even more wrinkles than she remembered, as if someone had grasped at it and ripped it open. It was loosely folded over her chest, and her heart sank at the thought of what might have happened to her while she was laying unconscious. She felt her chest tingling a little, and she knew right away that she had been groped. But her lower half felt fine, surprisingly.

    Turning to look around some more, she spotted some new clothes, immediately going over to them and looking them over. They were a little bit on the smaller side, but she shrugged, taking off her shirt and tattered remains of her vest.

    Hissing in annoyance, her suspicions were confirmed when she saw finger imprints on the skin of her breasts.


    Slipping on the simple shirt, she found it surprisingly comfortable, immediately going to change her pants. After she was done, she left the room, lifting the blanket that served as a door and looking around again as she flipped her hair out of her face.

    The next room was as worn and simple looking as the previous one had been. She spotted a small, frail figure on the couch in the main room, though she chose to ignore it for now. She went into the kitchen, still looking around.
  • Sitting on the wooden stove was the leftover meat stew, simmering and spitting angrily every few minutes demanding to be stirred least it burn.

    Mother was doing better today, managing to finish the entire bowl with minimum help, Rosalyn was now sleeping soundly in the other room. Her once beautiful face was now sunken and pallid, her blonde hair limp and thin. She was living on borrowed time and unless a miracle happened, Levy didn't think mom would make it.

    She didn't say that in her letters to Night and Bakura of course. She told them mom was hanging in there and she would "gently" remind Bakura to send money. The bastard did sometimes, on the rare occasions he would reply. Not that he replied to anything he wrote, but told her of things she didn't understand nor, quite frankly, cared about.

    It was during the penning of the letter to her brother, using some words not quite fit for a lady, did she hear some movement. Her eyes found the young girl from earlier staring back at her. She was wearing some of Night's clothes, which she filled out nicely.

    Putting her pen down, she smiled at the girl as she got up to serve her the last of the soup.

    "Well it looks like you came back from the dead," she commented, ladling the stew into a wooden bowl. It wasn't much and barely filled half the bowl, but that was all they had. "What the hell happened to you?"

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  • She looked back at the other woman shyly for a moment, not sure how she should respond. When the stew was offered to her, she took it reluctantly, though she smiled a little bit with a grateful look in her eye.

    "I was arrogant enough to believe I could make it in that heat with what I had on me," she responded, her accent rather thick with a Scottish touch to it. Although the stew smelled pleasant, she was feeling rather sick from her earlier dehydration and didn't have much of an appetite "Thank you for helping me..."

    She looked around again, absorbing all the details of the simple little kitchen. It wasn't nearly the nicest building she had ever been in, but it held a strange feeling to her that she couldn't quite put her finger on. The place was certainly unique, to say the least.

    Something dawned on her momentarily, and she looked back at Levy.

    "Oh, I'm Robin by the way," she told her, smiling a little again.
  • "Levina Ryder," she said with a grin. "You can call me Levy. What were you doing traveling alone in this heat? Don't you know how dangerous it is for a woman all alone?"

    Honestly, the thought of anyone, especially a woman, traveling through the desert was mind boggling enough. This area wasn't the safest to be in if you didn't know the terrain. Even if you did, it was still dangerous with all the critters trying to kill you. A woman had the added danger of being labeled "free goods," and, well, Robin was desirable.

    That and there wasn't anything desirable in Shelmar or this area as a whole. The mines were dried up, there was no farmable land, and they were situated at the foot of the Ring of Fire. Only the desperate, the insane or criminal came this way.

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  • "I've never been in the desert before," she admitted. "I was just not prepared for what was going to come."

    Sighing, she took a bite of the stew, feeling a little bit better with something warm going down her throat. Finishing that bite, she looked at her.

    "Did you make this?"

    "Yeah," Levy said with a simple shrug. "What made you come down this way? Ghost Towns don't have anything to offer."

    "I heard about dragons on the mountains nearby," she responded, "I just wanted to see for myself."

    "You risked your life for a folktale?" Levy asked shocked, standing up and leaned against the table. "Are you fucking insane?"

    "Perhaps a little bit insane," Robin answered, smirking a little. "But the part about the dragons is not a fairy tale."

    Rubbing her temples, Levy sat back down in her seat. The heat must have gotten to the lass, or either that she was one of those special types to begin with.

    "Hun, I lived here all my life and I never saw a dragon," she said kindly.

    Robin frowned a little bit in response, though she didn't push it. She would have more than enough time to prove it to her, she decided.

    "Anyway, I guess someone, or some people, might have taken my things. A lot of them are very valuable to me... do you know where they might have went?"

    "They're still in town," Levy told her, frowning a bit. She fainted from the heat, was almost about to become a plaything, and all she cared about was her belongings. "You should probably relax for a bit until you feel better if you are going to attempt to get them back."

    "You're probably right," she responded, looking a little indignant but not really directing that feeling toward anything or anyone. She looked at Levy after a minute.

    "Is there anything I can do to repay your for your help and hospitality for now?" she asked.

    "Don't worry about it," she waved lazily. "I didn't help you looking to get paid. After all, with no one looking out for women, we best look out for each other, right?"

    Robin smiled a little in response, nodding.

    "Well, I still owe you one. Whatever you need."

    "I'll let you know," Levy replied with a cheeky grin as she picked up her pen again and began to write. "In the meantime though you can stay here."

    "I appreciate that," she said, leaning on the table a little bit and eating a little bit more. "So, I've heard this place used to be rather prosperous, but..."

    "You are about 10 years too late for that, honey," Levy said ruefully. "Honestly, I'm surprised anybody has remembered this place. I guess the prosperity still hasn't completely escaped everyone's minds."

    "I've heard of it, so probably not," she agreed. She decided to sit down as well, finishing the last of her stew. "Anyway, who is that on the couch over there?"

    Levy looked up slightly, watching the figure breathe in and out for a few moments before her eyes dropped down at the paper, her pen scratching against the wrinkled parchment.

    "My mother."

    Robin looked a little sad at the mention of that, sighing.

    "What happened to her?"

    "She got sick," Levy answered, not really going beyond that.

    "I see," she said, quieter than earlier.

    Finishing up whatever she was writing, she folded up the piece of paper neatly before setting it to the side. Standing up, she walked over to a large basin filled with bubbles, an empty bucket sitting next to it. Taking the kettle from earlier, she put it in the basin and began to wash it.

    "Anyway, I know you came chasing a folktale, but I think you came out this way for nothing. I can tell you once you get your strength back where to look for your things, but I don't think you'll find anything here," she said with her back turned.

    Robin stood and took her bowl over to the basin, rinsing it off.

    "I want to at least find out where that folktale stemmed from," she told her. "There's always a stretch of truth to a legend."

    "I suppose that's true," Levy acknowledged. "All the same the mountains up there are much more dangerous than a desert. Nobody who has climbed them has ever returned."

    "I wonder why that is," she mused, flicking off some of the water from the now clean bowl. "Thankfully I have more experience with mountains, but I lack the needed gear..."

    "Heh, well you won't find any here," Levy said as she put the bowl into the drying rack. "You won't find much of anything here. You should concentrate first on stealing your things back. I hope you have a plan."

    "It depends on how stupid they are," she told her, smirking a little bit. "I don't need all of that back, just the essentials."

    "Men tend to think with the wrong head," Levy said as she put Robin's bowl in the drying rack as well before leaning against the wall and crossing her arms, smirking at her.

    Her smirk turned into a full-on grin at the joke, and she leaned onto the counter.

    "Well if they found me so desirable, I could use that to my advantage, I guess." She frowned. "Normally people find me too strange to approach."

    "You're rather exotic in these parts," Levy told her with a slight wave of her hand. "Never saw anybody with markings or ears like that."

    She immediately brought her hand up to her face, though she moved it away, instead tucking some of her hair behind her ear.

    "Where are you from anyway?" Levy said suddenly, narrowing her eyes suddenly as if this was the first time she thought to ask that. "I don't think you are from Terra or Sora."

    She shook her head.

    "I'm from up north," she told her. "The closest big town to the village I grew up in is called Colchester."

    "Then why were you coming from the south?" Levy asked suspiciously. "You would have had to cross the mountains to get here if you came from the North."

    Robin shrugged. "I'm not sure."

    "Uh ... huh," Levy hummed as she wiped her hands on her skirt. It was clear if she didn't think Robin was clearly off her rocker before, she surely thought that now.

    Robin decided to go sit down again, starting to feel a little bit dizzy. Maybe the heat had gotten to her a little more than she had thought.

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  • It was a few days later when Levy found a note in the morning from Robin letting her know of her plans to retrieve her items. Pushing her hair back, Levy sighed and put the scrap of paper back on the table. While she wished the mysterious girl good luck, she had no intention of joining her. She already drew enough ire from the male populace because she saved her from their fun, murdering a man in the process. She didn't intend to risk her neck any more over some material goods.

    However, just because Levy had no intention of getting in trouble didn't mean there wasn't someone who shared that same sentiment.

    To be fair, it wasn't like she was trying to look for trouble (at the moment), trouble just found her. It followed after her like a spurned lover, demanding her attention needily. So when she saw a blonde woman with odd silvery marks holding what looked like a burlap bag as she absconded from what looked like to be an angry old man who was chasing her, waving his cane surprisingly not yelling about kids keeping off his lawn, she couldn't help herself.

    Her sword hitting against her leg as she jogged to catch up, her short black hair blowing in the practically non-existent wind, she gave a cheeky grin to the girl as she ran beside her.

    "So, how are you today?" she asked as if running around from an angry old man was a completely normal activity. Which to be fair to her, it totally was.

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  • Well, that could have gone worse.

    Dashing as fast as she could (which honestly wasn't that fast) out of the area, she slung her satchel over her shoulder, continuing to run. Robin was thankful that she had been given a few days to rest, she felt fine again aside from the occasional ache that fall had given her. She was sure when she had told Levy about being from up north that she had been telling the truth, though she felt rather unsure herself.

    This new woman's sudden appearance didn't make things any easier. Robin breathed an internal sigh, addressing her.

    "Well, I-guess it could be worse," she spat out between strides, focusing more on getting away than having a conversation. She really needed to find her sword, fast.

    Maybe this stranger could help.
  • She looked back again, as other people were beginning to peek outside of their homes to see what the fuss was all about. As it was rather early in the morning - the sun had just peeked over the horizon - they were rubbing the salt from their droopy eyes as they tried to grasp with their idled minds what the fuck was going on.

    "Well exercise is pretty lame," she agreed, even though to any sane observer the girl was clearly not trying to get fit.

    "Could you do me a favor, by chance?" Robin asked her as she continued to run. She had absolutely no idea where she was going, and she knew that could possibly end badly.

    "Depends on what it is. If you want me to be your personal life coach, I have been barred from practicing such venues. I am required to tell you that."

    Apparently her "live hard, die hard," methods were not appreciated by the health community. Not only that but they dared to say she was a "terrible influence" and that her carefully made license was "obviously fake."

    Bah. What do they know anyway? I'm awesome.

    "Oh, it's nothing too big," she responded. "I have a rather expensive and ornate weapon that was stolen from me a few days ago, and I would like to steal it back."

    Ohhhh, that sounded something right up her ally. It wasn't like she was a thief - not by trade at any rate. Although some other hooligans have labeled her a thief for various things in the past. All the same, there was something to consider if this woman here wasn't a thief stealing from these fine folks. It took another five seconds for her to decide she might be speaking the truth, and why not help out? The thought that she might even try to steal from her didn't even cross her mind. Mostly because there was nothing to steal but her sword, and if she tried she would be dead.

    "Sure! I can do that. Do you know where it is?" she agreed all to readily.

    "Not exactly," she admitted, sighing a little bit.

    Well that didn't help any. Luckily she was one step ahead and was a master planner.

    "Let's just break into all the houses then!" she declared before realizing that perhaps they should get rid of their tail first. After all how were you supposed to break and enter if you already had someone chasing after you. Skidding to a stop, she watched the old man approach her thoughtfully. He looked rather frail - although to be fair all humans were that way - and she didn't want to kill him. Or break him. So that meant she just needed to scare him and hope he didn't get a heart attack.

    "Hey gramps, I got a message from God!" she yelled before holding her fist up and then slamming it into the ground, causing a crack to form in the dry earth. It crumbled easily under her might, a fracture racing along the miniature fault line right toward the old man. "Kneel and fucking repent!"

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  • Robin heard the shouting from behind her, and stopped and turned around just in time to see Sheli punch the ground. She froze, her eyes widening a little in surprise as she watched the new fissure open up and race toward the old man. She hoped internally that Sheli wasn't trying to hurt the old coot, although she was still a little sour with him over getting her satchel back.

    The old coot for his part lost all motor and bladder skills as the front of his pants began to become wet, the ground greedily soaking up the urine which dripped down his leg and landed on the floor.

    Straightening up, the woman looked around and smirked, cracking her knuckles as people stared at the scene wide eyed and confused. Nobody had seen a woman do that before - although some were beginning to think it was a man as her breasts weren't that large to begin with.

    "Well? Do I need to deliver any more messages?" she demanded as people began to step nervously inside. "Hm?"

    Robin couldn't even move. She had never seen anyone do anything like that before, and she had seen some pretty outlandish things in her life. Just who the hell did she meet exactly?

    "L-let's go," she finally said. "I want to get out of here as soon as possible."

    The woman turned around, her eyes crinkling as she smiled.

    "What about your sword?"

    She had completely forgotten about it at that point, though her question reminded her.

    "Oh, right..." She looked around. "I still don't know where it is."

    "Well ... let's see then," the girl said as she looked around. It seems she wasn't bothered by the shaking bodies and defiant looks of the villagers. "I wonder if you all believe in a god. If so, I am his messenger. If you have done this woman harm or taken from him, make amends now. Otherwise ..."

    Even with the threat hanging in the air, nobody moved. The woman hummed as she put her hand in her pocket and looked around.

    "Nobody? Really?"

    She took a step toward a nearby home only for the people standing in the doorway to flinch away. A small smirk pulled on her lips as she continued to walk toward them before coming at a stop.

    "I don't suppose you can tell me?" she asked cheerfully only for a defiant silence to be met in an answer. The two stood - a young man, no older than 16 with his clothes hanging off his body like rags and the powerful woman. After a moment she reached out with her finger and touched him on the forehead causing his brown eyes to go wide before glazing over. After another moment she dropped her hand and pushed him to the side and entered the home, nobody daring to stop her.

    It took Robin a minute to process what was going on, before she shook her head and decided to follow Sheli inside the house she had entered so unceremoniously. She averted her gaze from the two residents who Sheli had pushed aside, looking around before finding her again.

    "What did... you do exactly?"

    Sheli appeared a minute later, the claymore resting easily on her shoulder.

    "Nothing to concern yourself with," she stated simply. "This is yours, right?"

    "Yeah," she said, sighing in relief and smiling a little. "Seriously, thank you so much..."

    "Heh, no problem," she said as she handed it off to her, leaving the house as she did so. "Glad to help."

    She grinned, slinging the strap of her sheath over her shoulder.

    "What are you, anyway?" she asked as they left the house.

    The woman chuckled as she continued walking forward, not looking back.

    "I'm an archangel."

    Robin paused for a second, still processing her answer and everything else she had seen.

    "Had you told me that ten minutes ago, I honestly would have laughed," she said.

    "Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed," Sheli quoted at her before stopping and turning around. "But I'm generally all around awesome, so it might get taking used to."

    Robin grinned.

    "Thanks again for helping me get this back," she said, looking at her claymore. "It was...rather expensive."

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  • "It looks it," Sheli noted as her grey eyes flickered down to the claymore which was almost as tall as the child was. Who the hell runs around with a sword gilded with gold? Not only that but it seemed to have some other precious gems on its being. "Anyway kid, what exactly happened? Also, no offense but so far I just seen humans here, and you ain't one. What are you doing here anyway?"

    The archangel had gotten dumped last week by the Dome in the middle of the desert during the middle of a meal. If she was anybody else, she probably would have starved to death. However, she was 100 percent awesome and the desert failed to take her life. Still, when the Dome usually dropped her off somewhere it wanted her to do something. She hoped it was something more ... interesting than breaking into homes.

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  • Robin seemed to hesitate for a moment, a little thrown off. No one had even thought of mentioning that she didn't really appear human, maybe the small ghost town thought she was just some weird foreigner?

    Oh wait, she technically was.

    "I'm trying to see if the dragon clan that's rumored to be at the top of that mountain is actually up there," she said after a minute, pulling her weapon a little closer to her. "And if so, I also want to see if they could... well, help me find someone."
  • Dragon clan? Now that sounded interesting. Maybe she would get to fight a dragon! Not that she hadn't before - spoilers, the dragon lost. Even more spoilers, the tales with the knights fighting a dragon were all true, except with the knights doing the actual fighting part. They would wander in after Sheli had her wrestling match with the giant lizard and take the princess, bring her back, and had the gall to say they defeated it.

    She honestly didn't know how much was true after that. Arranged marriage was totally a thing, and she honestly didn't see the whole point of keeping your daughters locked up behind giant, fire-breathing lizards. When a dragon and a human usually fought, there was only one result, and it wasn't the result the brave and dashing knights were hoping for.

    Still, it interested Sheli that this girl was looking for a dragon for trying to find someone instead of trying to, you know, fail to kill it.

    "Oh? Who you looking for?" Sheli asked.

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  • "Someone," she simply said. Robin wasn't about go spilling everything when there were less-than-desirable people around. She had just gotten her things back, she didn't want to cause even more trouble to herself or anyone she had interacted with, like Levy. "I just need to find her as soon as possible."

    She focused her gaze on the peaks that peeked over the top of the crumbling town, narrowing her gaze a little as her eyes traveled up.

    "I'm not even close to having the supplies i need to get up there, however. I wasn't even prepared for the desert."
  • "Well, what sort of supplies do you need?" Sheli asked, looking around. She doubted they could buy anything here since it seemed like something straight out of a Wild West movie. Except without a sheriff of justice who spoke in a long drawl and could shoot a target a mile away with his eyes closed. So you know, everything that made a Wild West movie pretty much awesome.

    Not only that but to the untrained eye it seemed Sheli was also woefully unprepared to trek up a mountain. Besides a sword, it seemed she had nothing at all on her.

    The untrained eye would be correct.

    However, what the untrained eye also failed to take into consideration was that she was awesome, and also wasn't going to die to silly things such as "starvation" and "dehydration" or "falling down the face of a mountain." Only less awesome people than her did that.

    :heart: Rinn “Arwyn” Nailo drawn by Liah :heart:
    Rakshael: if I know one thing about Ruki, it's that she'll prove you wrong just for the sake of saying she did it
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