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    Proposal to split certain pages.
    • Characters like Anju's Grandmother, the Wounded Soldier, Banker, Professor, Laughing Men, Lord Chapu-Chapu, etc. should have articles created by splitting from the one they share it with.

      We have separate articles on Mr. Barten and Talon, King Zora and Toto, and the Carpet Merchant and Swordsman.

      This REALLY seems like a double standard to me.

      It makes no sense why certain characters get their own articles, but others do not. Make up your mind, I'm getting confused.
    • I could see us splitting some more of these, but definitely not all of them.

      IMO notability is a more important factor than consistency in deciding what should get their own article and what shouldn't. We should consider these things case by case rather than trying to apply a sweeping rule across the board that might not work well at all for some cases.

      Many OoT counterparts aren't notable enough to have their own articles. In fact, if it weren't for their MM counterparts, we probably wouldn't bother mentioning these characters at all. Case in point, there's really nothing to say about the laughing men from OoT. There's a bit more to say about the wounded solider, but barely. Lord Chapu-Chapu is just a fish and not a particularly notable one. There's no more reason for it to have its own article than there is for any other fish in the series. (The Hylian Loach is an obvious exception.)

      There's also the issue that many of the OoT counterparts don't have official names, while almost all the MM characters do. Giving articles fan names is something we like to avoid. However, I admit it shouldn't stop us from splitting something if that's really what needs to be done. I'm just saying, it's something we need to consider.

      All that being said, I wouldn't be opposed to splitting the Cucco Lady and Anju's Grandmother, for example. They're quite notable and don't have much in common with their counterparts. (I wouldn't split the lab scientist guy because the counterparts are quite similar.)

      As a side note, I'm not quite sure who you're talking to when you say "make up your mind." Most decisions on the wiki are made by consensus and you are as much a part of that process as anyone else. It is for all of us to decide together what we want to do with the wiki. :)
    • I don't think I agree with that, Darth Nightmaricus. To hark back to what Hylian King said, much of it hinges on notability. Tell me, how are we to get a sizable article from the girl who chases Cuccos? There's practically nothing whatsoever for her, and thus an article would serve as less help than, say, a single article containing information on all the Castle Town residents.

      Just FYI, it's best to keep conversations in one place. For example, your rebuttal to the Chapu-Chapu article should have been on your talk page, where you were messaged about it. Also it's kind of redundant to make a new topic on my talk page and then create what's essentially the same on the forums. Just messes with consistency, you know?

      EDIT: Also, I disagree with splitting Granny and Anju's Grandmother. She's known as both in Majora's Mask, so it would be misleading to split.

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    • Ummm, I don't think Anju's Grandmother is ever called "Granny", and even if she is, pretty much EVERY PERSON CALLS THEIR GRANDMOTHER THAT.

      She is more commonly called "Anju's Grandmother". Their characters are completely different personality-wise.

      It's not like the scenario with Sakon, where he has very little characterization in OoT. Anju's Grandmother and Granny have different character traits. They have completely different personalities.

      Anju and the Cucco Lady also have different personalities.

      Also, we DON'T even have a page on Castle Town residents.
    • Personalities have little (if anything) to do with why we split pages (I'd argue that they do have the same personality anyway). And yes, she is known as Granny in Majora's Mask. Take "Granny's Diary" for instance (and Anju wouldn't refer to her as "Anju's Grandmother"). No other characters are known as Granny, so there's hardly any conflict with that. If we wanted action, it would be to move it to Anju's Grandmother (given their relationship in OoT via Grog and Mutoh).

      We do plan on making a page for Castle Town residents. I ask for your patience in that.
    • The difference between Majora's Mask and those things you just listed is that we actually see first hand the different forms of them.

      We SEE both the Goddess Sword and Fi separately, as well as both Ghirahim and Demise's Sword. However the difference is that in the game Majora's Mask, we only ever see the mask. We never see the entity, and barely know anything about it to write.

      There's the separate entity from the Majora's Mask manga, but I don't think that's worth splitting a page over. Point is, we only see the mask. Not the entity.

      I know it may sound like we're repeatedly shooting down your suggestions, but I will say, your suggestions and feedback are appreciated. I'm very happy to see the forum being used for the purpose it was created for. It's just not all pages deserve to be split or be turned into their article for the sake of being split, especially not if not much is known about the subject. Very little about Majora the entity is known, we know much more about the mask itself.